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Nick Pivetta Wife Kristen Pivetta Is A Yogi From Canada

By / 16 February 2023 09:17 AM

Nick and Kristen Pivetta spend time together during the offseason.
Source : instagram

Nick Pivetta wife Kristen Pivetta is a native of Canada. Nick and Kristen live in the United States for his baseball career. 

Nicholas Johncarlo Pivetta was born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, where he attended Lambrick Park Secondary School. He played baseball in school but missed his senior year owing to an elbow injury.

He was also a junior Canadian National Team member from 2009 to 2012, pitching in the 18U World Championship of 2010. After moving to the US, Nick attended New Mexico Junior College, playing for the Thunderbirds on a baseball scholarship, and graduated in 2013.

Named the 6th-best junior college prospect in 2013 by Baseball America, he was selected by the Washington Nationals in the fourth round of the 2013 MLB draft.

After playing in the minor league system for four years, he made his major league debut with the Philadelphia Phillies in April 2017. He was eventually traded to the Boston Red Sox in August 2020, where he plays alongside Triston Casas.

In January 2023, Nick and the Red Sox agreed on a one-year contract, avoiding salary arbitration. In his MLB career, the right-handed pitcher has a 40-50 win-loss record, with a 5.02 ERA and 784 strikeouts.

Nick Pivetta And Kristen Pivetta Relationship

Nick Pivetta married Kristen Philps on a beach in Maui Hawaii in 2019. Nick confirmed his relationship with Kristen in 2016.

Kristen uploaded their wedding picture on Facebook on February 2, 2019. They have not revealed the exact date they got wed.

Nick, who makes very less use of social media, first featured his partner on his Twitter on 25 December 2016, as they posed in front of a Christmas tree.

Likewise, she was first featured on his Instagram in March

Nick and Kristen Pivetta have a fun day out with their dog.
Source : facebook

It was followed by a photo of the two during the autumn season in October 2018, where they enjoyed offseason time before Nick left to play.

On 19 January 2019, he shared their snap taken under the setting sun with the caption '01/10/19,' hinting that it was a special day for them. Although he did not explain further, it was most likely the day they got married.

Then, in November of that year, the pitcher uploaded their selfie, with the caption 'wifey,' followed by another post in December, wishing his 21k followers on Christmas and New Year's on behalf of the 'Pivettas.' 

Owing to Nick's baseball career, the Pivettas have been nomads for quite some time. It explains why Kristen describes herself as a 'traveling woman' in her Instagram bio.

Nick and Kristen take a selfie after a Red Sox game.
Source : instagram

After Nick signed with the Red Sox, the couple moved to Boston, which they couldn't wait to explore. They could not return to their native Canada due to the strict pandemic protocols regarding cross-border travel from the United States.

When the situation got relatively normal after COVID, they started going out to eat, the museums, beaches, parks, and shopping to experience the city.

The pair loved getting out in nature to take a fresh breath and enjoy their days as life got normal again. "I think that’s what everybody wants. Not have to go outside and worry anymore,” Nick said.

In fact, Nick and Kristen visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art on the day the Phillies sent him down to the minors. The decision by the team had gotten to him, and he was not in the best mood.

Kristen suggested getting away from baseball and making the trip to the museum. Afterward, they had dinner in the city before Nick felt rejuvenated enough to drive to Coca-Cola Park the following day.

Kristen Pivetta Is Into Meditation And Yoga

Kristen Pivetta is a practitioner of Yoga and meditation. She is a Yogi according to her Instagram bio.

Kristen loves staying fit, both physically and mentally. She not only hits the gym to keep her body in shape but also meditates regularly to keep her mind in a perfect state.

Kristen Pivetta meditates with her friends at a beach.
Source : facebook

She also departs her knowledge and love of the practice to her husband. Nick picked it up from her and uses the technique to calm himself down and get in the right mental space for his games.

"Control your body, do some mental reps, and visualize what you want to accomplish. She [Kristen] is really into it and it works,” he said.

Kristen Pivetta accompanies Nick to a Phillies game.
Source : facebook

It has helped Nick a lot in making a fresh start. He now has an improved perspective that we can't control what happened in the past but CAN control what we do on the mound.

“My focus is here, winning games and moving forward," the pitcher said as he made a new start in the minors.

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