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Difference Between MLB The Show 23 And 22 - Yearly Comparison

By Biraj Khanal / 16 April 2023 09:26 AM

A look at both the games MLB The Show 23 (Right) and the MLB The Show 22 (Left).
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MLB The Show 23 vs 22 includes the changes in new attribute added as a clutch in 2023. Graphics are looking better in MLB The Show 23.

The seventeenth entry of the MLB The Show franchise MLB The Show 22 is a baseball simulation game released by Sony Entertainment Studios with its newly added upgrades and features on April 5, 2022. The game was released for Play Station 4, PS5, X-Box One, and Xbox Series X/S.

MLB The Show 23 is a baseball video game developed by the San Diego Studio based on Major League Baseball with real gameplay experiences. It was released on March 28, 2023, after fixing all the issues and mechanisms and new features and modes added.

The game was developed with the addition of a new gaming mode, enhanced gameplay graphics, and pitching animations. It also includes the change of cover athletes with its two different editions, Regular and Collector's edition.

Comparing the changes with the older version of the game, MLB The Show 23 was developed with improvements to the bugs that occurred in the previous 22 versions.

Differences Between MLB The Show 22 VS MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 22 vs 23 includes the core gameplay changes and correction of previous bugs and issues. MLB The Show 22 was criticized for its technical issues and its stability.

Here are a few areas that differentiate Show 23 from Show 22:

  • Gameplay Experience

The gameplay experience in MLB The Show 23 comes with improvements and enhanced graphics, fixing the loopholes in the MLB The Show 22 game. The game features two editions in game Regular and Collector's Edition.

  • Cover Athletes

MLB The Show 22 featured the Los Angeles star Shohei Ohtani as its cover athlete. Shohei won various achievements in the previous season, winning titles for the team.

MLB The Show 23 cover players featuring Jazz Chisholm and Derek Jeter
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MLB The Show 23 features two cover players for its two respective editions Jazz Chisholm Jr. for the Regular edition and Derek Jeter for the Collector's edition.

  • New Clutch Attribute in MLB The Show 23

The newly added is the clutch attribute in MLB The Show 23.

The new clutch won't affect the pitchers too much, but hitters with lower contact stats will be viable for starting the game or coming off as a substitute in key situations.

The clutch will be helpful in the shorter game mode like, Battle Royal.

  • Fielding

Fielding has undergone massive changes in the game. In the previous edition, fielding was limited to new animations and urgency in throws for online play.

But new animations regarding foul balls, first base picking, plenty of new dives, and throwing urgencies.

There have been changes in the throwing window based on the defender, and throwing accuracy has been adjusted with the green throwing window based on reaction rating.

  • Gameplay Styles

The gameplay system has crucial changes as there have been reworking in casual, sim, and competitive, with major rework done in competitive compared to the MLB The Show 22.

The gameplay style was criticized for too much contact between the players and the flyball pitchers, as the fans showed frustration with the previous version. 

Now the better contact results, narrowing the late swings leaving fewer contact hits, and PCI placement will give better results, especially on competitive game mode and Diamond Dynasty.

  • MLB Rule Change

There have been changes in many game rules as new rules make their way onto the MLB The Show 23. The introduction of a new infield shift ban, which limits to two defenders on each half of the diamond, is present. 

MLB The Show gameplay standard edition in Ninento Switch
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The SDS improved with changes in the rules compared to MLB The Show 22, analyzing how the team adapt to the new shift rule and other changes.

A new pitch timer has been introduced, which was not in the previous version of MLB The Show 22.

Differences Between MLB The Show 21 VS MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 21 vs 22 includes the introduction of several changes in MLB The Show 22 and 21. Show 22 is a successor to the Show 21 video game.

MLB The Show 22 is a sports simulation baseball game of the MLB The Show franchise. The game was available on Playstation platforms, including Nintendo Switch, for the very first time.

MLB The Show 21 and The Show 22.
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The gameplay has updated its Franchise Mode with all the game modes providing more customization options.

The addition of content in gameplay and improvised graphics and its online multiplayer features make The Show 22 better than 21.

The players must have a smooth internet connection to gain a multiplayer subscription linking their account to the MLB show account.

With the introduction of cross-progression and cross-saving features, the players can now switch from one platform to another after creating MLB The Show account.

The Show 22 offers a pinpoint pitching system and added new features like Stadium Creator, which is only available for PS5 and Xbox series only as compared to MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 23 worth it Or Not

Is MLB The Show 23 worth it? The short answer is Yes. MLB The Show 23 is worth it with its crucial changes and new additions to the game.

As Major League Baseball gears up for the new MLB 2023 season, many fans are excited about the latest release of the simulation-based baseball game MLB The Show 23.


The Show 23 was released as a successor with its improvements and corrections. With the release of its newest version, questions may arise Is MLB The Show 22 worth it?

We can say that The Show is worth it compared to The Show 21 but was criticized for its lack of technical issues that occurred during the gameplay by the players.

Solving all the issues and technical bugs, San Diego Studios launched its eighteenth edition of the game The Show 23. Many players are eager to know about the newly launched game and its features.

Throwing Meter has been added to make the throwing process to bases more interesting. Players can master the timing of throwing through throwing meter evaluation.

New Quirks are added into play when a pitcher tries to throw pitches outside the strike zone as an offense, whereas there has been a new entry for the defense as well.

Competitive gameplay is now enhanced as there has been an adjustment in multiplayer mode for rewarding effective pitching with strikeouts. The competitive modes may influence traditional offline players to join Diamond Dynasty.

A total number of six new stadiums have been added to the MLB Show 23 to focus on historic Negro League mode. The six MLB stadiums include Old Comiskey Park, Forbes Field, Muehlebach Field, and Bush Stadium.

There has been changes in the stadiums and exteriors in MLB The Show 23
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Custom Practice Mode has been improvised as the overlooked game mode in MLB The Show. The developers have added an ability to identify incoming pitchings and locations.

New Legends include Negro League Hall of Famers Jackie Robinson and Satchel Paige. The legends will make their way into the game for both editions, which will be highly anticipated to look out for.

Negro National League is the newly added feature of MLB The Show 23. The developers have finally succeeded in bringing back the historical baseball league into the game after the years.

MLB The Show 23 PS4 Vs PS5

MLB The Show 23 PS4 Vs PS5 includes little changes as the game is available for both platforms. 

The Show was originally available on PlayStation before going cross-platform in 2021, which allows launching the game for the likes of Xbox and Nintendo Switch for fun.


There have not many changes between the two platforms, but MLB The Show prioritizes better graphics, better gameplay, and exclusive Stadium creator options for PS5 players rather than PS4 players.

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