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MLB Teams That Strikeout The Most In Different Seasons

By Ayush Khadka / 13 April 2023 03:41 AM

Guardians and Astros had the best strikeout records in the 2022 season.
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MLB Teams that Strikeout the most in 2022 is by Cleveland Guardians with 7.06. Houston Astros followed the record in a second position with 7.41.

All 30 MLB teams, divided into AL and NL, aim to win their respective divisions and clinch the playoffs to get honored with the World Series title.

Within the positions, the batters seek to hit some massive homers and run to the bases, while the pitchers desire to carry out strikeouts to prevent runs. 

MLB pitchers have to know the rules of strikeouts properly before having their statistical records noted. They must throw the ball inside the pentagon-shaped vertical column known as the strike zone three consecutive times. 

Moreover, the catchers also have the function to catch them cleanly for it to count as a strike. If they miss catching it in the third strike, the batter has the option to run the base, and he will still be active.

MLB Teams Strikeouts in 2022

MLB team strikeouts per game include Cleveland Gardains with 7.06 and New York Mets with 7.41. 

Bieber made 198 strike-outs for the Guardians in 2022.
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Cleveland Guardians racked in the highest strikeouts in a single game in the 2022 season. Shane Bieber led his team by scoring 198 strikeouts, followed by Triston Mckenzie with 190. Cal Quantrill performed 128 strikeouts, and Zach Plesac was another pitcher to reach the 100 SO mark.

The 2022 World Series champion Houston Astros established the second-highest record in 2022 for the most strikeouts per game with 7.41. Frambler Valdez and Cristian Javier led the Astros team in strikeouts with 194. Meanwhile, the 2022 AL Cy Young Award recipient Justin Verlander made 185 SOs. 

The third-highest strikeouts per 2022 season game were carried out by New York Mets with 7.51. 38-year-old Max Scherzer led the Mets team by getting 173 strikeouts last year, and Chris Bassit was the runner-up with 167 SOs.

Likewise, Carlos Carrasco scored 152 strikeouts, and Taijuan Walker had 132 to his name. 

Washington Nationals came in the fourth position for the most strikeouts in a single game with 7.54. Starting pitcher Josiah Gray established 154 strikeouts for the nationals, followed close by Patrick Crobin with 128. Erick Fedde contributed 94 SOs, while Paolo Espino successfully pitched 92.

St. Louis Cardinals7.57
Houston Astros7.41
Toronto Blue Jays7.66
Colorado Rockies8.21
Arizona Diamondbacks8.28
Chicago White Sox7.83
Washington Nationals7.54
Kansas City Royals7.94
New York Mets7.51
Cleveland Guardians7.06
MLB Team2022

MLB Team Strikeouts Per 9 Innings

MLB team strikeouts per 9 Innings include New York Mets with 9.80 and Atalanta Braves with 9.65. 

Diaz made a spectacular 17.1 strike-outs per 9 innings in 2022.
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The 2022 NY Mets showcased the best SOs per 9-inning performance, with their closer Edwin Diaz leading with 17.1 strikeouts per nine innings. Jacob deGrom came in second with 14.3 SO/9. Likewise, Mets strikeout leader Max Scherzer displayed a 10.7 SO/9. 

Atlanta Braves showed 9.65 strikeouts per 9 Innings, the second best in the 2022 season. Spencer Strider led the team with 13.8 SO/9, followed by AJ Minter with 12.1. Closer Kenley Jansen displayed 12.0 strikeouts per nine innings, while Charlie Morton performed 10.7 SO/9.

Houston Astros also displayed 9.65 strikeouts per nine innings, alongside the Braves in the MLB. Bryan Abreu led the Astros in this category with 13.1 SO/9, while Christian Javier came close with 11.7. Similarly, Hector Nerris showcased 10.9 strikeouts per nine innings, while Ryan Stanek contributed 10.2. 

The top MLB teams per their highest strikeouts per 9 Innings in the 2022 season are listed below:

  • New York Mets - 9.80
  • Atlanta Braves - 9.65
  • Houston Astros - 9.65
  • Milwaukee Brewers- 9.52
  • Los Angeles Dodgers - 9.15
  • San Diego Padres - 9.09
  • Philadelphia Phillies - 9.05
  • Chicago White Sox - 9.01
  • Miami Marlins - 9.00
  • New York Yankees - 8.99
  • Cincinnati Reds - 8.94

MLB Average Strikeouts Per Game In 2023

MLB average strikeouts per game are led by Tampa Bay Rays with 6.50. Washington Nationals follows the record in a second position with 6.82.

Springs has led the strikeout numbers in the 2023 season.
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As of 12 April 2023, Tampa Bay Rays lead this year's season with the best strikeouts per game. Starting pitcher Jeffrey Springs has accumulated 19 SOs so far, followed by Dre Rasmussen with 15. Likewise, Zach Elfin and Shane McClanahan have established 12 strikeouts. 

Washington Nationals has the second-best record in the 2023 season, with Mac Kenzie Gore leading the team with 12 strikeouts. Kosiah Gray follows next with 10 SOs. Patrick Corbin has 9 strikeouts, and Trevor Williams has successfully displayed 7 so far. 

