NCAA Baseball Regional Pairings and Projections 2023

By Ayush Khadka / 30 May 2023 10:51 AM

NCAA baseball tournament will kickoff from the start of June 2023.
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NCAA Baseball Regional pairings include 16 host schools seeking to move to the Super Regionals. The college games will begin on 2nd June 2023.

The Division 1 tournament started from the selection show on 29th May and will consist of 64 teams battling each other to lift the ultimate prize, i.e. the College World Series. These 64 colleges are grouped into 16 different regions with four teams each. 

To become a host in the Regionals, the teams need to be Seeded No. 1 or some can promise revenue through the matches. All the games in this round will happen in a double-elimination format. Host schools will have a greater advantage due to playing on their home field.

The winning teams advance to the Super Regionals and will cover 16 teams, with the top 8 teams hosting the following games against the bottom 8.

Then the surviving eight teams will move to Omaha, Nebraska, where they will play the CWS. Finally, four victorious teams will play the best-of-three matches to make the showdown.

NCAA Baseball Regionals Bracket 2023

NCAA Baseball Regionals Bracket 2023 consist of Baton Rouge, Stillwater, and Stanford. There are a total of 16 host teams.

The 64-team games will begin from 2 June and will see 16 baseball school hosting the matches.
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NCAA Baseball pairings will begin on 2 June on Friday and end on 5 June, Monday. 64 college teams seek to win their regional games to advance.

The schedule for the D1 tournament is presented below:

  • Selection Show - 29 May (Broadcasted on ESPN2)
  • Regionals - 2 June to 5 June
  • Super Regionals - 9 June to 12 June
  • College World Series First Day - 16 June 
  • College World Series Finale - 24 June

Scheduled Games For the Regionals

On Friday, 2 June 2023, the selected 64 college teams will begin to play against each other in their respective brackets at their host sites.

SC Gamecocks will seek to win the 2023 CWS.
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Winston Salem

This regional bracket features No. 2 Maryland Vs No. 3 Northeastern while No. 1 Wake Forest will take on No. 4 George Mason.


In this bracket, the No. 1 Florida will face No. 4 Florida A&M, while the No. 2 UConn will match up against the No. 3 Texas Tech.


Stanford will feature the No. 4 San Jose taking on the No. 1 Stanford. Likewise, the No. 2 Texas A&M will face the No. 3 Cal State Fullerton. 


This region will have No. 2 Campbell play against No. 4 NC State while No. 1 South Carolina will face the No. 4 Central Connecticut State.


The No. 1 Alabama will go head-to-head with the No. 4 Nicholls State in this region. Meanwhile, the No. 2 Boston College will play against No. 3 Troy. 

Baton Rouge

The No. 1 LSU will be playing against the No. 4 Tulane. Similarly, the No. 3 Sam Houston will take on No. 2 Oregon State in this region.


Nashville comprises matches between the No. 1 Vanderbilt against the No. 4 Eastern Illinois. Then there is the match between No. 2 Oregon and No. 3 Xavier. 


This region will have the No. 2 TCU face up against the No. 3 seeded Arizona. Meanwhile, the No. 1 Arkansas will take on No. 4 Santa Clara. 


In this region, the No. 2 West Virginia will take on the No. 3 Indiana. Meanwhile, the No. 1 Kentucky goes head-to-head against the No. 4 Ball State. 


Stillwater contains the No. 1 Oklahoma State face against the No. 4 Oral Roberts. Likewise, the No. 3 Washington will take on the No. 2 Dallas Baptist. 


This region covers matches between the No. 1 Auburn against the No. 4 Pennsylvania, while the No. 2 Southern Miss takes on No. 3 Stamford. 

Coral Gables

This region will feature the matches of No. 1 Miami vs No. 4 Maine, while the No. 3 Louisiana will take on No. 2 Texas. 

The Hurricanes are favored to win in their region.
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Conway will have the No. 1 Coastal Carolina face against the No. 4 Rider. Similarly, the No. 2 Duke will play their game against the No. 3 UNC Wilmington. 


Clemson will feature matches of No. 1 Clemson against the Mo. 4 Lipscomb, and the No. 2 Tennessee will face the No. 3 Charlotte. 

Terre Haute

In this region, the No. 2 Iowa will play against the No. 3 North Carolina. Meanwhile, the No. 1 Indiana State will battle it out against the No. 4 Wright St. 


Charlottesville contains the No. 1 Virginia taking on the No. 4 Army, while the No. 2 East Carolina will play against No. 3 Oklahoma. 

