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Top 5 Fastest MLB Players To 100 Home Runs In Career

By Roshan Khatiwada / 10 April 2023 04:25 AM

The 5 fastest players to 100 home runs: Aaron Judge(Top-left), Yordan Alvarez(Bottom-left), Ryan Howard(Middle), Gary Sanchez (Top-right), and Pete Alonso(Bottom-right).
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Fastest MLB players to 100 home runs include Ryan Howard, Pete Alonso, and Gary Sanchez. Mel Ott is the youngest player to complete 100 home runs.

The 100 home run club is an exclusive club. It is regarded as one of the first notable achievements in a player's career.

Harry Stovey was the first member of the club, whereas Roger Conner was the first player from NL to hit that 100-home run mark. Roger even held the record for the highest homers for a very long time before Babe Ruth broke it in 1921.

As of 6 April 2023, there are a total of 972 players in this club.

5 Fastest MLB Players To Score 100 Home Runs

The five fastest MLB players to score 100 home runs include Yordan Alvarez. Yordan is the latest addition to the 100 Club.

Scoring 100 home runs is quite a mammoth task. However, scoring those homers in the least amount of games is even more difficult.

Thirteen players in the major league have scored their 100 homers within the first 400 games.

Here is a list of 5 fastest players to score 100 home runs:

1. Ryan Howard: 325 games

Howard is the fastest player to score 100 home runs. He did so in 325 games.

On 27 June 2007, in a game against the Reds, Howard launched a 141m home run against Aaron Harang to claim the record. He did it in 60 fewer games than Ralph Kiner, who held the record at that time. 

The Phillies first baseman was only in his fourth season in the majors at the time. He scored a total of 47 home runs that season.

2. Pete Alonso: 347 games

On 7 September 2021, Pete Alonso launched a 425-foot blast against the Marlins pitcher Edward Cabrera. The Polar Bear's 100th home run made him the second fastest to reach that landmark.


It was his 31st home run of the season, and he added one more to his name later in the game.

In addition, Alonso is just the eighth player in MLB history to reach the landmark in his first three seasons.

3. Gary Sanchez: 355 games

Sanchez hit his 100th home run on 23 August 2019 against the Dodgers Hyun-Jin Ryu. His 355 games are the fewest games taken by a catcher in MLB history to reach the landmark.


Further, he is also the fastest player in AL history to reach 100 homers. Sanchez did it in 22 fewer games than the previous record holder Joey Gallo.

Gary also had scored his first career triple and grand slam just a few months back.

4. Aaron Judge: 371 games

Aaron Judge hit a 462-foot home run against the Mariners on 27 August 2019. With this hit, he became the fourth fastest player in MLB history to score a century of home runs taking only 371 games.


Judge also holds the record for most home runs scored in a season in the AL with 62. He achieved this in the 2022 season, breaking the 61-year-old record set by Roger Maris.

5. Yordan Alvarez: 372 games

Alvarez is the latest addition to the club. The Astros designated hitter's 100 home runs in 372 games set a franchise record for reaching the landmark in the fewest games.

He scored his century on 3 April 2023 against Jose Cisnero of the Tigers in what was a game-tying shot. Yordan is the 19th Astros player to reach the hundred club.

Youngest Player to Hit 100 Home Runs

The youngest player to hit 100 home runs in MLB history is Mel Ott. He was 22 years and 132 days when he reached the milestone.

He is also the first NL player to score 500 home runs. The third-ballot Hall of Famer was also the first NL player to post eight consecutive 100-RBI seasons.

On the other hand, Tony Conigliaro was the youngest player to century of home runs in the AL. He was 22 years and 197 days when he hit his hundredth. 

Fastest Player To 300 Home Runs

The fastest player to 300 home runs is Ralph Kiner. The Pittsburgh Pirates left fielder reached the mark in 1087 games.

Kiner is also the first player to hit consecutive fifty-plus homers in a season in the National League. He led the league in most home runs for seven consecutive seasons.

