10 Most Home Runs In A College Baseball Season

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Ivan Melendez from Texas University baseball team rose up to the 13th position in NCAA leading homers of a single season in 2022.
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Most home runs in a college baseball season is 48 by Pete Incavigilia in 1985. Jeff Ledbetter ranks second with 42 home runs in 1982.

Incavigilia is also an all-time home run leader in NCAA for scoring 100 homers in 213 games. He has the highest slugging percentage record in NCAA, with 1.140.

The slugger Pete had made multiple records in NCAA, including the total bases in a season and most RBIs throughout his collegiate level. Playing for Oklahoma State, he had led his team to the College World Series in all three seasons at the University. He was later elected to the College Baseball Hall Of Fame in 2007.

Pete has been reigning as the single-season NCAA home run leader since 1985. Before him, Ledbetter had been leading with 42 homers in 1982.

Following behind are Lance Berkman with 42 HR and Brandon Larson with 40. They are the only four players, including Pete and Jeff, to score over 40 tatters in a single NCAA season as of 2023.

The most recent record in the Division I list was made by Ivan Melendez from 2022, ranking 13th with 32 tatters in a single season. It was higher than the last record by Kris Bryant in 2013 with 31 homers for San Diego.

10 Home Runs Leaders In A Single Season

Most home runs in college baseball career is 100 by Pete Incaviglia scored in 213 games. Pete is also the single season home run leader with 48 tatters in 1985.

Similarly, Jeff Ledbetter ranks second for a career score of 97 homers in 262 games. Pete is also the home run leader in a single season scoring 48 homers in 1985. Before Incaviglia, Ledbetter was leading the list of the NCAA Division I records. He held the title for being the college baseball tatter leader before 1985. 

Both Pete and Jeff are scoring champions of their era since Jeff had the highest tatters in his college career and a single season. Pete led the list by breaking the records in 1985.

Here is the list of 10 home run (HR) leaders that scored the most homers in a single season.

8. Troy Glaus (1997)34
10. Kevin Mench (1998)33
3. Lance Berkman (1997)41
6. Mike Willes (1988)35
7. Daylan Holt (1999)34
9. Nate Gold (2002)33
1. Pete Incaviglia (1985)48
5. Steve Hacker (1995)37
2. Jeff Ledbetter (1982)42
Single Season Home Run Leaders (College Year)Home Runs Scored
4. Brandon Larson (1997)`40

1. Pete Incaviglia (48 HR)

Pete is a former professional baseball left fielder ranked among the highest homers in college baseball. He is renowned as the best slugger and homer in NCAA.

The legendary Oklahoma player had made multiple records the highest single-season and career home runs in college baseball. His slugging percentage is recorded at an all-time high of 1.420 during his junior year.

Larson is a former college baseball MVP and the fourth hitter to make 40 tatters for the last time for the Reds in 1997.
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Being able to make his Major League debut without playing in the Minors, the slugger spent 13 years making his name in MLB. He was noted for his power-hitting ability and his strikeout tendencies. Pete had struck out 1,277 times throughout his career.

2. Jeff Ledbetter (42 HR)

Jeff Ledbetter is a former American baseball outfielder and First Baseman. Jeff was once named college baseball player of the year by Sporting News in 1982.

Ledbetter was the first player ever to score more than 40 homers in college baseball while playing with Florida State. Before Incaviglia broke his records in 1985, he held the top position for the most homers in both career and single-season criteria.

Jeff is inducted into the Florida State University Hall of Fame in 1991.
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While he was inducted into the Florida State Hall of Fame for his athletic performance at the University, he could not do well after the Major League Baseball draft in 1982. He spent 5 years in Minor League before retiring in 1986. 

3. Lance Berkman (41HR)

Lance Berkman is an American baseball coach and a former Outfielder. Lance ranks third in leading college homers for scoring 41 in a single season in 1997.

Berkman became an baseball coach after retiring from professional games.
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After being selected by Houston Astros in the 1997 MLB Draft, Berkman played professionally in the Minor League for two years. Later, he made his Major League debut on 16 July 1999 and played with four teams starting with Astros, Yankees, Cardinals, and Rangers.

The six-time All-Star player also received the title of World Series Champion in 2011. Later, Berkman announced his retirement on 17 September 2013, marking an end to his 14 years career in MLB.

4. Brandon Larson (40 HR)

Brandon Larson is ranked fourth for scoring 40 HR in a single college baseball season. Larson made the record in 1997 as the last player ever to score 40 tatters.

Incaviglia is a revered manager for a Varsity team Tri-City ValleyCats of the Frontier League.
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Similarly, he was also awarded the MVP in the 1997 College World Series for excellent performance throughout the tournament. With 118 RBIs and a .381 batting average, it was the only year he obtained the best results in his career.

After being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 2001, he had some luck in the Minor Leagues but could not make his debut in MLB. Following a short career in Minor Leagues, he stopped playing professionally after 2007.

5. Steve Hacker (37 HR)

Steve Hacker is a former Missouri State first baseman with the fourth-highest homers in a college season. He made 39 RBIs and a .337 batting average as a freshman.

