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Moonshot Program MLB The Show 23 And Rewards

By Roshan Khatiwada / 23 August 2023 02:15 AM

Moonshot Program is the latest among the many Diamond Dynasty programs released this season
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Moonshot Program MLB The Show 23 was released on Friday, August 18. The program is the latest in the Diamond Dynasty mode of the video game.

MLB The Show has regularly introduced new programs and content on the platform ever since its release on March 24, 2023. Moonshot Program is the latest among the many programs released this year.

Several diamond-tier cards of players like Anthony Rizzo, Adam Duvall, and Alex Bregman are available as rewards on the program. All these cards are available at various levels on the reward path.

Fans must complete tasks, events, and missions to progress in the program. Progressing further in the path helps players earn various prizes, including Ballin' is a Habit pack, Diamond Duos pack, and MLB The Show Pack.

Moonshot: Parallel-Palooza Event and Conquest Map are other events available in the program. The 99 OVR Home Run Derby card of Kyle Schwarber is the big and final prize on the path.

MLB The Show 23 Moonshot Program

Moonshot event MLB The Show 23 has a 99 OVR Home Run Derby Kyle Schwarber card as the ultimate prize. The latest program was released on Friday, August 18.

The program features heavy hitters from across the American and National League. Completing missions and moments help fans to unlock some of the best Home Run Derby Series players. The final reward card has maximum power along with a 99 OVR rating.

The showdown in the program has Grayson Rodriguez as the final boss. Further, players acquired from the Moonshot: Parallel-Palooza Event can be used to complete optional collections, thus, helping to earn progress in the program.

The new Conquest Map helps fan progress on the Moonshot Program and get the Home Run Derby card of Kyle Schwarber
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Fans can use their best hitters and play at the Parallel-Palooza event to win rewards like Kaiju Series 95 OVR Gleyber Torres, incognito Series 97 OVR Yoan Moncada, and Awards Series 99 OVR George Springer.

Torres can be earned with five wins in the event, Moncada with twenty wins, and Springer with twelve wins in a single event entry. Collecting these players also rewards fans with five, ten, and twenty points in the program.

Moonshot program MLB The Show 23 PS4 also helps to add some of the best sluggers to your Diamond Dynasty Squad. A total of hundred points must be accumulated to earn the final reward on the path.

Here is the reward path for the Moonshot Program:

  • 1 Star Point – Universal Profile Icon
  • 5 Star Points – 1,000 Stubs
  • 10 Star Points – 97 OVR Retro Home Run Derby Anthony Rizzo and 2,500 XP
  • 20 Star Points – Ballin' is a Habit Pack
  • 25 Star Points - 97 OVR Retro HRD Adam Duvall and 1,000 Stubs
  • 40 Star Points – 97 OVR Retro HRD Alex Bregman and 2,500 XP
  • 50 Star Points – Stadium Sound
  • 55 Star Points – 97 OVR Josh Donaldson and 1,000 Stubs
  • 60 Star Points – Diamond Duos Pack 32
  • 65 Star Points – 2023 All-Star Game Choice Pack
  • 70 Star Points – 97 OVR Retro HRD Corey Seager and 2,500 XP
  • 80 Star Points – 2023 Home Run Derby Choice Pack
  • 85 Star Points – 97 OVR Retro HRD Miguel Cabrera and 2,500 XP
  • 90 Star Points – MLB The Show 23 Jumbo pack
  • 95 Star Points – Bat
  • 100 Star Points – 99 OVR Retro HRD Kyle Schwarber and 5,000 XP

Moonshot Program Rewards

Moonshot Program MLB The Show 23 Xbox reward path is filled with exciting awards. All the cards obtained in the program are Retro Home Run Derby cards, highlighting a strong performance by the player during a past Home Run Derby.

A conquest map for the program was also released on August 19, 2023. Players who complete the map will receive hidden rewards and twenty-star points towards the program.

