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MLB All Time Stolen Base Leaders Career Records

By Biraj Khanal / 18 April 2023 02:16 AM

Rickey Henderson and Lou Brock leads the chart for the all-time stolen bases.
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MLB All Time Stolen Base Leaders include Rickey Henderson and Lou Brock. Rickey Henderson has 1,406 stolen bases in his career.

Baserunners are awarded stolen bases when they advance to the next base, while the pitcher throws the ball to the home base.

MLB official rules state that a runner acquires the right to an unoccupied base when he touches it before he is out. There are some players who top the leaderboard in terms of stolen bases.

Ricky holds the record of being the only player to reach 1000 stolen bases record in his career. The likes of Lou Brock and Billy Hamilton follow him.

Latham was the first player to reach 300 stolen bases in his career. Other players include Ty Cobb, Tim Raines, Arlie Latham, and Eddie Collins, to have at least 700 bases in their careers.

Top 10 Stolen Base Leaders In MLB

Stolen Base Leaders In MLB are 1. Rickey Henderson 2. Lou Brock 3. Billy Hamilton and many more. Billy Hamilton held the record for almost 80 years.

Ricky Henderson tops the leaderboard as the only player to reach more than 1000 bases. Lou Brock is the second with his 938 stolen bases, and Hamilton is the third in the all-time ranking.

Other players like Ty Cobb have 897 bases, Tim Raines has 808 bases, Vince Coleman has 752 bases, and Eddie Collins has 741 bases.

Brock held his all-time career record till 1991 before being surpassed by Henderson. He has had it for more than 10 years.

Among the players, Kenny Lofton became the most active player to reach more than 500 stolen bases in his career. After Lofton's retirement, no active players made more than 500 bases until Juan Pierre came with his 500 stolen base on August 5, 2010.

Here are the top 10 stolen base records leaders:

Players LeaderboardStolen Bases
Ricky Henderson1406
Honus Wanger723
Arlie Latham742
Billy Hamilton914
Max Carey737
Eddie Collins741
Lou Brock938
Vince Coleman758
Ty Cobb897
Tim Raines808

Stolen Base Leaders Since 2013

Stolen base leaders by season include Ty Cobb and Jacoby Ellsbury. Jorge Mateo topped the season's leaderboard with 35 stolen bases.

A look at all-time leaderboard of stolen base leaders in MLB history
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Frank Isbell was the first stolen base leader, with 52 stolen bases in 1901. He used to play three positions first baseman, second baseman, and outfielder.

The latest addition to the list was Jorge Mateo from American League with 35 bases in the 2022 season, and Jon Berti from National League with 41 stealing bases.

Some of the leaders from the 2013 season in both the American and National leagues till now are listed below:

American League

  1. Jacoby Ellsbury (2013) - 52 
  2. Jose Altuve (2014) - 56 
  3. Jose Altuve (2015) - 38 
  4. Rajai Davis (2016) - 43 
  5. Whit Merrifield (2017) - 34 
  6. Whit Merrifield (2018) - 45 
  7. Mallex Smith (2019) - 46 
  8. Adalberto Mondesi (2020) -24 
  9. Whit Merrifield (2021) - 40 
  10. Jorge Mateo (2022) - 35 

National League 

  1. Eric Young Jr. (2013) - 46 
  2. Dee Gordon (2014) - 64 
  3. Dee Gordon (2015) - 58 
  4. Jonathan Villar (2016) - 62 
  5. Dee Gordon (2017) - 60 
  6. Trea Turner (2018) - 43 
  7. Ronaldo Acuna Jr. (2019) - 37 
  8. Trevor Story (2020) - 15 
  9. Trea Turner (2021) - 32 
  10. Jon Berti ( 2022) - 41 

Some American League Stolen Base Leaders

AL stolen base leaders include the likes of Billy Hamilton and Hugh Nicol. Hugh has 138 stolen bases in the 1887 American League season.

American League is one of the two leagues inside Major League Baseball in the United States. 

Ricky Henderson leads the all-time leaderboard with his 1270 stolen bases in American League, followed by T Cobb and E Collins. The top 10 leaders have stolen bases of more than 450 in their AL career, including Japanese star Ichiro Suzuki with 487 stolen bases.

Recently In the 2023 season, Cedric Mullins of the Baltimore Orioles is leading the AL chart with eight stolen bases till now.

As per MLB, Some of the stolen base American league leaders are:

Players LeaderboardStolen Bases
Ichiro Suzuki487
Eddie Collins745
Ricky Henderson1270
Kenny Lofton502
Clyde Milan495
Willie Wilson660
Ty Cobb892
Paul Molitor504
Luis Aparicio506
Bert Campaneris649

Some National League stolen base leaders

NL stolen base leaders include Lou Brock with 938 stolen bases and Max Garey with 738. Hamilton reaches 782 stolen bases in 102 games.]

Lou Brock leads the NL leaderboard for most stolen bases
Source : instagram

The National League is the oldest in the United States, constituting Major League Baseball with American League. It was founded on February 2, 1976.

Recently in the current 2023 season, Nico Hoerner of the Chicago Cubs is leading the table with 8 stolen bases in the National League. He is followed by Ronald Acuna and Corbin Caroll, both with 6.

Some of the all-time stolen base leaders in the National League are:

  1. Lou Brock with 939 stolen bases
  2. Billy Hamilton with 782 stolen bases
  3. Max Carey with 738 stolen bases
  4. Honus Wagner with 722 stolen bases
  5. Joe Morgan with 681 stolen bases
  6. Vince Coleman with 660 stolen bases
  7. Tim Raines with 635 stolen bases
  8. Maury Wills with 586 stolen bases
  9. Ozzie Smith with 580 stolen bases
  10. Cesar Cedeno with 550 stolen bases

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