Kiner swinging his bat during Pittsburgh Pirates spring training at Flamingo Field Miami Beach in 1947
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Out of those seven seasons, in six of them, he led both the leagues in home runs. The Hall of Famer also led the NL in RBI during the 1949 season.

His career was cut short due to injuries. In his ten seasons at the major, he scored 369 home runs, 1015 runs batted in, and had a batting average of .269. 

Cy Young is the first pitcher with over 300 wins in his MLB career. He accomplished it in 1904.

Youngest Player To 300 Home Runs

Alex Rodriguez is the youngest-ever player to reach the 300-home run milestone. He was only 27 years and 249 days old when he smacked Angel's Ramon Ortiz on 4 February 2003 for his 300th homer.


He beat Jimmie Fox, the previous record holder, by 79 days. Andruw Jones holds the record in the National League at 28 years, 144 days old.

Rodriguez also holds the record for most grand slams in baseball history. A-Rod finished his career with 696 home runs, 3115 hits, 25 grand slams, and 2086 runs batted in.

On the contrary, Edgar Martinez is the oldest member to join the 300 Club. He was 41 years and 130 days old when he achieved the mark.

How Many Players Have Hit 500 Home Runs?

There are 28 players who have scored 500 home runs or more. This list includes Barry Bonds, Hank Aron, and Babe Ruth.

The 500 Club is the epitome of success for a slugger. Babe Ruth was the founding member of the club when he smacked his 500th homer on 11 August 1929.

Cabrera, the latest player to hit 500 homers honored by the Astros before his final game at Houston
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It was only after 11 years the club got its second member Jimmie Fox. The Babe was also the first in AL to reach the mark.

On 1 August 1945, Mel Ott became the third member to join the club and the first from NL. The latest member of the club is Miguel Cabrera, who joined on 22 August 2021.

Cabrera is the only active player in the club, whereas Nelson Cruz is the closest active player with 460 home runs as of 7 April 2023.

Youngest Player To Hit 500 Home Runs

The youngest player to hit 500 homers is also Alex Rodriquez. He did so at the age of 32 years and eight days.

He is the youngest in AL to reach the mark, whereas Willie Mays is the youngest in NL to reach the mark. Mays was 34 years and 130 days when he scored his 500th homer.

In contrast, Ted Williams, at 41 years and 292 days, is the oldest to hit the mark.

How Many Players Have Hit 600 Home Runs?

Out of 28 players who have hit at least 500 homers, the number of members who reached the 600 Homers Club comes down to just nine.

Here is a list of those nine players:

Sammy Sosa609
Albert Pujols703
Jim Thome612
Alex Rodriguez696
Babe Ruth714
PlayerNumber of Home Runs
Barry Bonds762
Hank Aaron755
Willie Mays660
Ken Griffey Jr.630

How Many Players Have Hit 700 Home Runs?

There are only four players in MLB history who have been able to reach this super-exclusive club. They are Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, and Albert Pujols.

The Babe is the founding member of the club, whereas Pujols is the latest.

How Many Players Have 3,000 Hits And 500 Home Runs?

3000 hits and 500 homers club is one of the most exclusive clubs in baseball history. It consists of only seven members.

The members of this club include Hank Aaron, A-Rod, Willie Mays, Eddie Murray, Rafael Palmeiro, Albert Pujols, and Miguel Cabrera. Aaron is the charter member of the club.

On 17 May 1970, Hank became the first-ever player to score 3000 hits and 500 homers when he hit a single in the second game of a doubleheader at Cincinnati's Crosley Field. He had completed 500 homers two seasons prior.


The club did not have to wait that long for its second member, as Mays joined the exclusive club just two months after its charter member. However, the club did have to wait 25 years for its third member Murray.

Rafael joined the club on 15 July 2005 after scoring his 3000th hit with a double against the Mariners in Seattle. A-Rod is the fifth player to join the list.

A-Rod is the only member on this list to complete his hit number 3000 with a homer. Pujols entered the club on 4 May 2018, whereas Cabrera became the latest member of the club on 23 April 2022.

Cabrera is the only active player on this list.

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