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Washington Nationals Stadium Bag Policy

By / 29 May 2023 02:46 AM

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Nationals Stadium Bag Policy is that the guests are allowed to bring bags smaller than 16" x 16" x 8". One bottle per person is permitted in the park.

There are several rules and regulations to prioritize security in Nationals Park. To adhere to their bag policy, the ballpark in Washington, DC has enforced specific guidelines for fans carrying bags into the stadium of the MLB team.

In the case of carry-ons that are larger than a clutch, only clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC sacks are allowed. However, there are exceptions ruled out for diaper purses and medical packs.

Visitors should confirm that the bag size does not exceed 16" x 16" x 8". The allowed carry-on options include gallon-sized zip lock pouches, clear tote bags, freezer sacks, and other transparent pouches.

Additionally, small clutch packs within the dimensions of 5" x 7.75" are permitted to carry inside the ballpark.

Fans are required to pass through a metal detector screening upon arrival at the venue. The security team thoroughly inspects carry-on to confirm compliance with the carry-on policy and also scans the contents for prohibited items. 

Nationals Park Bag Rules

Nats stadium bag policy requires clear bags for carry-ons larger than a clutch. It is an effort to enhance security and efficiency at Nationals Park.

The use of CEIA OpenGate technology at all doors intends to speed up the entry process while preserving safety standards.

Bags larger than a clutch must be transparent and made of vinyl, clear plastic, or PVC. On the other hand, individuals carrying diaper bags or medical bags are permitted to use the ADA/Family lanes at the Center Field and Home Plate gates.

The Nats' revised policy no longer requires fans to remove their jackets or things from their pockets. People carrying clear bags will not have to go through the hassle of opening them inside and out.

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Fans entering the venue must adhere to the rules and restrictions. The dimensions of the bags must be 16" x 16" x 8".

Additionally, small non-clear clutch bags measuring 5" x 7" x 34" or less are also allowed when accompanied by one of the acceptable transparent bag alternatives. These carry-ons can have straps or not.

For the excess items, Binbox provides a solution for storing surplus baggage or carry-ons that do not comply with the policy and regulations. It is located outside the Right Field Gate and Home Plate Gate and provides medium or big lockers for visitors to protect their things.

Furthermore, alternative storage can be arranged with local bars or hotels if the stadium lockers are not accessible. They may, however, impose a fee for storing your goods.

Food Policy

Nationals Park food policy gives utmost priority to safety and adherence to regulations. There are certain restrictions and guidelines enforced.

Metal or glass containers are not allowed inside the ballpark. There are several exceptions, such as clear, factory-sealed, or empty plastic water bottles (up to one liter in size), insulin containers, juice boxes, and infant food.

Each person is only allowed to bring one water bottle. Frozen water bottles are banned for everyone's safety.

Single-serving packages are permitted inside Nationals Park under the food policy. They must, however, be transported in permitted bags in compliance with the current bag policy.

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If not, they can be carried on hand but may need to pass through security inspection. However, it is crucial to remember that, besides the permissible items, metal or glass cans are not allowed.

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Digital eCASH

The Washington Nationals' digital money, eCASH, is widely accepted by numerous food and goods vendors. Downloading the MLB Ballpark app and going to the special Rewards & eCASH section allows fans to use eCASH simply.

It allows visitors to take advantage of exclusive promotions and earn eCASH back. Season plan holders benefit from it.

Umbrella Policy

Nationals Park umbrella policy restricts the use of non-collapsible umbrellas inside the ballpark. Small collapsible umbrellas are allowed.

The use of unfoldable umbrellas in the ballpark is prohibited as per the ballpark's visitor rules and regulations. Carrying such items may jeopardize the stadium's policy of maintaining guest safety standards.

There are various other prohibited objects within the stadium for everyone's safety and security. Certain items are not allowed within the ticketed areas.

Soft-sided coolers, ice chests, hard coolers, non-collapsible umbrellas, poles, guns, fireworks, brooms, camera lenses larger than eight inches, monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks are all prohibited.

Animals, beach balls, laser pens, baseball bats, alcohol not purchased at the stadium, and other items deemed harmful or unsuitable are also prohibited.

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On the other hand, service animals are allowed at the stadium. Baseball bats are also permitted if purchased on the day of the game at the stadium.

Anyone who breaches the Guest Conduct Policy, or any applicable laws may be denied access or removed from ticketed areas.

The Nationals reserve the right to change the prohibited items list, so it's essential to keep yourself up to date with the latest information that can be accessed from its website.

The Nationals Baseball Stadium Complex includes the space between N Street SE, Potomac Avenue SE, South Capitol Street SE, and First Street SE.

Mask Policy

Nationals Park mask policy indicates it's not mandatory to wear inside the ballpark. Currently, it does not have any vaccine or mask mandates.

However, the stadium complies with the regulation set by Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's instructions regarding COVID-19 or any other health emergencies.

It is to safeguard the safety and well-being of fans, and they are collaborating with health experts and the District of Columbia government to create a secure environment at Nationals Park.

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The ballpark is functioning at full capacity, with no restrictions imposed. Previously, the ballpark has set mask and vaccine policies to mitigate the risk of the pandemic.

However, it is recommended that you visit the Nationals' website regularly for changes in COVID-19 standards, such as mask requirements, immunization guidelines, and testing procedures.

Ground Rules

Nationals Park ground rules have their own additional specific rules. The ground rules apply to all MLB stadiums during the current season.

The Office of the Commissioner is in charge of enforcing the rules. It features a set of universal ground rules, followed by all major league ballparks.

A variety of circumstances are there in the universal rules. A ball is considered in play if it lands on the top step of the dugout or if a player catches it outside the dugout and is propelled into it by momentum.

Batted balls can be caught through or under railings around screens, and catches made on the field tarp are also acceptable.

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Another rule states that whether or not a ball is in play is determined by whether it becomes stuck in or rests on the revolving signage behind home plate or along the first and third base stands.

The railing facings encircling the dugout and photographers areas are considered in play, as is the other equipment attached to the ballpark's railings and outfield.

On the other hand, suspended rails or poles within the dugout and photographer zones are labeled as 'out of play.'

Backstop screen robotic cameras and audio equipment are considered part of the screen itself.

The Nationals Park ground rules focus on combatting fair bounding balls that strike the padded outfield wall. The ball is ruled out of play if it hits above the vertical yellow line in the foul zone and settles between that line and the left-field foul pole. It results in a two-base gain.

On the contrary, the ball remains in play if it strikes over the padded wall and to the left of the vertical yellow line in the foul zone.

These Ground Rules serve to maintain consistency and provide clear guidelines on how various game situations are to be handled.

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