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May Monthly Awards MLB The Show 23

By Biraj Khanal / 8 June 2023 07:49 AM

May Monthly Awards show comes with lots of rewards,card packs, stubs and new missions.
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May Monthly Awards MLB The Show 23 awards Aaron Judge as the May Lightining player. Jace Peterson gets supercharged to 99 OVR for the next 5 days.

MLB The Show 23 monthly awards happen every month with several awards programs being hosted. The lightning player award is one of the top awards in MLB The Show 23.

The monthly awards show includes 20 May monthly awards including Monthly Awards Captain Blake Treinen ( 95 OVR) and Eddie Rosario (95 OVR). 

With producing some greatest players in MLB The Show 23 edition compared to The Show 22, the award program comes with a new collection of elite Diamond Dynasty players fans love to have in their squad.

Fans can select their 95 OVR and 97 OVR choice packs in the reward path and advance on to the 98 OVR players in the path to get the Lightening Aaron Judge.

Players can complete missions and event games and take on optional collection and exchange to gain progress in the May monthly Awards program.

When Does May Monthly Awards Come Out?

MLB The Show 23 May Monthly Awards comes out on 7th June 2023. 

The monthly awards program for May pops out on Wednesday afternoon with lots of Diamond Dynasty players available to pick for the player's Diamond Dynasty squads. 

The biggest reason you want to play through his award program is the May Monthly Reward choice packs with 95 OVR, 97 OVR, and other 98 OVR diamond dynasty players you can get to unlock through the reward path.

 MLB The Show 23 also comes out with a rewarding path of 32 tiers, including several stubs, The Show 23 packs, and a variety of cool prizes along the way to get the lightning, Aaron Judge.

Complete your missions and win games in the event to earn progress in the May Monthly Awards program. The Show has also been awarded the two 95 OVER captains from the Choice pack: Blake Treinen and Eddie Rosario.

You can also take on the May awards to gain Retro Topps Now Jackie Bradley Jr. (95 OVR) at 10 wins and Retro Topps Now Zack Greinke (97 OVR) at 20 wins while progressing in the May Monthly Awards event.

Weekly Wonders 11, are also made available through the award programs providing extra missions to gain additional XP points and Stubs and a Ballin’ is a Habit Pack along the way.

You can reach 10 wins to get Retro Topps Jackie Bradley Jr.
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Here are all the new Diamond Stars that arrived in the May Monthly Awards programs:

May Monthly Awards Captains:

  • Blake Treinen, CP Oakland Athletics (95 OVR)
  • Eddie Rosario, LF Minnesota Twins (95 OVR)

May Monthly Awards 98 OVR players:

  • Luis Robert Jr., CF Chicago White Sox (98 OVR)
  • Wander Franco, SS Tampa Bay Rays (98 OVR)
  • Freddie Freeman, 1B Los Angeles Dodgers (98 OVR)
  • Mitch Keller, SP Pittsburgh Pirates (98 OVR)
  • Evan Phillips, CP Los Angeles Dodgers (98 OVR)

May Monthly Awards 97 OVR Choice Pack:

  • Framber Valdez, SP Houston Astros (97 OVR)
  • Felix Bautista, CP Baltimore Orioles (97 OVR)
  • Riley Greene, CF Detroit Tigers (97 OVR)
  • Nathan Eovaldi, SP Texas Rangers (97 OVR)
  • Lourdes Gurriel Jr., LF Arizona Diamondbacks (97 OVR)
  • Will Smith, C Los Angeles Dodgers (97 OVR)

May Monthly Awards 95 OVR Choice Pack:

  • Spencer Steer, 1B Cincinnati Reds (95 OVR)
  • Dauri Moreta, RP Pittsburgh Pirates (95 OVR)
  • Christopher Morel, CF Chicago Cubs (95 OVR)
  • Michael Wacha, SP San Diego Padres (95 OVR)
  • Owen Miller, 2B Milwaukee Brewers (95 OVR)
  • Tanner Scott, RP Miami Marlins (95 OVR)

The May Monthly award program features the two captains of 95 Overall.
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Players can also make progress in May Monthly Awards Program in the following ways:

  • Win May Monthly Awards Event Games (1 pt. for each win) (REPEATABLE)
  • Collect eight 95 OVR May Topps Now and two May 99 OVR Milestone cards (15 pts.) (OPTIONAL)
  • Complete Set 1 player exchange (15 pts.) (OPTIONAL)
  • Complete 20 Moments (40 pts. – 2 pts. each)

99 Aaron Judge MLB The Show 23

99 Aaron Judge MLB The Show 23 can be gained by gaining 150 Star points. Judge is awarded the lightning player in the MLB The Show 23 May Monthly Award program.

