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MLB The Show 23 Player Ratings Diamond Dynasty

By Ayush Khadka / 26 May 2023 02:54 AM

The latest video game has many top players like Judge and Trout.
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MLB The Show 23 player ratings Diamond Dynasty includes the top players like Aaron Judge, Mike Trout, and Shohei Ohtani. Aaron Judge has a 99 overall rating.

The player ratings are a culmination of their attributes in batting, pitching, and fielding. Baseballers with the best ratings have good statistics in their playing positions, and some can also be two-way players. These attributes include Control, Duralbitiy, and Plate Discipline.

San Diego Studio is responsible for the player ratings, which in turn are dependent on the athlete's performance for their season. A player who performed well in the previous season will automatically see his rating increase. 

60 is the average rating for the MLB players in the MLB The Show franchises. A player with a 75 rating is very good in baseball, and someone with an 85+ is a superstar.

Ramone Russell, the game developer, stated to MLB that they would prefer to undershoot their players' ratings since they could improve on them. However, overshooting someone would eventually result in backing down, which Russell did not like.

Top Player Ratings 

Player ratings MLB The Show 23 covers Mike Trout, Aaron Judge, and Jacob deGrom. 

These players have been a success factor for their MLB teams. MLB The Show 23 also has rated them highly in the game to complement their real-world stardom. 

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge plays for the New York Yankees, who signed for the team in the 2016 season. Judge became the Yankees captain in the 2023 season.

Judge has signed a 9-year contract with the Yankees.
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Judge has delivered exceptional performances throughout his MLB career. In 2017, Aaron 'Arson' Judge contributed an AL-high 128 runs and 52 homers from 542 at-bats appearances. That year, he played All-Star and bagged the Rookie of the Year Award and a Silver Slugger. 

Similarly, in the 2022 season, Aaron played 157 games for the Yankees and delivered a league-high 133 runs, 62 home runs, 131 RBI, and a .686 slugging percentage. He also showcased the highest OPS with 1.111 and had a batting average of .311. Aaron won the AL MVP award and an All-Star game.

Judge has garnered a 99 overall rating in MLB The Show 23. He has a 99 plate discipline, 99 Power, and 99 Batting Clutch with 96 Durability following his consistent performance.

Originally, drafted by the Oakland Athletics in 2010 during high school, Aaron chose to pursue college at California State University, Fresno. In 2013, the NY Yankees drafted Judge in the first round and the rest is history. Judge is also the winner of the 2017 Home Run Derby

Mike Trout

Mike Trout is a star outfielder of the Los Angeles Angels who has a 99 rating in the game.

Trout has signed a 12 year deal with the Angels.
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Joining the Angels in 2011, Trout has been playing well since the start. In 2012, Trout registered a league-high 129 runs and 49 stolen bases. The outfielder also smashed 30 homers, a .326 batting average, played an All-Star match, and won the Rookie of the Year.

Meanwhile, in the 2022 season, Trout showcased 40 home runs and 28 doubles from 438 at-bats. Mike also maintained a .283 batting average and a .630 slugging percentage. Last year, he achieved the Silver Slugger and played in the All-Star match. 

A three-time MVP winner, with nine Silver Sluggers and ten All-Stars to his name, Mike got drafted from the Millville Senior High School in 2009. In the game, Trout has 90 plate discipline, 85 batting clutch, and 99 Right-handed Power. 

Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani is a two-way player for the Los Angeles Angels, who have a 99 overall rating. Ohtani moved to the Angels in the 2018 season. 

In 2022, He played 157 games and scored 90 runs from 586 at-bats. Out of these, he smashed 34 dingers and 30 doubles. Likewise, Sohsei also established a .273 batting average and a .519 slugging percentage. 

Since Ohtani is a two-way player, he also pitched 166 innings for the Angels. He created 15 wins, a 2.33 ERA, and 219 strikeouts last year. For his great contributions, Shohei played All-Star and got voted second in the AL MVP award, behind the Yankees' Judge.

Shohei has 84 strikeouts per nine innings rating, a 99 pitching clutch, and 90 velocities. Similarly, he also has a 94 Arm Strength and a 94 right-handed power in hitting.

Jacob deGrom

Jacob deGrom has a 99 rating in the MLB The Show 23 and plays for the Texas Rangers in the 2023 season. 

deGrom debuted in the MLB with New York Mets and played there till the 2022 season. In the 2022 season, Jacon registered 5 wins, a 3.08 ERA, and 102 strikeouts from 64.1 innings pitched. 

The right-handed pitcher has received two Cy Young titles, a Rookie of the Year Award, and an ERA Title in his entire career. Moreover, deGrom is also the all-time leader in the strikeout-to-walk ratio with an impressive 5.38 figure. 

Jacob has a 99 velocity attribute in the game, alongside 87 control, 96 hits per nine innings, and a 74 pitching clutch. 

Justin Verlander

Justin Verlander is a pitcher who has a 98 rating in the video game. Verlander plays for the New York Mets. 

