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MLB Paternity List Rules and Meaning In Baseball

By Roshan Khatiwada / 6 September 2023 11:16 AM

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MLB Paternity List rules allow players to leave the team and attend the birth of their child. Someone on paternity leave can not miss more than 3 games.

As of the 2023 MLB season, each team in the league is allowed a 26-man active roster, a 28-man expanded roster, and a 40-man reserve list. The reserve roster size includes the players on the active roster, in addition to fourteen players who are either on the injured list, paternity leave, or in the minor league.

The major league teams must expand their active squad to 28 players after September 1 to the end of the regular season. Before the 2020 season, any player on the reserve list could play in an official regular season game after September 1.

When a player on the team is placed on the paternity list, the club can use another player from their 40-man roster to replace the player. The major league introduced the list at the start of the 2011 season.

What Is Paternity List In MLB?

Paternity list in MLB is used to provide major league athletes a break so that they can attend the birth of their child and support a mother. The leave lasts for three games max.

Once a player is placed on the list, he has to miss at least the team's next game. The athlete can miss up to three team games, but not more than that.

Here are some of the major names in baseball who have gone on paternity leave:

1. Mike Trout

Trout is a professional baseball center fielder who plays for the Los Angeles Angels. The three-time MVP has achieved many accolades and lived many beautiful moments throughout his career.

Being a dad was one such beautiful moment in his career off the field. The Angels star is married to his longtime girlfriend, Jessica Cox, and they had their first child on July 30, 2020.

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Mike was placed on the paternity list the same day. His leave ended on August 1, but he did not return to the team until August 4 for the series opener against the Seattle Mariners.

The Angels placed the athlete on the restricted list for the few days he missed. Trout had to continue his Tier 1 testing schedule while he was away with his family as they had to follow the MLB COVID-19 protocol.

2. Mookie Betts

Betts plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers as a second baseman and a right fielder. He was traded to the team from California from the Red Sox before the start of the 2020 MLB season.

The player and his longtime girlfriend Brianna Hammonds began dating in high school and welcomed their first child in November 2018, a daughter. They welcomed their second child, a son named Kaj Lynn Betts, in April this year.

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Mookie was placed on the paternity list on Tuesday, April 18. He was activated from the list on Thursday after completing his three-day leave.

The outfielder resumed his campaign in a four-game series against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. He played as a shortstop in his first game back.

3. Aaron Hicks

Hicks is a professional baseball outfielder who plays for the Baltimore Orioles. The player got married to professional golfer Cheyenne Woods in February 2022.

They had a son as their first child in April 2022. Aaron used to play for the New York Yankees then and was placed on the paternity list by the franchise on April 26.

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Miguel Andujar from Triple-A affiliate Scranton/Wilkes-Barre was recalled to replace the outfielder during his absence. The New York Yankees activated the center fielder from the paternity list on April 29.

The player faced the Kansas City Royals on his first game back from the paternity list. He recorded a hit and scored a run for the team, helping them defeat the Royals 12-2 at Kauffman Stadium.

Other players who have taken such leave, along with the date of activation:

PlayerDate of activation
Brusdar GraterolApril 25, 2023
Max MuncyApril 25, 2023
Evan PhillipsApril 20, 2023
Daniel MurphyApril 2, 2014
Ian DesmondApril 28, 2011
Kurt SuzukiApril 27, 2011
Colby LewisApril 15, 2011

How Long Is MLB Paternity Leave?

Paternity leave MLB lasts for at least one day and a maximum of three days. The leave allows the players to attend hospital and stay at home with newborn.

If the player requires more than three days of leave, he must be placed on a different list. No player can be placed on the paternity list for more than three days.

Most of the players return to the team after completing the three-day leave, whereas in some conditions, athletes are transferred to the restricted list if they are unable to return after the end of the paternity leave.

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For example, Kurt Suzuki was placed on the paternity list by the Oakland Athletics on April 27, 2011. His leave was valid for three days, and he had to return on the 30th, but he returned a day earlier on the 29th.

Similarly, Daniel Murphy was placed on the list by the New York Mets on April 2, 2014. He attended the birth of his child on the day and then returned immediately the following day.

On the other hand, the Dodgers placed their right-handed pitcher Evan Phillips on the list on April 20. His leave ended on the 23rd, but as he could not join the team, he was placed on the bereavement list on the 23rd and activated on April 25.

MLB Paternity Leave Policy

Paternity list MLB meaning is explained by the leave policy of the MLB. The policy allows an athlete to take have break from sports for some quality family time.

During the player's absence, the team can call a replacement from their 40-man roster. The paternity leave policy has been prevalent in Major League Baseball since the start of the 2011 season.

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The change was a result of an agreement between the MLB Players Association and the then Commissioner of MLB, Bud Selig. The Players Association requested the need for more flexible leave policies, to which the commissioner agreed.

Further, players can take a personal leave of up to seven days maximum. They can also take temporary exit for family or personal emergencies, known as the compassionate or bereavement list.

These leaves help provide better support to the athletes during important moments of their personal lives. The athletes are paid their salary when they are on paternity leave or any other personal breaks.

Trea Turner Paternity List

Trea Turner was placed on the paternity list by the Philadelphia Phillies on September 5. The shortstop is expected to return to the team on Friday.

The franchise announced the information prior to the game against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday. Weston Wilson from Triple-A affiliate Lehigh Valley has been called to replace him on the roster.

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His wife Kristen is due to have the second child of the couple, a baby boy. Turner will be missed by the Phillies as he was in red-hot form, slashing .406/.441/1.156 in his last seven games.

Trea is expected to return for the home game against the Miami Marlins on Friday. The shortstop is on a fifteen-game hitting streak and has scored seven home runs in as many games.

Further, he was named the National League Player of the Week for the last week of August. Similarly, his replacement has scored 29 home runs at an OPS of .895 for Lehigh Valley while slashing .259/.364/.531.

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