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MLB The Show 23 Patch Notes Updates Today

By Biraj Khanal / 19 May 2023 10:12 AM

Reds Nike City Connect Jersey is one of the major addition to the collection in 1.06 patch.
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MLB The Show 23 Patch Notes update adds changes in Cincinnati Reds City connect jerseys. The patch #6 update also improves other team uniforms.

The game was launched as a successor to the "The Show 22" in March with its better gameplay experience and new storyline modes with the induction of new leagues and legendary icons of MLB.

As the 1.06 update patch has arrived for MLB The Show 23, players will be hoping to have new changes and several bug fixes compared to previous updates. Enhanced gameplay experience in the game series is constant.

After the launch of The Show 23 on March 24, the game has brought lots of changes and updates regarding several issues, including co-op freezing issues. We can expect better changes in the modes available. 

Meanwhile, the game patch is made available on various gaming platforms with the likes of PS4 1.06, PS5 1.06, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S: 1.0.73, and Ninento Switch:1.06.

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1.06 Patch Notes Update: MLB The Show

MLB The show 23 update today is a 1.06 patch notes update, including dominant changes in teams' uniforms and jerseys and some general bug fixes.

The new update recently arrived after the launch of The Show 23 Season 2, which brought new content, including new card packs, conquest hidden rewards, and the roaster updates for both the major and minor leagues.

MLB The Show posted on their official Twitter handle about the update on May 18, 2023.

Some of the significant updates in MLB The Show 23 in their new patch updates include:

  • Cincinnati Reds City Nike Connect Jersey has been added to the list.
  • Diamond Dynasty bugs have been fixed occurred while viewing any mini-season goal with unlockable reward items.
  • There has been a fix on the notifications in the Franchise inbox popping out, including tutorial messages continuously.
  • Updated NYM Alternate uniform with the correct black socks. 
  • Updated ATL Alternate uniform with the correct red socks. 
  • Updated KC Alternate uniform paint colors. 
  • Updated CWS Alternate uniform helmet from matte to gloss. 
  • Updated CLE and ARI uniforms logos and numbers with an updated shade of red. 
  • Updated the WSH uniform with proper colorways. 
  • Updated SEA uniform logo and numbers with an updated silver. 
  • Updated LAA uniform logos. 
  • Updated MIL uniform socks to the correct colors
  • Different commentary updates have been added with adjustments, including stability improvements.

Those updates are all included in the new patch update, launched on May 18. The fixes have been done for the issues that players were facing before the update.

The update was scheduled for 4 AM PT on May 18. Through the announcement, the developers also requested the players to complete their games before that updated time to cause any data loss related to the game. 

Furthermore, the game was under maintenance for some time for the updates to be applied and bugs to be fixed.

MLB The Show 23 Season 2 Updates

MLB The Show 23 Season 2 updates include the newly added Kaiju cards series and Affinity 2 update. Affinity 2 update has the addition of 60 new cards.

Season 2 was launched with new updates and events with more rewards added.
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Here are some updates that arrived in The Show 23 with the Season 2 launch are:

  • Kaiju Series Program
  • Team Affinity 2 - Incognito Series
  • Team Affinity 2 - New Legend Tim "Rock Raines"
  • Ranked Season 2 
  • Roaster Updates - Attributes
  • May Topps Now - Week 1 Moments
  • Texas Rangers Nike City Connect Jersey
  • Mini Seasons: All Gold Challenge
  • Alter Ego Choice Pack 1
  • Chase Pack 3
  • Diamond Duos Choice Pack 14
  • Set 2 Collection
  • New Captains Added

Kaiju Series Program

Kaiju Series is the biggest addition to Season 2 for MLB The Show 23. It will be a three-part event in The Show 23.

Kaiju's first and second part is already launched, whereas the third will come on May 25. It is inherited from the Japanese old school movie with giants monsters.

The three-part will be segregated as Kaiju Part 1, Kaiju Part 2, and Kaiju Part 3. The event will be full of conquest maps to compete for winning the packs, stubs, and other XP rewards. 

Kaiju Part 1 event added Lefty Grove ( OVR 95) at 10 wins and Kaiju Series Mike Mussina (97 OVR) at 20 wins to the Diamond Dynasty roaster. Kaiju Part 2 inducted Joe Carter as one of the main characters in the event at 10 wins.

Carter was featured as main character in Kaiju Part 2 launched on May 19.
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Some of the Kaiju Series rewards include;

  • Mike Yastrzemski, CF San Francisco Giants (90 OVR)
  • Jerry Hairston Jr., SS Cincinnati Reds (90 OVR)
  • Hunter Renfroe, RF Los Angeles Angels (96 OVR)
  • Brandon Lowe, 2B Tampa Bay Rays (96 OVR)
  • Zack Britton, CP Baltimore Orioles (91 OVR)
  • Warren Spahn, SP Atlanta Braves (94 OVR)
  • Billy Williams, LF Chicago Cubs (97 OVR)
  • Keith Hernandez, 1B New York Mets (92 OVR)
  • David Robertson, RP New York Yankees (92 OVR)
  • Harold Baines, RF Chicago White Sox (94 OVR)
  • Joe Torre, 3B St. Louis Cardinals (95 OVR)
  • Stephen Strasburg, SP Washington Nationals (97 OVR)

Season 2 hidden rewards

Team Affinity Season 2 hidden rewards are one Diamond Duos 6 pack and six Show Packs. Tim Raines (97 OVR) will be found in the NL East reward path.

Show 23 is launched with great game modes, with Diamond Dynasty being the most famous. Rewards are often gained by completing the conquest through conquest maps provided by completing missions and given tasks.

The rewards include various card packs, legendary packs, and other hidden stubs and rewards. 

Diamond Duos are a part of reward in the Affinity Season 2 conquest event.
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With the new arrival of Season 2 on May 12, the game included three new maps inside the Affinity program. They are Affinity Season 2 East, West, and Central.

With the hidden rewards available, the players can upgrade their roaster, creating a well-equipped team. It also includes the major Kaiju Series cards, which are rare to earn.

The Diamond Duos pack includes Dontrelle Willis and Brooks Robinson of overall 99 cards, which will be a major upgrade to whoever wins it.

For the East conquest map, six show packs and five diamond duos packs are available as a reward for the players. 

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