MLB Pitching And Bench Coach Salary Update In 2023

By Roshan Khatiwada / 18 April 2023 04:16 AM

The bench coach of the Giants, Kai at the Scottsdale Stadium
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MLB pitching coach salary in 2023 is $34k-110k per year. The highest-paid pitching coaches earn $200,000 to $360,000 per year.

In baseball, coaches assist the manager, who makes decisions regarding lineup, strategies, and substitution. There are more than half a dozen coaches in a team.

These coaches can be bench coaches, pitching coaches, bullpen coaches, and more. Each coach has a different role to play in the team.

Pitching coaches typically instruct their pitchers on how to pitch, whereas bench coaches are second-in-command after the managers.

The salary of coaches varies according to their position, team performance, previous experiences, and more. Some coaches earn higher money, while some get less than the average American salary.

In addition, coaches also receive bonuses for team performance, qualifying for the post-season, winning the league title, and winning the World Series. These bonuses are not included while calculating the average salary.

How Much Do Pitching Coach Make In MLB?

Pitching Coach Salary in MLB is around $18 per hour on average. This adds up to a total of $36,430 annually.

However, the highest earners earn up to $400,000 as well. Various factors such as experience, quality, and the team they work for affect the salary of coaches. 

A pitching coach in MLB is responsible for mentoring and training pitchers. Then, they provide the head coach with correct information about the pitcher's arm angle, placement, and pitch election. 

Heaney ties the AL record with 9 consecutive strikeouts
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Further, they work with the pitchers on their mechanics and pitch selection against specific batters who may be next in line during the game. They also help the managers in making decisions regarding starting and relief pitchers.

A pitching coach utilizes video technology to analyze the weakness of the opposing team's batter and give insights to his pitcher. Most of the pitching coaches are former pitchers excluding Dave Duncan.

Duncan, the former pitching coach of St Louis Cardinals, was a catcher. However, he was one of the greatest pitching coaches in MLB history, who won three World Series, 12 division titles, and six pennants.

During his 29-year coaching career, his four pitchers won the Cy Young Award, whereas his team led the league in ERA in four seasons.

He was one of the highest-paid pitching coaches in the history of MLB. During his time as the Cardinal's pitching coach, he earned $750,000 annually.

MLB Bench Coach Earnings

MLB bench coach salary is comparatively higher than other coaches. Their annual average salary is $48,235, according to ZipRecruiter.

It means they earn about $23 per hour. However, the pay varies according to the team.

Some coaches earn less than $40,000, whereas some earn about a quarter of a billion.

A bench coach works as an advisor to the baseball manager during the game. They offer advice and ideas to the manager depending on the game's situation.

Espada(Left), bench coach of the Astros with Jeremy Pena
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This information helps to make strategic decisions and adjust tactics during the game. They mediate between the players and the front office, relaying scouting information.

The responsibilities of a bench coach also include helping set up the practice sessions and stretching routines before the start of the game. They are also responsible for managing spring training routines and practices.

George Huff was the first-ever bench coach in the history of baseball. He was the coach of the Illinois Fighting Illini baseball.

He took the helm in 1905. However, at that time, a bench coach meant someone present throughout the season.

First Base Coach Salary In Baseball

MLB first base coach salary is around $50K-$110K. However, the average salary of a first-base coach in the USA is a bit less than $50K.

The salary can vary based on the team's budget and performance. Teams qualifying for the postseason and teams with larger payrolls give huge salaries.

First-base coaches are responsible for relaying signals from the dugout to both batters and baserunners. They typically stand on the foul ground, just behind the first base, close to the first baseman.

1B coach of the Phillies Paco Figuero(Left) with his brother after winning NL
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They also help the baserunners for selecting the best time to steal bases and alert them when the opposition attempts to retire them with a pickoff throw.

According to the rule, the first base coach must be within the coach's box before each pitch. However, once the ball is in play, the coach can leave the box to signal his layers without interfering with the game.

First-base coaches are often assigned additional responsibility for assisting players in specific areas, particularly defense. The actual duties of a 1B coach during a game are less.

Hence, they are designated for other work such as outfield instructor, infield instructor, catching instructor, and baserunning instructor.

Third Base Coach Salary

3rd base coach salary is a bit more than that of the 1B coach. The third base coach typically earns between $130,000 and $145,000 annually.

The responsibility of a third-base coach is similar to that of a first base. They stand on foul ground but behind the third base and have more responsibility than a 1B coach.

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They give hand gestures to the third baseman on the plate, indicating when to hit and run. 3rd base coach must be able to interpret things like where the ball is hit and the arm strength and accuracy of the fielder near the ball.

Further, they are also responsible for telling baserunners where to stop, on second base, on third base, or to continue running towards the home plate.

In addition, they must be aware of the speed of their players so that they can guide them properly on whether to take a run on a hit or error.

What is Hitting Coach Salary?

Kevin Long hitting coach salary is about $500K. The amount is very high compared to the average salary of that position, which is $53,928.

Long is the hitting coach of the Philadelphia Phillies, 2022 NL champions. He is well known for transforming hitters and turning them into their best versions.

Julio Rodriguez smashes a triple against Orlando
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The main job of a hitting coach is to help players with subjects related to hitting, such as batting stance, plate discipline, and swing. The hitting coach is also responsible for the player's performance during practices, cage sessions, and pre-game batting practice.

With the introduction of video cameras and technology, hitting coaches are rapidly using videos to analyze both the strength and weaknesses of their hitters and opposing pitchers.

Nowadays, many teams keep an assistant hitting coach as well. In fact, as of 16 April 2023, except for the Baltimores, all other teams in the MLB have one.

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