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Best MLB The Show 23 Theme Teams

By Roshan Khatiwada / 18 May 2023 04:06 AM

The Weekly Wonders 8 program was released on 17 May with more moments, more missions, and more rewards
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MLB The Show 23 Theme Teams can include Mets Captain David Wright, whose price is 36000. Jazz Chisholm and Ken Griffey Jr are also on the list.

All three of these players are on the cover-athlete group. Other groups, including the Live series and Legends teams, can be made according to your preference.

Building these squads has been part of the game since the inception of Diamond Dynasty back in the 2012 edition. However, they gained popularity during the 2017 edition, introducing many options such as Legends, Flashbacks, Future Stars, and more.

Since then, building a squad of a certain theme has been the trend among the MLB The Show community. It allows players to build a squad of their choice and use it to compete in events and programs or play online games against friends or other people.

Theme Teams

Theme teams MLB The Show 23 are teams created by players of the same theme. The same theme means specific teams, leagues, eras, series, programs, etc.

For example, a Yankees theme squad will consist of players from the Yankees only. These squads can be built for any theme, like the Captain Series theme team, Charisma Series, and more.

Set 2 Collection rewards include Hammerin Hank, David Wright, and The Big Unit
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Building a group from players of the same theme has many advantages, like earning Diamond rewards in the Team Affinity programs and boosting your team with a new Captain card with special abilities.

For example, the MLB The Show cover-athletes captain card will boost the other cover-athlete cards on your team. The tier-one Wright card will boost batting clutch, fielding ability, and contact against the leftie by five for all the other cards in the squad.

Shohei Ohtani, Aaron Judge, Fernando Tatis Jr., Derek Jeter, and Ryan Howard are some players you can include in your cover-athlete custom team.

How To Use Theme Teams?

Theme teams can be used at any event or program in the Diamond Dynasty. Using a good squad increases the chances of completing the event or program and collecting all the rewards.

You can build your theme group from the Team Builder option on the game. To make a theme group, you must have the players that fit your theme.

The new incognito series reward contains 97 OVR Max Muncy
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If you wish to make a squad of all National League players, you must have enough cards of players that play in NL. To acquire those cards, you can complete missions, collections, and programs or buy them from the Marketplace.

You will need a captain card of the theme to form a group. While making a squad of cover athletes, you will need a David Wright card, the cover-athlete captain.

Once you assemble your team, select your roster from the Theme Builder section. Then, you can customize your group. You can change uniforms, logos, names, stadiums, and more.

After that, you can use your custom-made group to either play with friends online in co-op matches or any other events and programs.

Theme Teams MLB The Show 22

MLB The Show 22 theme teams included the strong Angels team. The group included Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, and Albert Pujols.

The 98 OVR Signature Series card of Trout can be used as a center fielder, whereas Ohtani can be used for multiple positions. Ohtani had more than one card, including the 99 OVR cover-athlete card.

MLB record-holder for most no-hitters and strikeouts, Ryan had a 99 OVR Signature Series card which is perfect for the starting pitcher role. Another great addition to the group was the 99 OVR car of the Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero.

The Live Content team squad of MLB The Show 22, which includes all 99 OVR cards
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Here are some of the other theme teams of 2022:

1. Yankees Theme Team

This squad is one of the best in hitting, filled with power hitters like 99 OVR Giancarlo Stanton, 94 OVR Don Mattingly, and 97 OVR Aaron Judge. All these cards were All-Star cards, whereas Stanton was an All-Star MVP card.

Other players in the group included 90 OVR 2019 All-Star DJ LeMahieu and 95 OVR Future Stars Oswald Peraza. The squad also included starting pitcher card of 92 OVR Signature Series CC Sabathia and the closer card of 91 OVR Topps Now Aroldis Chapman.

Corey Kluber, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Riviera are among the group's other remarkable players. All these players are of 99 OVR.

2. All-Time Legends Theme Team

The Legends group has the greatest players in the sport's history. The 99 OVR Signature Series card of Babe Ruth was the group's highlight.

Other players on the squad are 99 OVR cards of Ted Williams and Willie Mays, both from the same series as The Babe. Regarding pitchers, the main highlight was the 99 OVR cards of Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, and Mariano Rivera.

3. Dodgers Theme Team

The Dodgers group has a strong pitching side led by the ever-reliable 99 OVR Signature Series card of Greg Maddux. The backups were the 90 OVR Topps Now card of Max Scherzer and the 97 OVR card of Yu Darvish.

Other star players included 99 OVR Mookie Betts and 90 OVR Cody Bellinger. The squad was strong on the defensive end with solid players like the 88 OVR Future Stars card of Gavin Lux and the 99 OVR card of Corey Seager.

Trea Turner and Jim Thome's 99 OVR cards are other great cards to form the squad.

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