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Most MLB MVPs By Year Recorded

By Biraj Khanal / 18 May 2023 07:58 AM

Mike has won the most number of MVP awards since 2015.
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MLB MVPs By Year include Aaron Judge, Shohei Ohtani, and Bryce Harper. Barry Bonds has the most MVP title in MLB history.

MLB Most Valuable Player award is an annual MLB award given to outstanding players in the American League, and the National League.

Over the years, several players were nominated for the MVP title in different seasons for their remarkable contributions to the team. Bonds have seven MVP titles to his name in MLB history.

Barry is followed by the likes of Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, and Alex Rodriguez.

Alex has won the award with two different teams played in his career. Only nine players have won the title three times, and 19 have won two times in their career.

Frank Robinson is the only player to have won the MVP throne in both leagues. The Japanese star, Ichiro Suzuki won the MVP award and Rookie of the Year award in the same year.

MLB MVPs Since 2015

Most MVP awards MLB since 2015 have been won by Mike Trout and Bruce Harper. Aaron Judge has his first MVP title in the 2022 season.

The MVP awards in MLB since 2015 by year are given to two players from two leagues American League and National League. Both leagues have their respective MVPs in every season in a row.

Mookie won his MVP title in the 2018 season.
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Here are the respective MVP title holders in different seasons since 2015 listed below:

  1. 2022 AL Aaron Judge, NYY, NL Paul Goldschmidt, STL
  2. 2021 AL Shohei Ohtani, LAA, NL Bryce Harper PHI
  3. 2020 AL José Abreu, CHW, NL Freddie Freeman ATL
  4. 2019 AL Mike Trout, LAA, NL Cody Bellinger LAD
  5. 2018 AL Mookie Betts, BOS, NL Christian Yelich MIL
  6. 2017 AL Jose Altuve, HOU, NL Giancarlo Stanton MIA
  7. 2016 AL Mike Trout, LAA, NL Kris Bryant, CHC
  8. 2015 AL Josh Donaldson TOR, NL Bryce Harper, WSN

1. 2022 Season

The 2022 season MVP award was won by Aaron Judge in the American League and Paul Goldschmidt in National League.

Judge and Goldschmidt won their first MVP title in the 2022 season in their respective league. 

Aaron batted at an average of.311 in the AL leading the AL chart and the home run leaderboard with massive 62 home runs in 2022. The Yankees player has 16 stolen bases and a slugging percentage of .686.

He beat Angel's pitcher Ohtani with a massive gap securing 410 points, whereas Ohtani has 280. 

Paul had a 7.8 win above replacement and batted at an average of .317. He scored 35 home runs in the 2022 season with a slugging percentage of .578. He surpassed Manny Machado in terms of voting, securing 380 points.

2. 2021 season

The 2021 MVP award was given to Shohei Ohtani from AL and Bryce Harper from NL. Bryce has his second MVP title since 2015.

Ohtani wearing his signature crown after returning back to dugout after a homerun.
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Shohei has his first MVP title securing 8.9 WAR and has 156 strikeouts in the season. He also has.257 batting average scoring 46 home runs with a slugging rate of .592.

Ohtani defeated Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in voting with a gap of 151 points, securing 420.

In NL, Bryce claimed his second MVP title after six years since 2015. Batting at an average of .309, he has 84 RBI. Harper has an 84 home run to his name, having slugging percent of .615. 

The Phillies player secured first place scoring 348 points in the voting, followed by Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr.

3. 2020 Season

The 2020 season has its MVP José Abreu from AL and Freddie Freeman from NL. Abreu plays for the White Sox and Freeman for the Braves.

Having scored 19 home runs, José maintained his slugging percentage of .617 while batting at an average of .317. José Ramirez became second with 303 points, whereas Abreu has 374.

Abreu led the RBI with 60 and Slugging leaderboard and also for the games played. 

In NL, Freeman received 410 votes surpassing Mookie Betts, who secured the second position with 268 points. 

Though the Braves player hasn't secured top position in any stats except Runs scored 51 points, his consistency throughout the season led him to win with so many votes. He had a slugging percentage of .640 and was behind Juan Soto in the slugging percentage leaderboard.

4. 2019 Season

The 2019 season saw Mike Trout his third MVP title from American League, and in the National League, Cody Bellinger from the Dodgers clinched the MVP.

Mike tops the leaderboard in AL in OBP with .438, Slugging percentage with .645, and OPS with 1.08. He received 355 votes in a neck-to-neck competition with Alex Bregman, who secured the second spot with 335 votes, 20 behind Trout.

Bellinger during the promotion of Recovery Air Jet boots.
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On the other hand, Bellinger was the WAR leader in the 2022 season with 8.6. In his 156 games played, he batted at an average of .305 with 115 RBI. He scored 47 home runs with a slugging percentage of .629. 

The Dodgers player secured 362 votes securing first place, whereas Christian Yelich of the Brewers secured 317 points.

5. 2018 Season

In the 2018 season, Mookie Betts from the Red Sox and Christian Yelich of the Brewers won their respective MVP title in AL and NL.

Mookie secured the top spot in the WAR leaderboard with 10.7 and 129 runs scored at an average of .346. He further has the highest slugging percentage of .640, scoring 32 homers. He defeated three-time MVP Mike Trout in voting, securing 410 points, whereas Trout has 265.