Verlander joined the Mets franchise in 2023
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In the 2022 season, Verlander played for the Houston Astros and showed dominant performance, making the AL-high 18 wins and the league-high 1.75 ERA. Justin also made 185 strikeouts from 175 innings pitched. 

His great pitching helped the Astros win the World Series last year. He played in the All-Star match and won the AL Cy Young Award. Moreover, in his 18 years of career, Verlander has won two ERA titles and a Triple Crown as well. 

Here is a list of the top 10 players with their current teams and rating in The Show 23:

  • Aaron Judge (New York Yankee) - 99 
  • Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels) - 99
  • Jacob deGrom (Texas Rangers) - 99
  • Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels) - 99
  • Justin Verlander (New York Mets) - 98
  • Mookie Betts (Los Angeles Dodgers) - 97
  • Corbin Burnes (Milwaukee Brewers) - 96
  • Max Scherzer (New York Mets) - 96
  • Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis Cardinals) - 96
  • Bryce Harper (Philadelphia Phillies) - 95

MLB The Show 23 Team Ratings

Team ratings MLB The Show 23 consists of Atlanta Braves with the first overall. Houston Astros is the team with 2nd overall rating.

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves has many superstars with high rankings in their roster, including Spencer Strider with 94 overall and Ronald Acuna Jr. with 92 overall. 

Braves has been the best team with full of talented roster.
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The team won the 2021 World Series and has a 26-man roster in the latest video game franchise. They are 4th in contact, 1st in power, 2nd in pitching rating, and 18th in defense.

There are two high-rated pitchers you can rotate during your games, i.e. Spencer Strider and Max Fried. Both have a 90+ rating and will be valuable for your pitching lineup. 

Similarly, there are two young players on the team, Acuna Jr. and Austin Riley. Both are just 25 years of age and have a 90+ overall rating. Both have a huge potential during the career modes. 

Houston Astros

Houston Astros is the second-best team in the MLB The Show 23 rankings.

Astros won the 2022 WS and will look to defend their title run this year.
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Astros is the defending World Series champion with a superb roster filled with huge talents. Batters Yordan Alvarez has the highest player rating with 94, followed by Jose Altuve with 93. 

Moreover, Frambler Valdez has an 87 rating and can be rotated alongside Kyle Tucker with a 90 rating. Ryan Pressley is a great reliever to deploy during closing moments of the game, and he is rated 85 overall. 

Houston is 3rd in contact attribute in the video game, followed by being 5th in power and 4th in pitching. Similarly, they have the 19th position in defense.

The top 10 MLB teams with the highest team ratings in the video game are presented below:

  • Atlanta Braves - 1st overall
  • Houston Astros - 2nd overall 
  • Toronto Blue Jays - 3rd overall 
  • Los Angels Dodgers - 4th overall 
  • New York Yankees - 5th overall 
  • New York Mets - 6th overall 
  • San Diego Padres - 7th overall 
  • Philadelphia Phillies - 8th overall 
  • St. Louis Cardinals  - 9th overall 
  • Cleveland Guardians - 10th overall 

Best players MLB The Show 23 

Best players MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty consists of Eric Gagne, Chipper Jones, and Rickey Henderson. 

Eric Gagne

Eric Gagne is a former reliever who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers

Gagne played 10 years in the MLB and contributed 22 wins, a 3.47 ERA, and 718 strikeouts from 643.2 innings pitched. The reliever also assisted in making 187 saves in his career. 

The Cy Young player and the 2007 WS winner, Eric has a 99 rating which is adjusted and is the best closer in the video game.

Gagne debuted for the Dodgers in the 1999 season and played for them until 2006. He moved to Texas Rangers and ultimately ended his career playing one season at Milwaukee Brewers

Rickey Henderson

Rickey Henderson is a former left fielder for the Oakland Athletics. 

Henderson is the MLB leader in stolen bases.
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Henderson is the MLB all-time leader with 2295 runs and 1406 stolen bases. He has also smashed 297 dingers and 510 doubles from 10,961 at-bats. Rickey also maintained a .279 batting average and a .419 slugging percentage in his 25 years of MLB journey. 

The former Athletics player is a Hall of Famer with two World Series to his name. Henderson also has a 99 rating adjusted and is one of the best left-fielders to get in the video game. 

Starting his career for the Athletics in the 1979 season, Rickey played 14 years for the team and then moved to other teams like Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, and others. Henderson scored 167 home runs and 289 doubles during his Oakland years.

Here is a list of the top 10 players who will help help you achieve success in the Diamond Dynasty game mode:

  • Babe Ruth
  • Chipper Jones
  • Eric Gagne
  • Rickey Henderson
  • Martin Dihigo
  • Buck O’Neil
  • Mike Trout
  • Johnny Bench
  • Shohei Ohtani
  • Derek Jeter
  • Jeremy Pena
  • Ketel Marte
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Rafael Devers

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