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MLB The Show 23 Battle Royale And Collection Rewards

By Roshan Khatiwada / 20 April 2023 09:40 AM

Jazz Chisholm Jr. is the cover athlete of the latest installment of MLB The Show.
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MLB The Show 23 Battle Royale Rewards can be achieved after 26 players draft at the cost of 1,500 Stubs. Players can attempt to go 12-0 BR rewards.

However, if it's your first time playing the BR mode, you won't need the 1,500 stubs. If it's not your first time, earning stubs is not that hard of a task either.

Achieving that will result in a Diamond player and a Flawless reward pack. You can find this mode on Online Modes inside Diamond Dynasty.

This game mode sets players against each other in a tournament where you draft a team from a balanced pool of cards and compete against the rest. The goal is to win twelve games in a row to win the BR Flawless card.

You will get different cards after reaching three, six, nine, and twelve wins. You can play till you lose two games in one entry.

How To Achieve BR Rewards In Show 23?

MLB The Show 23 BR Rewards include a fantastic flawless choice pack. You must either go 12-0 or complete the BR Program to win them.

This pack contains three stunning cards that players love to have in their squad. The latest Battle Royal program has players like catcher Jorge Posada, Ken Griffey Jr., and Vida Blue. These cards are tempting, but the path to achieving them is steep.

Here are some tips on how to increase your chance of winning the Flawless card:

1. Pick only hitters in the Diamond round

Focus on hitters in your Diamond round. A diamond hitter is more valuable than a diamond pitcher.

Ultimately, you need to score more runs to win, and a diamond hitter will give you enough power and hitting ability to win games. Ideally, choose hitters who bat from opposite sides of the plate.

Diamond choice pack of BR in MLB The Show 23
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However, rarely your diamond round can be full of pitchers. In that case, select the pitcher whose attributes best fit your team and will help you win games. Also, look for the quirks that the player has.

2. Complete missions

BR program consists of several player-related missions. Some missions can be completed with all three Silver, Gold, and Diamond card players.

Completing these missions will result in different Choice Packs awards and attributes like PXP. You can use these cards during the Battle Royale.

List of Battle Royale 2 tasks
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Reaching a defined number of PXP will further result in Star Points for the BR Program. However, these cards must be used in BR gameplay as PXP obtained from using these cards in other modes will not be credited.

3. Look for versatile players

While drafting your lineup, select versatile players who can play multiple positions. These types of players are very valuable.

They don't just fit in one position so that you can draft a better player in a similar position later in the draft. Like this, you won't lock the position and give yourself a better chance at the draft.

4. Select hitters with power

Hitting the ball is the main thing in baseball. While drafting hitters, make sure to check the power attribute.

It can make a huge difference in getting runs and winning games.

BR Flawless Program choice pack
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On the other hand, it is fruitful to have at least one contact hitter who can place the balls in gaps and create runs. In that case, you don't need to depend only on big hits for runs.

5. Select pitchers with a good variety

Select pitchers who have good variation and velocity. Pitchers with sinkers, sliders, cutters, and changeups are good options.

In addition, select a reliable reliever, as they don't get fatigued unless you overly use them. Further, draft low bronzes and commons for starters, except in the case of a mission player.

Collection Rewards In MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 collection rewards consist of overall 99 rated players. Players like Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire, and Derek Jeter.

McGwire and Sosa are the AL Collection and NL Collection rewards, whereas Jeter is the Overall Collection reward. You must collect all the NL live series cards to earn the Sosa card.

To earn McGwire, you need to collect all the AL cards. Collecting all the cards in both leagues will help you achieve the 99 OVR card of Jeter.

The 99 OVR card of Derek Jeter
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Sosa has max power of 125 against both the left and right-handers, whereas his contact rating against both is also above 100. The right fielder's clutch rating is also above the 100 mark.

He has five quirks, including first-pitch hitter and situational hitter.

On the other hand, McGwire has max contact against both lefties and righties. The first- base has an impressive rating in attributes like power and durability.

The choice pack of Set 1 of MLB The Show 23
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The overall collection card of Jeter is one of the most valuable cards in the game. All his attributes are above 86 ratings, with control and clutch being the max at 125.

Further, collecting all Set 1 legends and flashbacks will result in a choice pack. The pack contains 99 OVR cards of Babe Ruth, Pedro Martinez, and Chipper Jones.

Collecting 75 points in the collection will result in a 99-rated Jazz Chisholm Jr., whereas collecting 110 points will earn you a Trea Turner card.

To collect all three cards of the choice pack, you will need 260 points. However, you can earn one out of those three after getting 140 points and two on getting 200 points.

MLB The Show 22 Collection Rewards

MLB The Show 22 collection rewards included 99 OVR cards of Randy Johnson, Frank Thomas, and Roberto Clemente. They were the live series ones.

The game also had 96 OVR Joe Mauer as part of the cover athlete choice pack collection. You should collect all twelve previous cover athlete cards to gain Joe's card.

The various collection series available in MLB The Show 22
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In addition, in the prospect series collecting twenty-five prospect cards resulted in 91 OVR Adley Rutschman. The Show 22 also had an 86 OVR rookie card of Mark Prior which was earned after collecting ten rookie cards.

On the veteran side of things, collecting ten veterans resulted in 87 OVR Andrelton Simmons. Further, locking down fifteen All-Star cards rewards you with the Joe Nathan card.

Lastly, collecting fifteen breakout cards gave you 89 OVR Dave Parker.

MLB The Show 21 collection rewards had 99 OVR Alfonso Soriano as the NL collection prize. Davit Ortiz was the AL collection prize.

The overall collection reward card of MLB The Show 21
Source : youtube

Chipper Jones was the overall collection reward in The Show 21. Collecting all the legends and flashback cards from The 42 Series resulted in a Jackie Robinson card.

The 21 version of the game also had other series like Veterans, Rookie, Breakout, and more rewards in the collections on completion.

Nation Of Baseball Hidden Rewards

MLB The Show 23 Nation of Baseball hidden rewards are earned after completing the conquest. Conquest is a solo game mode inside the Diamond Dynasty.

The Nation of Baseball Map in Diamond Dynasty of MLB The Show 23
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The Nation of Baseball map has the most hidden prizes. Those prizes include twenty-one Show packs, one Legend Icon pack, one classic stadium, one legendary bat skin, and five premium packs.

However, it is also the hardest map to conquest.

While trying to conquer hidden rewards on a map, start by surrounding your initial stronghold, and on a map, start by surrounding your initial stronghold, followed by building a circle around other teams. Focus on the corners first, making it easier to conquer the remaining parts.

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