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Major League Wiffle Ball Rules Explained

By Biraj Khanal / 12 July 2023 05:17 AM

A player swinging his bat during the game between Mallards and Wildcats.
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Major League Wiffle Ball Rules is only white baseball-sized ball can be used. A standard yellow wiffle ball bat is used with a thin plastic layer in handles.

Wiffle ball was developed in 1953 and is designed for playing in narrow spaces. The game is played with two teams each having five players advancing runners to home plate where each batter places the ball on the field.

The 44th edition of the World Wiffle Ball Championship is happening on the 15th of July and 16th of July in the 2023 season at Memorial Park. The Registration is made officially open through the official World Wiffle Ball site.

The registration deadline is on 7th July 2023. The teams will be playing four round-robin games on July 15 and the top 2 teams from each group will be selected for playoff games.

The rules are as same as the official MLB rules with exceptions regarding sportsmanship, umpiring, equipment, and rosters.

MLW Wiffle Ball Rules

Wiffle ball rules are players should use official yellow Wiffle bats without any tampering. Balls should be the same as baseball size.

MLW Wiffle Ball is the world's professional wiffle ball league, with over 375k subscribers on Youtube and 145k on Instagram.

It has an 8-team league and a tournament circuit, hosted in Michigan, Ohio, Newyork, and Arizona as of 2022. The game has also been broadcasted through several broadcasters, including TBS, MLB Network, and Bleacher Report.

Player throwing overhand during the Predators and Diamondbacks series
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The rules are applied as same as the MLB, with the following exceptions listed:

  1. Due to the game's confined nature, players involved in unethical conduct will be removed from the tournament with the director's decision.
  2. The tournament officials won't be judging any official judgment calls, with captains advised to settle the occurred disputes with the team keeping their umpires for the game.
  3. All bats should be official yellow Wiffle bats, and balls should be of baseball size Wiffle brand. Spikes, turf shoes, and cleats are not allowed while wearing shoes.
  4. WWBC won't allow any roster changes with teams having four or five players on their squad. No team should have less than four.
  5. Substitution is a player who can't return to the same game after he is substituted with exceptions including a tournament-ending injury to a player which allows the player to re-enter.
  6. The game will be of six innings with no time limit. Teams trying to play with unsportmanship like conduct with slow gameplay will be removed from the tournament.
  7. The mercy rule is present in the game and can be declared over if any team is in the lead by 15 runs or more after the third innings.
  8. WWBC commission can resolve any disputes regarding the interpretation of several rules at their discretion. However, they will not rule on judgemental calls.

How To Build A Wiffle Ball Strike Zone?

A strike zone can be built at an estimated cost of $50-60. Various PVC and aluminum materials are used while constructing the zone.

Here are the mentioned materials needed to build a Wiffle ball strike zone:

  • 1″ PVC pipe (15 feet in total)
  • 4 – 1″ PVC elbows
  • Spray paint (as desired)
  • 4 – 1″ PVC T-Junctions
  • PVC Primer & glue
  • Mitre saw (or hack saw) for cutting PVC pipe
  • 1- 22″X30″ piece of aluminum or sheet metal (with 8 holes cut, 1/2 inch from the sides)
  • Zip ties

Players enjoying the wiffle ball in their backyard.
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One laborer can build a strike zone with an estimated two to three hours of work. The process to build a strike zone in Wiffle ball is mentioned below:

  1. PVC pipe is cut into these measured lengths: 1 X 23″(top), 2 X 31″(sides), 1 X 11″(bottom), 2 X3″(bottom), and 6 X 12″ (stand pieces)
  2. Second, Strike Zone is assembled for ensuring that you have the correct dimensions to look good and mesmerize before gluing the pipe.
  3. You should reassemble one piece of pipe at a time using PVC Primer and PVC Glue, which helps to soften the pipe. The softer the pipe, the harder will be the joints and the frame will last longer.
  4. You can separate two major components by avoiding the gluing of the base of the strike zone to the stand, 
  5. Then, You should use spray paints for painting the striking zone border as you like before attaching an aluminum sheet to the PVC pipe.
  6. Use Zip ties to attach the metal or aluminum sheet inside the strike zone border. It will intersect through the holes around the pipe.

Now the process is completed, You can show off your skills and are now ready to head to the Wiffle Ball field and challenge your friends. Meanwhile, it should be noted that zip ties should be long enough to fasten the 1-inch PVC pipe.

How To Throw Different Wiffle Ball Pitches?

Wiffle Ball pitches and grips can be thrown by using methods like Stance and Grip, Basic Pitches, and modified pitches.

The ball is made up of plastic featuring eight holes on one side and no holes on the other. The pitching depends upon the angle you maintain, which impacts how the ball flies and curves to the batter. 

Every pitcher has their way of pitching depending on their practicing method. Here are the methods on how to throw the wiffle ball pitches:

Stance and Grip

Procedures for Stance and Grip Method:

  1. Position your thumb and other fingers on opposite sides of the ball by making a "C" shape with your thumb and index finger. Make sure you have your thumb on the opposite side.
  2. Place your dominant leg behind bent as your prepare for the pitch, depending on which side you pitch. If you are a right-handed pitcher, you should position your right leg bent behind and your left leg for left-handed pitchers.
  3. After positioning your body, you can experiment with three different styles of pitching: overhand, sidearm, and underhand pitches. You should raise your arm above your head while pitching overhand, swing your arm down while underhand pitch, and swing your hand to the side while side pitching.
  4. Rotate your hips while following through a pitch, loosening your body to ensure your body from straining while pitching. Make your body free to allow your back foot to drag forward as your hip shifts forward.
  5.  Make your feet light so you won't injure your joints while pitching.

Basic Pitches

Procedures for Basic Pitches Method:

  1. Throw a slider by aiming the holes to your right if you are right-handed.
  2. Position the holes to the left for a screwball if you are right-handed.
  3. Position the holes upward for a straight fastball.
  4. Turn your grip sideways with the holes facing down for a riser.
  5. Point the holes upwards with a sideway grip for a sinker.
  6. Cover up the holes with your middle finger for a 12-6 curveball.

Modified Pitches

Procedures for Modified Pitches Method:

  1. Bend your index and middle fingers against the ball for a knuckle pitch.
  2. Adjust your follow-through by snapping your wrist for a nasty slider.
  3. Place your middle finger into a hole for a slider change-up
  4. Hold the hole toward your hand and use a loose grip for a straight change-up. 

 Best Wiffle Ball Pitches

Best Wiffle Ball Pitches are Slider, Riser, Screwball, and Knuckle Drop.

  • Slider: Aim the holes to your right (if you are right-handed) or left (if you are left-handed). Throw the ball with an overhand or sidearm motion and snap your wrist down and across as you release it.
  • Screwball: Aim the holes to your left (if you are right-handed) or right (if you are left-handed). Throw the ball with an overhand or sidearm motion and snap your wrist up and across as you release it. 
  • Riser: Aim the holes upward. You can throw in an overhand motion and flick your wrist up as you release it. 
  • Knuckleball: Cover some or all of the holes with your fingers. You can throw in a gentle overhand motion and keep your wrist straight as you release it. 

Nasty Wiffle Ball Pitches

Nasty Wiffle Ball pitches include Banana Ball and the Drop. It is the nastiest pitch of all.

Trey flood pitching during Predator and Diamondbacks game.
Source : instagram

  • Drop: Aim the holes downward. Throw with an overhand or underhand motion and flick your wrist down as you release it.
  • Banana Ball - It is one of the nastiest ball in Savannah. It has a 12-6 curveball, which you don't want to flick or twist your wrist just straight.

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