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MLB The Show 23 Best Pitching Animation And Style Explained

By Ayush Khadka / 11 April 2023 10:11 AM

Pitching animations include generic ones like windup as well as unique and custom player's pitches.
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Best Pitching Animation MLB The Show 23 includes five pitching styles in different interfaces. Each pitching style is used for a specific situation.

MLB The Show 23 has various pitching animations and styles to choose from where the players can tweak their controls and interfaces to make up their perfect playthrough. Some pitching styles can be easy for some players but can be hard for other players to get used to. 

The video game has been hyped since the teaser and gameplay trailers were released on YouTube. The cover picture for the game consists of Jazz Chsiolm Jr, who plays for the Miami Marlins. Meanwhile, Yankees legend Derek Jeter will be the cover for the Collector's Edition. 

This latest MLB game will feature a new game mode called Storylines: A New Game Experience. Pre-orders began on 6 February, and the pricing is determined as $59.99 for the last generation console edition and $69.99 for the current gen one.

Best Pitching Style MLB The Show 23 

Best pitching style in MLB the Show 23 is Pinpoint pitching. It depends on the players pitching preference, playing style, and game experience. 

There are five different pitching styles: Classic, Meter, Pulse, Pure Analog, and Pinpoint. All these styles require getting adapted to different interfaces. 

Five Pitching styles are present in the latest game.
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Out of these five choices, Pinpoint is the most difficult to master and is the best choice if we seek to play with finer velocity and accuracy. In this style, the left stick must be used first to aim and the right stick for tracing the pitch pattern while the two circles are closing. 

Players require more concentration and precise hand movement to master this style, and hence, we mostly see veteran players from the previous series adjusting to this complicated style. 

Although Pinpoint is the best for a perfect game, other styles shouldn't be ignored since they also build an accurate and entertaining experience. For instance, a new player to the series might consider Classic rather than others as it is the most common style for the beginner.

Others might do well in the Meter pitching style, which features a shot system like in the gold games. Here, a needle will travel up and down a meter, and the player has to click perfectly once for the velocity and a second click to decide the accuracy. 

Best Pitching Style MLB The Show 22

The best pitching style MLB the Show 22 is meter pitching since it provides a balance between ease of usage and precise hand movements. 

Moreover, it should be noted that PAR in this pitching style is reduced significantly, providing another boost for the players. 

Nevertheless, a player should not limit his options to meter pitch only, as it does not provide an overall great experience.

New players to the game might choose the Classic option since it is very easy to learn and master. Here, the player will not have to care about velocity manually since it is dependent on the player's statistics. The classic option entails just aiming and throwing the ball. 

Then, there is the Pulse pitching which players might prefer if they want an easier approach but do not desire a casual experience like the Classic one. In this style, too, the player's velocity is automatic, and players must press the circle when it is at its smallest for the best accuracy. 

Pure Analog is another pitching style that players apply in their games. This style requires thumbsticks where the player will aim with the left stick and pull down the right stick before getting pushed in the left direction.

Best Pitching Animation MLB The Show 22

The best pitching animation MLB the Show 22 includes the Generic Windup 7, Cutter, and Slurve.

Fastballs like cutters are great for aggressive velocity and closing innings.
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Generic Windup 7 is a submarine-style pitch and can be effective against opponents who underestimate the generic load outs. However, the generic Windup can also be customized as per the player's needs. 

Some of the other generic Windups like the 5, 6, 65, and 103 that players can try during their matches. For the closers, fastballs are great, especially the cutters, which have a fierce velocity and directional change behind them. They can also utilize the two-seam fastball. 

The best pitching motion in MLB The Show 23 is Slurve, which is a variation of the slider. Sliders are believed to be the MLB's greatest pitch, with its sharp diagonal cut at the last moment. Slurve will add more greatness with a deeper cut by the pitcher. 

MLB The Show 23 Batting Stances List 

MLB The Show 23 batting stances list includes the likes of Legend Stance 7, Matt Holiday, and Cody Bellinger.

Bellinger played for the Los Angeles Dodgers till the 2022 season.
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Legend Stance 7 is the generic stance in this list that is one of the best in the 2023 game. It is derived from Barry Bonds' stance and is a mixture of power and contact. Moreover, it is easier to master this batting stance as well. 

Another stance is of Chicago Cubs' Cody Bellinger, which requires the player to put their horizontal bat and hand placement around the head level. It can be used in a variety of scenarios and is a clean one that allows for faster contact with the ball.

For beginners, it is recommended to practice their batting stances before fully getting accustomed to a specific player. Choosing the stances from the General section will help the gamers since they are balanced and effective for casual gameplay. 

Some generic batting stances list are presented below:

  • Albert Belle (All-Star)
  • Matt Holliday 2007 (All-Star)
  • Lance Berkman (All-Star)
  • Marlon Byrd (All-Star)
  • Dexter Fowler (All-Star)
  • Jake Arrieta (Windup)
  • Clay Buchholz (Windup)
  • Trevor Cahill (Windup)
  • Dock Ellis (Windup)
  • Phil Hughes (Windup)
  • Henderson Alvarez (Windup)
  • Tony Barnette (Stretches)
  • Steve Cishek (Stretches)
  • Mike Dunn (Stretches)
  • Justin Anderson (Stretches)
  • David Aardsma (Stretches)
  • Jorge De La Rosa (Stretches)

Best Swing MLB The Show 23

Best Swing MLB the Show 23 includes the batting stances of Mike Trout, Jose Ramirez, and Shohei Ohtani.

Trout led his American team to the finals of 2023 WBC.
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Mike Trout has an explosive hitting capability and is one of the highest-rated batters in MLB The Show 23. He has a simple learning swing and can be mastered easily compared to other best swings. His explosive power with a good reach can lead to lots of dingers.  

Shohei Ohtani has an advanced stance compared to Trout, which will require a player to train for perfect mastery. The hand placement and the bat need to be much higher as well, so the players have to take care of the timing. 

Jose Ramirez's batting stance features an open stance that has the bat going over the head. Moreover, his front leg kick can be used as a timer too, as the kick starts to be in motion before a swing. Practicing this stance can create some epic swings for the players. 

Some other honorable mentions for the best swings in the video game are listed below:

  • Drew Waters
  • Derek Jeter
  • Yonder Alonso
  • Adalberto Mondesi
  • Ty Cobb
  • Yadier Molina
  • Jose Bautista
  • Rogers Hornsby
  • Lance Berkman
  • Albert Pujols
  • Jay Buhner
  • Brian McCann
  • Billy Butler
  • Hideki Matsui

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