The designated hitter played for Keith Guttin of the baseball bears from 1993 to 1995. He won Conference Honors for All-League first team every year at Missouri.

He was drafted by the Atlanta Braves at the 1995 MLB June Amateur Draft during his Junior season at MSU and played professionally at the Minor Leagues for six years. He reached AAA for Minnesota Twins before coming back to St. Louis and starting to work as a hitting instructor.

6. Mike Willes (35 HR)

Mike Willes is a former collegiate baseball player from Brigham Young University. Willes holds the record for the fifth-highest homers in a single college season.

The player was a First Team All-American player for two years straight in 1987 and 1988. He was also titled Western Athletic Conference Player of the Year.

He holds the record for the career record of most RBIs with 285 in all of BYU, with the single-season tatters records.

7. Troy Glaus (34 HR)

Troy Glaus is a former professional first baseman and Third Baseman from MLB. Glaus scored 34 Homers in a single season in 1997 as a UCLA baseball player.

Following his collegiate-level achievements, he continued to obtain further accolades after his MLB debut with the Anaheim Angels on 31 July 1988. He was picked by the Angels in the 1997 MLB Draft in the first round.

Glaus getting birthday wishes along with his best homer moments on Angels Instagram page.
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The slugger had also obtained a bronze medal in baseball at the 1996 Summer Olympics playing for the U.S. National team. He also won the award for American League Home Run Leader in 2000.

Glaus had become an All-Star player four times in his career and won World Series MVP honors as a champion in 2002. The  

8. Daylan Holt (34 HR)

Daylan Holt is a former Texas A&M college baseball fielder for both right and left positions. Holt scored the sixth single-season homer record with 34 HR in 1999.

The All-American outfielder also led his team to win two consecutive Big 12 championships in 1998 and 1999. Later in 1999, he took his team to the College World Series.

Apart from that, he still has the single-season RBI record of 105 from 1999 at Texas A&M. He was drafted by Okaland Athletics in the 2000 MLB June Amateur draft, marking the start of his professional career at the Minor Leagues.

9. Nate Gold (33 HR)

Nate Gold is a former First baseman college baseball player from Gonzaga. Gold had scored 33 homers in a single season while playing for Gonzaga.

He was also named West Coast Conference player of the year during his senior year at Gonzaga with RBI and homers record for the team. 

After being drafted by the Texas Rangers in the 2002 MLB June Amateur Draft, he spent eight seasons professionally in the Minor Leagues.

10. Kevin Mench (33 HR)

Kevin Mench is a former American baseball outfielder that played college baseball at Delaware Athletics. Mench had scored 33 HR as a single-season NCAA record.

The outfielder had also earned Collegiate Baseball National Player of the Year and Consensus All-American Honors. Additionally, he was American East Rookie of the Year in 1997, followed by Player of the Year for two consecutive years.

Mench was picked by Texas Rangers in the 1999 MLB Draft and debuted 3 years later on 9 April 2002. Kevin was later inducted into the University of Delaware athletics hall of Fame in 2005 for his numerous college sports achievements.

College Home Run Leaders 2023 List

NCAA baseball home run leaders include Jac Caglianone, Cam Fisher, Shane Lewis, and others. Jac and Cam have more than 30 homers till May 2023.

The following list includes the top ten college home run leaders of 2023 based on the career total in NCAA records. total career hits. The values are based on NCAA Division I records;

  1. Jac Caglianone - 31 Homers in 62 games at University of Florida
  2. Cam Fisher - 30 Homers in 64 games at (University Of North Carolina) UNC Charlotte
  3. Shane Lewis - 27 Homers in 62 games at Troy University
  4. Brock Wilken - 27 Homers in 60 games at Wake Forest University
  5. Gavin Kash - 26 Homers in 63 games at Texas Tech University
  6. Nick Lorusso - 26 Homers in 61 games at Maryland University
  7. Charlie Condon - 25 Homers in 56 games at Georgia University
  8. Edrick Felix - 25 Homers in 60 games at Florida Gulf Coast University
  9. Grayson Tatrow - 25 Homers in 55 games at Abilene Christian University
  10. Mac Horvath - 24 Homers in 62 games at North Carolina University

Home Run Leaders In SEC 2023

SEC home run leaders 2023 are Charlie Condon, Jace Laviolette, Luke Mann, Ethan Petry and others. Condon has scored the most with 16 tatters as of May 2023.

The top 10 home run (HR) leaders from SEC conference list include the following players as updated by D1 Baseball.

  1. Charlie Condon 16 HR - From University Of Georgia
  2. Lace Laviolette 14 HR - Texas A&M University
  3. Luke Mann 14 HR - Missouri State University
  4. Ethan Petry 13 HR - South Carolina Univerisity
  5. Jac Caglinone 13 HR - University of Florida
  6. Hunter Lines 13 HR - Mississippi State University
  7. Bryson War 12 HR - Auburn University
  8. Andrew Pinckney 11 HR - University Of Alabama
  9. Trevor Werner 11 HR - Texas A&M University
  10. Tommy White 10 HR - Louisiana State University (LSU)

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