Moonshot: Parallel-Palooza Event has three players of different packs available for the players to earn
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Fans must conquer seven strongholds, six of which belong to other teams, including Marlins, Blue Jays, Cubs, Reds, Astros, and Dodgers. There are five goals to complete in the conquest, and completing each goal rewards some XP points and packs.

There are several hidden rewards that can be found on the map, such as Diamond Duos Pack and MLB The Show 23 Pack.

Here are the rewards on the Moonshot Program reward path:

  • 97 OVR Anthony Rizzo - First Baseman (Chicago Cubs)
  • 97 OVR Adam Duvall - Left Fielder (Cincinnati Reds)
  • 97 OVR Alex Bregman - Third Baseman (Houston Astros)
  • 97 OVR Corey Seager - Shortstop (Los Angeles Dodgers)
  • 97 OVR Miguel Cabrera - Third Baseman (Miami Marlins)
  • 97 OVR Josh Donaldson - Third Baseman (Toronto Blue Jays)
  • 99 OVR Kyle Schwarber - Left Fielder (Chicago Cubs)

How To Complete Moonshot Program In MLB The Show 23?

Moonshot Program MLB The Show 23 download can be done on PlayStation and Xbox. The program can be completed by earning points by finishing moments and missions.

Fans must complete a series of moments, showdowns, and missions in order to obtain Star Points and complete the program. Collecting hundred-star points will earn the 99 OVR Home Run Derby card of Kyle Schwarber.

There are eight missions which, when completed, will result in sixty-five points for the program. On the other hand, collecting three players from the Collection Series will result in forty points.

The Moonshot Program has a 99 OVR Home Run Derby card of Kyle Schwarber as the final award
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Here are the tasks that can be completed to earn points:

Moments and showdowns:

  • Completing the Moonshot Showdown - 15 points
  • Completing the Moonshot Other Program Conquest Map - 20 points
  • Completing 10 Moments - 20 points (2 points for each mission)


  • Collecting Kaiju Gleyber Torres - 5 points
  • Collecting Incognito Yoan Moncada - 15 points
  • Collecting Awards George Springer - 20 points


  • Hit 20 home runs with Live Series players - 5 points
  • Hit 20 home runs with Captain Series players - 5 points
  • Hit 20 home runs with Switch hitters - 5 points
  • Hit 20 home runs with players who originate from states or countries that begin with the letter ‘M’ - 5 points
  • Hit 20 home runs with players 5’10” or shorter - 5 points
  • Hit 20 home runs with players 6’4” or taller - 5 points
  • Hit 20 home runs with players with less than 75 Power - 5 points
  • Hit five home runs with Retro Home Run Derby Anthony Rizzo, Adam Duvall, Alex Bregman, Josh Donaldson, Corey Seager, Miguel Cabrera - 30 points (5 points for hitting with each player)

Note: The cards in the Collection series are event items and are live until August 31 only.

How To Get A Quality Start In MLB The Show 23?

Quality Start MLB The Show 23 is credited when the pitcher throws at least 6 innings and allows only three ER or fewer. The stat is for starting pitchers only.

The job of a starting pitcher is to prevent the opposition from scoring runs and striking out the batters. The Quality Start stat helps to measure whether the pitcher performed a quality job in those two metrics.

Getting a quality start in the video game is difficult as fans must pitch for six innings precisely. This is one of the hardest tasks to perform in the game.

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Big Red was the part of the Battle Royale 6
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Here are some tips on getting a quality start:

  1. Select the best pitching settings that suit your comfort and preference.
  2. Use the best pitches and use variation, as different types of pitches have different control, break, and velocity.
  3. Throw pitches toward the corner of the strike zone, as the location is one of the key factors in earning a Quality Start.
  4. Manage the fatigue and stamina of the pitcher, as less stamina affects the effectiveness of the pitches.

Matt Waldron MLB The Show 23 is one of the pitchers who can be used as a starting pitcher to earn a Quality Start. He is one of the few knuckleball pitchers in the video game.

The pitcher made his MLB debut for the Padres on June 23, 2023. Although Waldron has an OVR of 64, his knuckleball makes him one of the most difficult players to score against in the video game.

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