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MLB Wild Card Standings Magic Number 2023

By Ayush Khadka / 29 May 2023 08:06 AM

The Major League franchises will look to secure divisional leadership or the Wild card by seeking to defeat every opponents.
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MLB Wild Card Standings Magic Number 2023 includes Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, and Houston Astros in AL. Orioles is at the top list in the leaderboard.

A Magic Number (MN) in baseball is used to decide how many games a team needs to win in order to clinch a playoff spot. This number helps the team and their fans evaluate their team's status in divisional standing and wild card positions.

The MLB teams will have to calculate their total wins as well as the losses by their best competitors, usually the club that sits next to them in the hierarchy. Whenever the first-positioned team loses, the second-positioned team will gain a better standing in the magic number.

The formula to calculate the magic numbers is as follows: Remaining no. of games + 1 - (Total losses by Team B - Total losses for Team A)

At the beginning of the season, the MN is always going to be 162 + 1, i.e. 163. The numbers will only decrease as the season proceeds, and will never see a rise in the number. When MN reaches 0, the team has successfully won its seat in the playoffs.

Wild Card Standings [American League]

American League Magic numbers cover New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, and Houston Astros. The Yankees and Orioles are in the same AL East division. 

These teams can clinch the wild card positions if they maintain their winning percentages in their respective divisions. All these AL data are from matches before 26 May 2023. 

Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles is the all-time favorite to clinch the first wild card position since they have to win 94 games. They have to win 108 matches to become the AL East leader.

The Orioles are favorite in the AL to retain the wild-card status.
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Under manager Brandon Hude, the Orioles has established 33 victories this year with 17 losses to date. Baltimore is behind their divisional leader Tampa Bay Rays, having only 4 wins. Baltimore has made great gains in the last 10 matches, winning 7 and losing only 3.

Furthermore, the team has registered a run differential of +45 this season and a .660 winning percentage. They have an 18-9 record in their home Camden Yards park and have an 18-9 record in their road games.

Austin Hays and Cedric Mullins are the star batters for the team this year. Mullins has contributed 8 homers and 12 doubles already from 182 at-bats. Meanwhile, Hays has a batting average of .307 and has made 25 runs for the Orioles. 

As of 26 May, the Orioles have scored 62 dingers, 89 doubles, and 44 stolen bases from 1919 plate appearances. The Baltimore players also have registered 427 hits, with a .424 slugging percentage. 

New York Yankees

New York Yankees are the second favorite team to reach the wild card since they have to win 97 matches to reach the playoff.

The Yankees have established a 30-22 win-loss record under their current manager Aaron Boone. They need 7 more wins than Bay Rays to become first in their AL East division. The Pinstripers have impressive progress in the last 10 games, with a 7-3 record.

With a .577 winning percentage and +27 run differential, the Yankees have established a 17-12 win-loss record on their home soil, while their road games performance showcases 13-10 data. 

Captain Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo are the best batters on the team right now. Rizzo has the highest batting average in the team, with .301, while Judge comes second with .288. Anthony has also smashed 11 dingers and 30 runs from 193 at-bats appearances.

The batting team has developed 78 homers, 38 stolen bases, and 63 doubles from 1916 plate appearances. The pitching side has created 469 strikeouts and 30 wins from 464.2 innings.

Houston Astros

Houston Astros are the third-best candidate to clinch the playoffs as a wild card since they need to win 99 games. Although Astros and Angels have 28 wins each, Astros has only 21 losses compared to the Angels' 23. 

Astros are in the AL West and will seek to defend their World Series title.
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Under their manager Dusty Baker, Astros has registered 28 wins and 21 losses this season. They are 3 wins away from becoming the AL West leader since their top team Texas Rangers has 31 wins. In the last 10 matches, Astros has shown excellent performance with an 8-2 win-loss record. 

Establishing +38 run differentials and a .571 winning percentage, Astros have registered 45 home runs, 82 doubles, and 28 stolen bases from 1832 plate appearances. Moreover, their pitching side has contributed 28 wins, a 3.23 ERA, and has made 471 strikeouts from 434.2 innings. 

Yordan Alvarez and Kyle Tucker are some of the best players on the Houston roster right now. Alvarez has scored 12 homers already and has a .297 batting average and 46 RBI. Meanwhile, Kyle Tucker has made 18 runs from 48 hits and has 7 dingers to his name. 

Wild Card Standings [National League] 

National League Magic Numbers consist of teams like Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Mets, and Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Playoff magic number MLB tells the number of wins a team must acquire to clinch the divisional leadership or wild card standings. The losses must also be fewer than the competitors. 

Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks are in the best NL wild-card standing since they have to win 97 games to clinch the position. 

Diamondbacks are favorite to clinch the wild-card first in the NL.
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The Diamondbacks have secured 29 wins and only sustained 21 losses under their manager Torey Lovullo. They are only two wins behind the NL West leader, Los Angles Dodgers. The last 10 matches have seen Diamondbacks making a 6-4 win-loss record. 

With a .580 winning percentage and +15 RD, the Diamondbacks have culminated 56 home runs in total, 104 doubles, and 41 stolen bases from 1909 plate appearances. From the pitching side, the team has pitched 443.1 innings and made 407 strikeouts. 

Lourdes Gurriel Jr. has made a .317 batting average and has made 27 RBI. Similarly, Zac Gallen has made 75 strikeouts and provided a 2.97 ERA from 66.2 innings pitched.

New York Mets

New York Mets are the third-best candidate to reach the playoffs as a wild card. They need 100 wins for the 6th position and 106 for the 4th. 

The Mets have established 26 wins and 25 losses this year. They have 6 losses more than their NL East leader, Atlanta Braves. The team has a .510 winning percentage, and their last 10 games featured a 6-4 record. 

The batting members have contributed 57 homers and 69 doubles from 1690 at-bats. Likewise, the pitchers have conducted 420 strikeouts and 26 victories from 442 innings pitched. 

Pete Alonso has smashed 19 home runs and maintained a .559 slugging percentage with a .900 OPS. Meanwhile, Brandon Nimmo has scored 10 doubles and maintained a .296 batting average. 

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates are the third-best candidate to receive the wild card nomination. They need to win 100 games for the 6th position and 107 for the 4th. 

Pirates have won 25 games as of 26 May.
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Pirates have established a 25-24 win-loss record this season. They are 2 wins away from the NL Central leader Milwaukee Brewers. With a .510 winning percentage, their last 10 matches resulted in a 4-6 win-loss. 

This year, the team has culminated in 43 homers, 93 doubles, and 212 runs from 1616 at-bats. Similarly, the Pirates pitchers have made 425 strikeouts and 25 wins from 432.2 innings pitched. 

Bryan Reynolds and Andrew McCutchen are the star hitters for the franchise right now. Reynolds has scored 27 runs from 51 hits and maintained a .481 slugging percentage. 

Magic Number of Dodgers In 2023

Dodgers magic number is 103 to clinch the wildcard position. They need to win 103 games to become eligible for the wild card.

The LA Dodgers are currently the NL West leader.
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However, the team is leading the NL West division with a 31-20 win-loss record, so they can become the divisional leader by winning 110 games as of 26 May. 

Rangers magic number is 104 games that they need to win to secure a wildcard position in the playoffs. However, they are sitting first in the AL West, with 31 wins and 18 losses. They need to win 112 upcoming matches to clinch the divisional leadership. 

Astros magic number is 99 to receive wildcard status in the 2023 playoffs. Similarly, they need to achieve victory in 110 games to retain the No. 3 in the divisional leadership. 

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