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Who Are The MLB Players In The BMW Commercial?

By / 13 April 2023 02:20 AM

BMW XM is on display at FREUDE by BMW in Tokyo celebrating creative collaborations with artists and fashion labels.
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MLB Players BMW Commercial include Walker Buehler, Byron Buxton, Nestor Cortes Jr, and Ozzie Albies. The MLB players featured in the newly launched BMW XM.

In the recent launch of two new 30-second commercials, the Major League Baseball All-Stars took the spotlight. The new BMW XM is a plugin hybrid electric SUV with race-inspired abilities. The commercial will be displayed throughout the 2023 MLB season and is said to be an incredible feat in an automobile advertisement. 

The creative was developed in partnership with the Home Team Sports Division of Playfly Sports. In the advertisement, the MLB All-Stars can be seen taking a test drive in the most powerful BMW production vehicle ever built.

Four MLB Players In The BMW Commercial

Who Are The MLB Players In The BMW Commercial? The MLB Commercial has top performers like Walker Buehler, Byron Buxton, Nestor Cortes, and Ozzie Albies. 

The four MLB Players in the BMW Commercial are the All-Stars of MLB. The commercial features the top players of Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Walker Buehler, Minnesota Twins center fielder Byron Buxton, New York Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr., and Atlanta Braves second baseman Ozzie Albies. In the 30 seconds advertisement, the players are seen taking a test drive in awe in an incredible BMW XM

BMW XM in 2023 is the first of its type built by BMW in the high-end car segment. The Car is powered by a 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8 and is electric. It generates 644 horsepower, which is said to have the motorsports performance of a BMW M model. The M Series of BMW is known for BMW's racing programs.

Ozzie Albies 

Ozzie Albies BMW commercial is created for a new BMW series with hybrid abilities. BMW XM model commercial features the Atlanta Braves Baseman Ozzie ALbies alongside other All-Stars. 

Albies is seen taking a test drive and getting out, astonished by the experience. The commercial is one of two 30-second spots created by BMW in North America. 

Other All-Stars Walker Buehler, Byron Buxton, and Nestor Cortes join the player expressing their stunning drive experience in the commercial. The BMW XM's bold design, race-inspired performances, and lavish interior left the players spellbound, and the commercial highlights their 'speechless' expression after the test drive. 

Baseball Player Ozzie Driving the Precision Designed Motorsport
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The All-Star Oozie was born in 1997 and began his career after signing with the Atlanta Braves organization in 2013. After making a debut with the team in 2017, Albies has recorded over 500 career hits so far. He is also the winner of the National League Silver Slugger Award for second basemen (2019), the Silver Slugger Award, and the Heart and Hustle Award (2021). 

Nestor Cortes

Nestor Cortes BMW Commercial is seen in awe after taking a test drive of the BMW XM. Cortes is an ALl-Star and the pitcher of the New York Yankees. 

In the 30-second display, Nestor is seen in amazement alongside other All-Stars. The campaign was created in partnership Home Team Sports division of Playfly Sports, marking the debut of BMW XM with the talented rosters of MLB All-Stars. 

After the test drive, players are astounded by the performance of the car, which boasts an incredible 644-horsepower drivetrain.

Nestor Cortes is a professional baseball player from Cuba. In 2013, he was chosen and selected by the New York Yankees in the MLB and is a right-handed batsman and left-handed thrower. He currently pitches for the MLB team New York Yankees. 

Walker Buehler

Walker Buehler BMW Commercial is made for the top BMW lineup. Buehler is glimpsed taking a test drive of the BMW XM series and left fascinated by the performance in the commercial.

After the carpooling, the All-Stars of Major League Baseball get out of the car and express their immense joy due to the incredible performance and luxurious experience. 

Walker Buehler in Los Angeles Dodgers pale bluish tee and cap in front of an abstract background
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Walker is the starting pitcher of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Born on July 28, 1994, in Kentucky. He has played college baseball for the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Buehler won the match of the 2014 college world series. He was selected by Los Angeles Dodgers in the 2015 Major League Baseball draft and has helped Dodgers win the 2020 world series.

Byron Buxton

Byron Buxton BMW Commercial is made for BMW XM Series. Buxton is seen sharing the drive with three other All-Stars of MLB in the creative. 

Amazed by the performance of BMW's new car series, All-Stars describe their experiences as 'speechless.' XM has a sporty performance and luxury look and is a hybrid BMW Sports Activity Vehicle. The Car is powered by a V8 powertrain which generates a power of 644 horsepower and is considered to be the most powerful SUV ever produced. 

Byron was born in Baxley, Georgia, in 1993 and is a centerfielder in MLB. After being selected in the Major Baseball League draft in 2012, Buxton has debuted in MLB in 2015.

He is the winner of the Gold Glove Award (2017) and named American League Player of the Month for April 2021. He plays as a centerfielder for Minnesota Twins. 

Who is in The New BMW Commercial?

BMW Commercial 2023 features renowned stars such as Walker Buehler, Byron Buxton, Nestor Cortes, and Ozzie Albies in its latest BMW XM Series.

BMW has launched a new XM luxury SUV with the first hybrid-assisted M Model in 2023. The car featuring four All-Stars leaves the players in awe and makes their expression 'speechless' after sharing the ride in the commercial. 

The gorgeous masterpiece in display at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
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This latest SUV by BMW is a high-performance electric car. It generates 644 HP Power and is the most powerful car by BMW of its kind. 

The car has a motor of a 4.4L twin-turbocharged V8; its exterior is striking with a captivating look and is illuminated by BMW's iconic Kidney glow. The plug-in hybrid electric has 23-inch wheels, and the interior provides a luxurious touch with innovative fittings.

BMW XM also has diamond quilted Vintage Merino leather seats. Another major attraction in the luxury segment of the car is its sculptural prism headliner with 100 separate LED lights. The XM Model of BMW is offered in seven paint varieties.

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