NCAA Baseball Regional Projections

College Baseball Regional Projections have Florida, LSU, and Stanford advancing to the Super Regionals. 

LSU is one of the favorites to win the CWS.
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Per DraftKings, several colleges are at good odds to win the regionals and advance to the next rounds. LSU has a -550 odd and is favored to win against Tulane. Similarly, Stanford has a -235 odd to win against San Jose, while Tennessee is favored with a -250 against Charlotte. 

Auburn leads Pennsylvania with a -270 odd, and Florida has a huge -1100 to win against Florida A&M and move to the Super Regionals. Meanwhile, South Carolina has a -950 betting odd against Central Connecticut State. 

Projections To Win The CWS Title

Wake Forest, LSU, and Florida are the top 3 teams projected to win the College World Series 2023. 

As of 30 May, Wake Forest has a -790 favored odd to win against George Mason in the Regionals. Similarly, Arkansas is at -290 and is above Santa Clara.  

Vanderbilt is projected to win their match against Eastern Illinois with a -750 betting odd in their favor. Virginia will also look to win their game against the Army with a -350 favored odd. Clemson is also in winning protection with a -305 figure against the Lipscomb. 

Wake Forest is the no. 1 seed who also has the favorite odd.
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Here is a list of the top 10 teams with their betting odds to win the College World Series:

  • Wake Forest: +500
  • LSU: +800
  • Florida: +900
  • Arkansas: +1000
  • Vanderbilt: +1200
  • Virginia: +1300
  • Stanford: +1500
  • South Carolina: +2000
  • Tennessee: +2000
  • Clemson: +2500
  • Kentucky: +3000
  • Oklahoma State: +3000

NCAA Baseball Regional Host Sites 2023 Announced 

NCAA baseball regional host sites 2023 consist of Vanderbilt and Oklahoma State. Wake Forest is the host for Winston-Salem.

Wake Forest will host their games for the Winston-Salem region.
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Here is a list of the college teams that will host the regionals in the 2023 College Baseball Tournament:

  • LSU - Baton Rouge
  • Vanderbilt - Nashville
  • Virginia - Charlottesville
  • Alabama - Tuscaloosa
  • Coastal Carolina - Conway
  • South Carolina - Columbia
  • Indiana State - Terre Haute
  • Kentucky - Lexington
  • Stanford - Stanford Regional
  • Auburn - Auburn Regional
  • Oklahoma State - Stillwater
  • Wake Forest - Winston-Salem
  • Florida - Gainsville
  • Arkansas - Fayetteville
  • Miami - Coral Gables
  • Clemson - Clemson Regional

Which Networks Will Broadcast The D1 Tournament?

ESPN is the primary network that will broadcast the games, beginning at 12 pm ET Noon.

ESPN+, ESPN2, and ESPNU are some of the inner broadcasting networks that will deliver live matches to interested audiences in various regions. Other ESPN bodies will also highlight some of the D1 games. 

The ACC Network will cover the Columbia region's Campbell Vs NC State match at noon. They will also broadcast the Terra Haute's game between Iowa and North Carolina at 6 pm. Meanwhile, the Long Horn Network is dedicated to the live match of Texas against Louisiana. 

The SEC Network is in charge of broadcasting Kentucky Vs Ball State in the Lexington region at 11 am. Moreover, they will cover Vanderbilt's match against Eastern Illinois at 7 pm. 

Top 8 National Seeds College Baseball for Super Regionals

College baseball national seeds cover teams like LSU, Vanderbilt and Arkansas. These teams will host the games in the Super Regional matchup.

Florida is one of the favored teams to advance in the next rounds.
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Wake Forest is already predicted to reach the Super-Regionals with immense performances throughout the season, establishing a 47-10 win-loss record. Florida also has a great chance to get the Super-Regionals, with them being the host culminating in a 44-14 win-loss streak.

Meanwhile, Arkansas has good odds of beating their opponent Santa Clara with their 41 wins record. Clemson is also a favorite to reach the Super-Regionals since they are hosts and have developed a 43-win record. Oklahoma State is a No. 12 seed, and they could play against Vanderbilt in the Super-Regionals. 

The top 8 national seeds college baseball consists of teams Wake Forest and Florida. Stanford is the eighth seed for the 2023 season.

  • Wake Forest
  • Florida
  • Arkansas
  • Clemson
  • LSU
  • Vanderbilt
  • Virginia
  • Stanford

The NCAA Baseball Super Regional schedule is from 9 June and will end on 12 June. 16 teams will play in this round, with the top 8 seeds hosting the games. 

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