In the National League, Yelich from the Brewers secured the top spot with 415 points, followed by Javier Baez from the White Sox with 250 points.

Yelich scored 36 home runs with a slugging percentage of .598, having a batting average of .326 in his 147 games in the 2022 season.

6. 2017 Season

2017 saw Jose Altuve and Giancarlo Santon clinch their MVP title in their respective league. Altuve secured 405 points in AL, whereas Giancarlo secured 302 points in NL.

Giancarlo during the spring training for the Yankees on March 18, 2023.
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Altuve defeated Aaron Judge with a massive point gap, having 96% shares. He has a batting average of .346 with 24 home runs in 153 games.

Santon won the title with a 2 points lead against the Joey Votto of the Reds. He had 302 points, whereas Joey had 300. 

In his 159 games, Giancarlo scored 59 home runs with RBI 132 at a slugging percentage of .631.

7. 2016 Season

Mike Trout and Kris Bryant won their 2016 MVP title in their respective league. Trout has his second MVP title since 2014 when he won his first title.

The Angels centerfielder maintained his top position in WAR rankings with 10.5 and 123 runs scored in 159 games played. He scored 29 home runs with a slugging percentage of .550. He surpassed Mookie Betts in the voting.

In the National League, Kershaw defeated Giancarlo Santon with 355 points, whereas Santon had 298.

8. 2015 Season

2015 saw Bryce Harper from the Nationals claim his first MVP award from National League, whereas Josh Donaldson has his MVP title from American League.

Donaldson has his 2015 season a blessing with a WAR of 7.1, striking 41 home runs with a .561 slugging percentage. Donaldson restricted Trout for his first MVP title in 2015 with a point gap of 80. Trout received 304, whereas Josh had 385.

Harper won his first MVP title in 2015.
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Harper also had a 9.7 WAR, including 42 home runs with a slugging of .649 in the 2015 season. He defeated Goldschmidt from the Diamondbacks, securing 420 voting points, whereas Goldschmidt received 234.

Most MLB MVPs All Time

Most MVPs in MLB history include Barry Bonds, Lou Gehrig, and Mike Trout. Trout won his third MVP title in the span of five years.

Barry Bonds topped the leaderboard with his seven MVP title in his career with Seven. He is the only player in MLB history to have won more than five MVP awards.

Following Bonds, Yogi Berra is in second position with his three MVP awards being tied with Roy Campanella and Joe Di Maggio. Only ten players have achieved three MVP titles in their career whereas 21 players have won it twice.

There are 32 players in MLB history who have won it more than one time in their career in MLB. 

Barry is the all-time leader in MVP title winners leaderboard.
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As per Baseball Reference, Here shows the leaderboard for the All time MVP award winners who have won more than one;

  1. Barry Bonds (7)
  2. Yogi Berra (3)
  3. Roy Campanella (3)
  4. Joe DiMaggio (3)
  5. Jimmie Foxx (3)
  6. Mickey Mantle (3)
  7. Stan Musial (3)
  8. Albert Pujols (3)
  9. Alex Rodriguez (3)
  10. Mike Schmidt (3)
  11. Mike Trout (3)
  12. Ernie Banks (2)
  13. Johnny Bench (2)
  14. Miguel Cabrera (2)
  15. Mickey Cochrane (2)
  16. Lou Gehrig (2)
  17. Juan Gonzalez (2)
  18. Hank Greenberg (2)
  19. Bryce Harper (2)
  20. Rogers Hornsby (2)
  21. Carl Hubbell (2)
  22. Walter Johnson (2)
  23. Roger Maris (2)
  24. Willie Mays (2)
  25. Joe Morgan (2)
  26. Dale Murphy (2)
  27. Hal Newhouser (2)
  28. Cal Ripken Jr. (2)
  29. Frank Robinson (2)
  30. Frank Thomas (2)
  31. Ted Williams (2)
  32. Robin Yount (2)

MVP Odds 2023

MLB MVP odds 2023 predicts Shohei Ohtani (AL) and Ronald Acuna (NL) as the favorites to win 2023 MLB MVP awards as of April.

The 2023 MLB MVP odds forecast the pair of superstars bursting out of the limelight as the lead to win the pair of awards. As we are already in the 2023 season the American betting markets have already chosen their MVP crown favorites. 

The LAA star Ohtani is leading the odds to win from American League whereas Braves outfielder Acuna might be seen pairing up with the Angels star for the 2023 title from National League.

According to Sportsbetttingdime, Here is the list of top five MVP favorites odds as per the predictions for the 2023 MVP throne;

American League Odds Favorites

  1. Shohei Ohtani (LAA) - +125
  2. Mike Trout (LAA) - +750
  3. Aaron Judge (NYY) - +1000
  4. Vladimir Guerrero Jr (TOR) - +1600
  5. Adley Rutschman (BAL) - +1800

National League Odds Favorites

  1. Ronald Acuna Jr (ATL) - +500
  2. Juan Soto (SD) - +800
  3. Mookie Betts (LAD) - +1200
  4. Matt Olson (ATL) - +1200
  5. Manny Machedo (SD) - +1200

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