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Most Home Runs By Age 30 And Other Years Records In Baseball

By Roshan Khatiwada / 11 April 2023 07:55 AM

The three players with the highest number of home runs at age 30: Alex Rodriguez(Left), Ken Griffey Jr.(Top Right), and Jimmie Foxx(Bottom-right)
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Most home runs by age 30 include Ken Griffey Jr, Alex Rodriguez, and Jimmie Foxx. Ken Griffey made 438 home runs by age 30.

Rodriguez tops the list with 468 homers by that age. He is also the leader in power speed and Runs scored by the age of 30. A-Rod had a power speed of 317.2, whereas he had scored 1358 runs by the time he was 30.

Jimmie leads in Total Bases, RBI, Runs Created, and Extra Base Hits among players in this category. He had 3886 bases, 1520 RBI, 1693 runs created, and 877 extra-base hits by the time he reached 30.

On the other hand, Griffey Jr. is also in the top ten of different accolades, such as Times on Base, Runs Created, and RBI. All these players have helped take baseball to newer heights.

Here are the Top 3 players with the most homers by the age of 30:

1. Alex Rodriguez: 464

Alex Rodriguez is the player with the most home runs by age. He had scored 464 homers by the time he was 30.

The 2009 World Series champion had a fantastic career marked with various accolades. Alex was selected as an All-Star for 14 seasons. He is also a three-time AL MVP and two-time Golden Glove Award winner.


In addition to his ten Silver Slugger Awards, Rodriguez has four AL Hank Aaron Awards. The 1996 MBL Batting Champion also led the AL in home runs for 5 seasons. He also led the MLB in RBI for two seasons.

The Yankees shortstop is also the leader among grand slams. He has scored a total of 25 grand slams. At the end of his career, A-Rod had 3,115 hits, 696 home runs, and 2,086 RBI.

2. Ken Griffey Jr: 438

The Mariners outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. is the next player on the list. Out of his 630 homers, 438 came before he was 30.

The thirteen-time All-Star was the number one pick at the 1987 MLB draft. He was one of the most prolific and entertaining players and led the AL in most home runs for four seasons, out of which three were consecutive.

Griffey Jr hitting some balls after USA Baseball players convince him to take a few swings at the Loan Depot park during the WBC
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Further, Ken has won seven Silver Slugger Awards, an award given to the best offensive player at each position. In 1997, he was the leader in RBI, the leader in home runs, and MVP at the AL.

In addition, Griffey is the winner of ten consecutive Golden Gloves from 1990 to 1999. He was also the 2005 NL Comeback Player of The Year.

Griffey finished his career with 2,781 hits, 1,836 RBI, and a batting average of .284.

3. Jimmie Fox: 429

Jimmie Fox is the player with the third-most homers by the age of 30. He is also the leader in RBIs, Total Bases, Runs Created, and Extra Base Hits in this age category.

The Athletics first baseman won two consecutive World Series with his team in 1929 and 1930. Fox was also named an All-Star for nine consecutive seasons.

Jimmie led AL in both home runs and RBI for two consecutive seasons. He was the AL MVP in both of those seasons.

Fox also won the Triple Crown in 1993, leading in three categories: RBI, Home Runs, and batting average.

Most Hits By Year 30

Most hits by the year 30 list include the likes of Ty Cobb, Mel Ott, and Miguel Cabrera. Cobb is the leader with 2,361 hits.

Here is the list of 10 players with the most hits by year 30:

Alex Rodriguez2067
Miguel Cabrera1995
Henry Aaron2085
Robin Yount2019
Jimmie Foxx2049
Vada Pinson2007
Ty Cobb2361
Mel Ott2061
Joe Medwick2004
Rogers Hornsby2083
PlayerNumber of Hits At Age 30

Most Home Runs After Age 40

Most Home runs after age 40 include players like Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, and Dave Winfield. Bonds are the leader with 79 homers.

Here are the Top 10 players with the most home runs after turning 40:

Carlton Fisk72
Stan Musial46
Darrell Evans60
PlayerNumber of Home Runs After Turning 40
Carl Yastrzemski49
Hank Aaron42
Ted Williams44
Raul Ibanez42
Dave Winfield59
Barry Bonds79
Albert Pujols43

Some Other Home Runs Facts:

  • Barry Bonds is the leader of all-time home run scorers with 762.
  • Julio Franco, at 48 years and 254 days, is the oldest player to hit a home run.
  • 14 players have scored more than 35 home runs after turning 40.
  • Mike Schmidt's 43 homers a season is the most by a 30-year-old player or older.
  • Tony Conigliaro scored 24 homers during his teenage, the most by that age group.
  • Tommy Brown, at 17 years and 257 days is the youngest player to score a home run.

Most Home Runs In A Game By Both Teams Combined

Most home runs in a game by both teams combined is 13. It happened on 10 June 2019 in a game between the Phillies and the D-backs.

The game at Citizens Bank Park saw the first three D-backs players smashing a home run. Jarrod Dyson, Ketel Marte, and David Peralta led the way with back-to-back-to-back homers. The D-backs won the game 13-8.


Arizona also set a club record with eight homers. Eduardo Escobar and Ildemaro Vargas, and Alex Avila were the other scorers for the team.

Escobar and Vargas both smashed two homers, whereas the remaining players contributed one each. 

On the other hand, Scott Kingery smashed two homers for the Phillies. Jean Segura, Rhys Hoskins, and Jay Bruce scored the remaining three.

Hoskins hit tied the record whereas, two batters later, Brook smashed what the record-breaking 13th home run was. The previous record of twelve was held by Detroit and Chicago, who had achieved the feat twice once in 1999 and the next in 2002.

Most Home Runs In First Season

Most home runs in the first season are 53. It was scored by the Mets rookie Pete Alonso.

He accomplished this feat in the 2019 season. Alonso smashed more than half of his dingers before the All-Star break.

Alonso started by smashing nine homers in April. He continued his consistency and scored at least eight homers except for July, when he scored six.

Alonso playing for the USA at the World Baseball Classic
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By August, he had already smashed the Met's record for most homers in a season. The record was previously at 41, held jointly by Carlos Beltran and Todd Hundley.

Alonso finished with a high as he smashed eleven homers in September and broke the record. The record was previously held by Aaron Judge, who had smashed 52 dingers in his debut season with the Yankees.

Mark McGwire Held The Record For 30 Years

Before Judge and Alonso, the record for most homers in a debut season was held by Mark McGwire. The Athletics Hall of Famer smashed 49 in his debut season.

McGwire had a slow start, hitting only four homers in April. However, he followed it with fifteen in May and nine in June.


Before the All-Star Game, he had already smashed 33 homers earning him his first All-Star selection. On 11 August 1987, Mike broke the AL Rookie record for most homers.

Just three days later, he broke the MLB record, which at the time was 38. Frank Robinson and Wally Berger jointly held it.

Mike finished the month of September with nine more dingers. McGwire could have added more to his record. However, he missed the last couple of games to attend the birth of his first child.

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