Nashville Sounds Bag Policy And Prohibited Items

By Aditya Bhattarai / 1 October 2023 12:49 PM

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Nashville Sounds bag policy allows a 12x12x6 inches clear bag at the First Horizon Park. Purses, clutches, and wallets under 5x9x2 inches are also permitted.

Medical supplies and other necessary items and diaper packs are exempt from the rules after a security check. These bags should not exceed the required size for the accessories.

First Horizon Park has been the home stadium of the minor league team from Nashville since 2015. It is the official home ground of the Milwaukee Brewers Triple-A affiliate team Nashville Sounds.

They have been competing in the International League West Division of MiLB since 2022. The team has been the winner of 3 League titles and 2 conference titles in the past 45 years of the franchise's history.

Nashville Sounds Stadium rules for bags and other necessities are made to ensure the safety of guests. Attendees have to go through a check at the entry gates.

Security personnel and ballpark staff have the authority to monitor the bags and scan them using metal detectors. These rules are in place to maintain a safe experience for the attending guests during a game.

Things restricted by the rules should be managed by the guests before entering the premises. There are no lockers available at the venue.

Bag Policy 2023

Nashville Sounds clear bag policy requires the bags to be transparent without exception. First Horizon Park only allows bags smaller than 12x12x6 inches.

The materials required to make the bags should be either clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC. The ballpark also allows wallets, clutches, and purses below the size of 5 x 9 inches in height and length with a width of 2 inches.

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First Horizon Park has multiple security checkpoints that monitor the belongings before entering the arena premises. Guest would have to go through a swift check including a metal detector test at the gate.

There are exceptions in place for carriers that hold medical necessities and diaper bags in case of parents with babies. They are allowed entry after a quick inspection of their goods.

People with medical devices can request alternative screening methods with a security staff. Guests using wheelchairs and other attendees that use supportive aids have to go through a different process accessible for their ease.

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Here are the rules placed by Nashville Sounds regarding the clear bag policies at the First Horizon Park;

  • Guests can only bring clear and Transparent bags to the stadium.
  • The Bags should not be bigger than 12 x 12 x 6 in size.
  • Purses, Wallets, and clutches are allowed below the length of 5 x 9 x 2 inches.
  • The carriers must only have a single compartment.
  • Bags carrying medical necessities and diapers are permitted after security confirmation.
  • Bags for medical supplies should not be bigger than the required size.
  • Medical devices and aids used by guests will go through a different security procedure. 

Similarly, there are policies regarding restrictions on umbrellas at First Horizon Park. Nashville Sounds umbrella policy allows guests to bring the umbrella through the security gate.

However, they are only allowed to open it during rainy weather. They are restricted from using it during the sunny weather at a Nashville game.

Food Policy

Nashville Sounds food policy restricts people from bringing food and beverages from outside the premises. They can access a wide variety of foods at the stands.

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Guests with specific needs and dietary requirements can utilize foods and beverages available at these concession stands. The stalls inside the First Horizon Park are fully cashless according to the data provided on the Nashville stadium.

The arena has three major concessions stands including the Music City Grill, Sulphur Dell Slices, and Hot Or Not Chicken. They have a unique menu with a variety of options to go.

Additionally, they have another stand called The Band Box that features numerous menu items and portable beer located behind the right field bar.

Their gluten-free items include meat items without buns, nachos, ice cream helmet, chocolate & rainbow ice Dippin Dots flavors, ribs and fries basket, waffle fries, French fries, hummus and veggies, quinoa salad, and many others.

Debit and Credit cards are the only form of payment allowed inside the Nashville Sound ballpark to promote truly cashless transactions. They boast of being a 100% cashless arena including starting from the ticket purchases, concession stands, Band Box, and merchandise shops for Sounds products. 

Water policy

Nashville Sounds water policy forbids bringing bottled water, beverages, or coolers from outside. There are no exceptions mentioned for the foods and beverages.

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Guests would have to purchase the items at the concession stands if required. They also promote safe and responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages by limiting the sales to a minimal amount and age range.

A valid ID is required when purchasing the alcohol items at the stands. There will be no additional sales done to already intoxicated customers and normal sales will end after the 7th inning in the game.

First Horizon Park Seating Chart

First Horizon Park Seating Chart helps in finding the preferred seats for a Nashville Sounds game. Fans can browse their seats in the maps posted by the arena.

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The Nashville Sounds stadium features 8,500 permanent seats with a maximum capacity of 10,000 including the berm area. The Brewers affiliate had the highest record of 12,409 attendance in the 16 July 2022 game against the Memphis Redbirds.

Nashville Sounds farm team is home to future MLB players leading to play for the Milwaukee Brewers. They compete in the Triple-A level of the Minor league games.

The stadium has 25 sections in the lower area wrapping around the field from one foul pole to another. Its second level contain 16 sections from the third base to the first base area.

Its last nine rows from M on the first level are placed between the two dugouts and under the shelter of the upper deck. These two rows have traditional plastic chairs used in stadiums.

Similarly, seats behind home plate and dugouts at the lower level to row p and the ones on the second level have padded cushions. Three upper deck sections, second-level suites, and the ones behind the home plate all feature padded seats.

There is an additional grass berm area that can accommodate 1,500 audiences located near the left-center field wall. Additionally, there are areas reserved for small and large groups including four field-level suites with 33 seats and space for 50 people situated behind the home plate.

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In the second level, there are 18 suites that can be filled with a maximum of 20 people along with four seats with drink rails and 13 more outdoor seats in the front. Two party decks are available at each end with a capacity of 100 people each.

An area between the left-field foul pole and the berm near the outfield contains a group area suitable for holding 250 people. It also has a covered picnic area with round tables and arrangeable chairs. 

At the end of the lower seating bowl in the right field, there is a section with 4 semi-tables and 27 tables suitable for 108 people during a game. It is near the specialty concession area for the Band Box. 

A private party area is placed near the power alley ahead of the Band Box with 4 tables allowing 35 people to watch the game. There is also a 200-person picnic area with standing room and stadium seats with drink rails ahead of the scoreboard

Apart from that, there is also a party tent area capable of hosting more than 500 people near the first-base concours.

First Horizon Park Parking Rules

First Horizon Park parking rules provide 6,000 spaces to guests attending the Nashville Sounds game. It is spread around a half-mile radius of the arena.

Nashville Sounds parking garage is available anytime during weekend games. It is inaccessible during weekdays from Monday to Friday before 5:30 p.m.

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The Milwaukee Brewers Triple-A affiliate team Nashville Sound encourages their visitors to park at the State Parking Garage located on Harrison Street between the 4th Avenue Noth and Rep. John Lewis Way North. It charges a certain fee allowing up to 1000 cars at their premises.

There are specific spaces designated for disabled parking marked for their convenience at the premises. They are subject to availability based on first come first served along with a valid state permit for their condition.

While there are no extra fees charged to them, they must keep their passes on the dashboards when parked around the stadium premises.

Similarly, buses and large vehicles that take more than one space are recommended to park at the Circle State parking lots in 10th Avenue. 

The parking available within the area includes both free and paid services depending on the premises. Parking at Malls and other public areas could be free depending on the services and time limits.

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