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MLB The Show Icon And Symbols Meanings Explained

By / 9 July 2023 05:28 PM

MLB The Show Game displaying Retro Finest Kerry Wood in action with a baseball and A2000 Mitt on other hand.
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MLB The Show Icon Meanings resemble players and different symbols of their names. Various icons have different meanings.

The icons in the MLB The Show are usually displayed on the left side of the player's name. They have different meanings about the player's positioning and status.

For instance, if the red star in a small square box is displayed beside the player's name, it means the player is an A. L. All-Star. It means the player is an All-Star of the American League.

However, if the blue star in a small square box is shown in the display, the player is N. L. All-Star, meaning an All-Star from the National League.

Similarly, other signs include two stars, fire, bandage, etc. Two Stars resemble the MLB All-Star Player, Fire is for the hot player, and a bandage is for the injured player.

MLB The Show Icons

MLB The Show 23 icons represent the players' situation and level. They provide information on gameplay and the status of the player.

The MLB The Show icons are the visual language that conveys details about the player's status or accomplishments. They are essential in gameplay as they enable users to understand the roster situation and provide information about the player.

There are various ones used in The Show. They pop beside the player's name to make the gameplay more enjoyable. The game becomes interesting with an idea of what they symbolize and their message. 

MLB The Show Symbols and Meanings
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MLB The Show 21 Icon Meanings

MLB The Show 21 has several icons with visual messages. They are presented in a small square-shaped box during the gameplay.

In the MLB The Show, the player is an All-Star from the American League if the red star appears in a square box. Similarly, if the Blue Star appears, it denotes the All-Star from the National League.

However, if both the stars, including the red and the blue, appear in a small square box, it means the player's selection as a minor league All-Star.

Fire is for a hot player, whereas white snowflakes on a blue box are for Cold Player. If the red DL appears, the player is on the disabled list after the injury.

If the 'Top 50' on white fonts in the red background appears, it means a top 50 player. However, if the White 5 is on a purple box, the player is a Rule 5 Selection.

Black I represents an inactive player, and the white crown on red or blue means the player leads in the American League or National League, respectively.

White R on green indicates that the player is a Rookie, and red Plus on white is for an injured player. The red target on white is a scouted player, whereas a black W on aqua says that the player was selected off waivers.

MLB The Show Symbols

MLB The Show symbols next to names represent players' status. The MLB The Show icons provide information regarding the situation and gameplay of the player.

They are a meaningful account of the player's history and present status during the game.

Therefore, it is essential to understand what they say while playing the MLB The Show Games.

MLB The Show Symbols and Meanings

Golden Star on BlackRTTS Player
Two Arrow Upwards Crossing BatTop Prospect
White 50 on RedTop 50 Player
White Snowflakes on BlueCold Player
White 5 on PurpleRule 5 Selection
Red Target on WhiteScouted Player
FireHot Player
White R on GreenRookie
Blue StarNational League All Star
Red StarAmerican League All-Star
Red DLDisabled List
Black W on BlueWaivers
Icon on DisplayMeaning
Red and Blue Star inside the boxMinor League All Star
White Crown on RedAmerican League Leader
Black I on WhiteInactive Player
White Crown on BlueNational League Leader
Red Plus on WhiteInjured
White L on BlackLegend Player

MLB The Show 23 Symbols

MLB The Show 23 Symbols provide information on the player's physical status. Symbols and Icons are essential to understand the gameplay. 

The symbols help to reveal information about the player. For example, a Golden D in a Black shade means the player is designated for an assignment. A horizontal white two-way sign on a green background is for a 2-way player.

Most MLB The Show 23 symbols are similar to the previous game series.

MLB The Show 21 Symbols

MLB The Show 21 Symbol meanings represent the players' condition during the game. They help to identify the players' status.

MLB The Show is a popular game series that works with a simulation display and provides users with an incredible gaming experience.

The Show has a huge fanbase; getting to know the symbols will help the new players.

The symbols in MLB The Show series are similar to the previous series. An overall idea about the gameplay visuals can help enhance the gaming experience.

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