The third-best record has been established by the Arizona Diamondbacks with 7.00. Zac Gallen leads the team with 21 strikeouts, while Drey Jameson and Merrill Kelly have 8 strikeouts. Meanwhile, closer Andrew Chafin has contributed 7 SOs so far. 

  • Tampa Bay Rays - 6.50 
  • Washington Nationals - 6.82
  • Arizona Diamondbacks - 7.00
  • New York Mets -  7.18
  • St. Louis Cardinals - 7.20
  • Boston Red Sox - 7.20
  • Chicago White Sox - 8.09
  • Cleveland Guardians - 8.18
  • Chicago Cubs - 8.22
  • Pittsburgh Pirates - 8.30

Average Strikeouts Per Game By Pitcher

Average strikeouts per game pitcher include Jacob deGrom with 16.8 and Shohei Ohtani with 15.8 in the 2023 season.

J. deGrom has established 16.8 SO/9 in 2023.
Source : twitter

Texas Rangers pitcher Jacob deGrom has created the best average strikeouts per game at 16.8. He has made 18 SOs from two games, a 5.59 ERA, and 1 win. Last year, Jacob had played 11 games and established a 3.08 ERA and 102 strikeouts with a 14.3 SO/9. 

Nick Lodolo, the Cincinnati Reds rookie, has also made a 15.8 average strikeouts record in the 2023 season. He has contributed 21 strikeouts this year, alongside a 1.50 ERA. In 2022, Lodolo made 131 strikeouts and made an SO average of 11.4.  

The 2023 WBC winner Shohei Ohtani has made a strikeout average of 13.5 for the Los Angles Angels. He has contributed 18 strikeouts and a 0.75 ERA as of 2023. Last year, Ohtani made 219 SOs, got 15 wins, and had a 2.33 ERA. 

  • Jacob deGrom (Texas Rangers) - 16.8
  • Nick Lodolo (Cincinnati Reds) - 15.8
  • Shohei Ohtani (Los Angeles Angels) - 13.5
  • Dylan Cease (Chicago White Sox) - 13.2
  • Jeffrey Springs (Tampa Bay Rays) - 13.2
  • Joe Ryan (Minnesota Twins) - 12.0
  • Lance Lynn (Chicago White Sox) - 11.8
  • Pablo Lopez (Minnesota Twins) - 11.7
  • Logan Webb (San Francisco Giants) - 11.6
  • Mitch Keller (Pittsburgh Pirates) - 11.2

Most Team Hits In A MLB History

Most team hits in a MLB game is by Cleveland Indians, with 33 in the 1932 season. 

The Cleveland's last World Series winning team in 1948.
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On 10 July 1932, American League's Cleveland played against the Philadelphia Athletics and won 18-17. Cleveland made 33 hits over the 18-inning match, while Athletics scored 25 hits. Indians' shortstop Johnny Burnett made 9 hits, while first baseman Ed Morgan contributed 5.

The second-highest hits in an MLB game is by Milwaukee Brewers against Toronto Blue Jays on 28 August 1992 at the AL. The Brewers scored 31 hits and won the game by 22-2. Kevin Seitzer and Scott Fletcher each contributed 5 hits in the match. 

New York Yankees also leads by the most hits in a game with 30 hits against Boston Red Sox. The Yankees went on to win the game by 24-4 on 28 September 1923. Hall of Famer Babe Ruth and Wally Schang accumulated 5 hits each. 

Moreover, these 10 MLB teams hold the historical record for the most hits in a season:

  • Philadelphia Phillies (1930) - 1783
  • New York Giants (1930) - 1769
  • St. Louis Cardinals (1930) - 1732
  • Detroit Tigers (1921) - 1724
  • Chicago Cubs (1930) - 1722
  • Cleveland Indians (1936) - 1715
  • St. Louis Browns (1922) - 1684
  • Boston Red Sox (1997) - 1684
  • New York Yankees (1930) - 1683
  • Colorado Rockies (2000) - 1664

Most Hits In A Game By One team

Most hits in a game by one team is by Philadelphia Phillies, with 36 hits in the 1894 season. If we look at the modern 1900s, the Cleveland Indians bagged the most hits.

Sam Thompson produced six hits during the highest hits match in MLB history.
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Philadelphia Phillies made history in front of a 1,2501 audience by scoring such a huge number of hits. The Phillies went on to win the match on 17 August 1894. Sam Thompson contributed 6 hits, while Mike Grady and Joe Sullivan made 5.

The former MLB's New York Giants showcased  31 hits, the second-highest in the National League, against the Cincinnati Reds. The Giants went on to gain victory by 25-13 on 9 June 1901 in front of 17,984 attendance. Kip Selbach contributed 6 hits, while George Van Haltren made 5. 

Likewise, NY Giants made the second-highest record again in the NL on 2 September 1925, when they scored 30 hits against the Philadelphia Phillies. The NY Giants won the match by 24-9, with Billy Southworth and Frankie Frisch making 4 hits each.

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