Aaron is selected the lightining player of the month for May in MLB The Show 23 Awards show.
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Players must get all the way to collect 150 stars to unlock the Aaron Judge card. Various rewards are there on the way to completion of the missions.

On the way, the players can also get ten Topps cards with 95 and 98 OVR card players, which will get a reward of 15 bonus points. If you don't want to do PXP missions, cards can get exchanged for reward points.

The 99 lightning Aaron Judge has 112 and 101 against right-handed and left-handed pitching.

Here are the key stats of Aaron Judge in the MLB The Show May month lightening player:

  1. Contact against Right-Handed Pitcher - 112 OVR
  2. Contact against Left-Handed Pitcher - 101 OVR
  3. Power against Right Hand Pitcher - 125 OVR
  4. Power against Left Hand Pitcher - 125 OVR
  5. Control - 125 OVR
  6. Durability - 96 OVR 
  7. Fielding Accuracy - 92 OVR
  8. Arm Strength - 99 OVR
  9. Accuracy - 99 OVR 
  10. Reaction time- 81 OVR

You should go through May Monthly Awards programs and have to complete missions till we reach 150. 

Several rewards will be waiting on your way, including Captain Choice Cards. Here are some of the rewards, you can get when you go on a mission to get the Lightning Player of the Month:

  • 1 Star Point - 500 Stubs
  • 4 Star Points - 95 OVR May MA Captain Blake Treinen
  • 6 Star Points - 95 OVR April MA Captain Eddie Rosario
  • 10 Star Points - 95 OVR May MA Choice Pack (Spencer Steer, Dauri Moreta, Owen Miller, Michael Wacha, Christopher Morel, Tanner Scott)
  • 25 Star Points - 95 OVR May MA Choice Pack (Spencer Steer, Dauri Moreta, Owen Miller, Michael Wacha, Christopher Morel, Tanner Scott)
  • 50 Star Points - 1,000 Stubs
  • 75 Star Points - 97 OVR May MA Choice Pack (Framber Valdez, Will Smith, Felix Bautista, Lourdes Gurriel Jr., Nathan Eovaldi, Riley Greene)
  • 100 Star Points - 98 OVR May MA Luis Robert Jr.
  • 125 Star Points - 98 OVR May MA Freddie Freeman
  • 150 Star Points - 99 OVR May MA Lighting Aaron Judge

Top Updates 

MLB The Show 23 update today has the new lighting player and new Diamond Dynasty players with 95, 97, and 98 OVR ratings.

New updates include diamond dynasty players Riley Greene and Will Smith.
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Here are some of the major updates compared to last month's updates:

  1. Aaron Judge is the lightning player for May Month. Matt Chapman had won the previous month's Lightning player.
  2. Wander Franco's stats in the last ten games are insane with a .474 batting average including 18 home runs and 1.175 OPS.
  3. New Diamond Dynasty players are included with the likes of Mitch Keller, Luis Robert Jr, Frederick Freeman, and Riley Greene.
  4. Jace Peterson's card gets the major boost which can get supercharged to 99 OVR for the next five days.
  5. Reaching 20 wins can get you to add Retro Topps Now Zack Greinke to the rotation whereas reaching 10 can give your Retro Topps Now Jackie Bradley Jr.
  6. New Captains are added to the May Monthly Awards program: Eddie Rosario and Blake Treinen.
  7. Twitch Drops were made available for June 3 ending on June 5.
  8. On May 31, the game received update 8 for various platforms like PS4:1.08, PS5:1.008, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S:1.0.78, Nintendo Switch:1.08. 

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