10 Winningest Managers In MLB History

By Roshan Khatiwada / 6 September 2023 11:09 AM

Joe Torre (Left), Bobby Cox (Top-right), and Tony La Russa (Bottom-right) are three of the five managers with the most wins in the MLB.
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Winningest managers in MLB history are Connie Mack, Tony La Russa, and John McGraw. Dusty Baker is the current active manager with 2100 wins.

In Major League Baseball, each and every team acquires a manager who is the leader for balancing team strategy and implementation on and off the field. They are responsible for any activities their team performs in the field.

Many managers come and go but some are remembered for their contribution on and off the field as it goes down to history.

Winningest manager means the manager who has secured the most wins in his managerial career history.

In MLB, Connie Mack is the all-time manager who tops the leaderboard for the most wins as a manager and most managed with 7755.

Among the active managers, Dusty Baker of Astros holds the record for most wins of 2100 as a manager his recent silverware being the 2022 World Series Trophy.

Ten Winningest Manager In MLB History

MLB ManagersWin Record
1. Connie Mack 3731 wins
2. Tony La Russa 2902 wins
3. John McGraw 2763 wins
4. Bobby Cox 2504 wins
5. Joe Torre 2326 wins
6. Sparky Anderson2194 wins
7. Dusty Baker 2170 wins
8. Buckey Harris2150 wins
9. Joe McCarthy2125 wins
10. Bruce Bochy 2076 wins

Connie Mack - 3731 wins

Manager with the most wins is Connie Mack with 3731 career wins.

Connie started his managerial career in 1894 as player-manager in Pittsburg Pirates. After three seasons with the Pirates as a player-manager, he retired in 1896.

Mack has the record for not only the most wins but for the most losses (3948) and most games managed (7755)) as well. Connie's career is filled with accolades.

He is the first manager to win consecutive World Series twice. He finished his career with nine AL pennants and nine World Series appearances.

Tony La Russa - 2902 wins

The second manager with the most wins in MLB is Tony La Russa with 2902. He is behind Torre in the manager with the most playoff wins with 70.

He surpassed the John McGraw record on 6th June 2021 becoming the second-winningest manager in MLB.

The Athletics Hall of Famer started his managerial career with the White Sox followed by Athletics in the 1986 season.


In his 33 years as a manager, he has guided his teams to three World Series titles, six League Championships, and 13 Divison titles.

Also, LA Russa has won the Manager of the Year award four times in his career.

He took A’s to a 1989 World Series title and 3 ALCS from 1988 to 1990. Tony announced his retirement from managing duties on 3rd October 2022 with the White Sox.

John McGraw - 2763 wins

McGraw remains third in the rankings behind La Russa and Mack with 2763 wins.

John has served almost 30 years as a manager for the New York Giants and third baseman for the Orioles known for their attacking gameplay.

He is widely known as one of baseball's greatest managers, holding the record for most seasons managed in NL, 31.

McGraw also won the ten pennants during his time with the Giants exerting control on players. His 10 pennants being a manager was matched only by Casey Stengel.

Bobby Cox - 2504 wins

Bobby Cox started his managerial career with the Braves in 1978. He left for the Blue Jays in 1982 and returned after four seasons.

Cox has won the World Series both as a coach and manager. He was the coach of the 1977 World Series champion Yankees. His second World Series title came in 1995 with the Braves.


Cox ranks third in the winningest playoff manager with 67 postseason wins.

Throughout his career, he recorded six 100-win seasons, a record only matched by Joe McCarthy. Cox was named the "Manager of the Year" for four seasons and has won five pennants. 

Joe Torre - 2326 wins

MLB manager with most postseason wins is Joe Torre with 84.

He is the only person in MLB to hit 2,000 hits as a player and win 2,000 games as a manager.

He also ranked fifth position in the manager list with the most career wins with 2326. He is the only Major League personnel to achieve both 2,000 hits as a player and 2,000 victories as a manager.

When he was a Yankees manager from 1996 to 2007, he led the team to six American League pennants and four World Series titles.

Torre has set an MLB record for guiding his clubs to 14 Consecutive World Series wins from Game 3 of 1996 WS through Game 2 of 2000 WS.

Among the 84 playoff wins, he has won most with the Yankees with 76 with other remaining 8 with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2008 and 2009.

In his six final appearances in World Series as a manager with the Yankees, he has won four of them and lost two in 2001 and 2003.

Joe has nine All-Star selections as a player and a Golden Glove award in his name.


Sparky Anderson - 2194 wins

Sparky Anderson is among the managers to win pennants in both the league with the Reds and the Tigers.

He is also ranked sixth in the list of managers to have 2,000 career wins with 2194. He won the NL Championships in 1975 and 1976 followed by the third championship with Tigers in American League in 1984.

He was awarded the AL Manager of the Year in 1984 and 1987 and is counted among the sixth most winningest manager of all time in MLB history.

Dusty Baker - 2170 wins

Dusty Baker is the latest addition to the list after his 2022 World Series victory with the Astros. He has a total of 2170 career wins as of 5th September 2023.

With a total of 4022 games managed in his managerial career, he has maintained a winning percentage of .540 to date.

As far as winning the pennants in both leagues, he is among the managers to win pennants in both leagues. In 2002, he won the NL pennant with the Giants and won the World Series with the AL team Astros in 2022.

Buckey Harris - 2150 wins

Ranked in the list of managers with 2000 wins, Harris has an altogether career wins of 2150 games.

Buckey was hired by the Senators in 1927 and led the team to the 1924 World Series title. He became the youngest manager to win the title and the first rookie manager to claim it.

He has managed over 29 seasons as a manager counted as the fourth longest-tenured manager in MLB with five teams.

Harris won three league pennants and two World Series with the Senators and 1947 with the New York Yankees. He had a winning percentage of .493.

Joe McCarthy - 2125 wins

McCarthy is the first MLB manager to win pennants in both leagues. He won his NL pennants with the Cubs in 1929 and his AL pennant with the Yankees three years later.

He has won a total of nine league pennants and seven World Series Championships in his managerial career. Joe also has recorded a 100-win season six times which is matched by the only manager Bobby Cox.

Bruce Bochy - 2076 wins

Bruce Bochy is on the list of managers with above 2,000 wins and also the fifth manager to have the most post-season wins with 42.

He managed the Padres for 12 seasons till 2006, SF Giants for 13 seasons as a manager totalling to 25 years as a manager.

Bochy coached three times World Series Giants in his career.
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He led the Giants to 3 World Series titles and the Padres to one World Series appearance. He is ranked 11th on the list to achieve 2000 wins. He has a total of 2076 wins as of 31st August 2023.

Managers With Most Postseason Wins

MLB manager with most postseason wins is Joe Torre. Torre has 84 wins, fourteen more than second-place Tonny La Russa.

Torre started his managerial career in 1977 with the Mets. For the first nineteen years of his career, he managed the Mets, Braves, and Cardinals.

During that tenure, he had zero playoff wins. Winning the division title with the Braves in 1982 was the only success he could garner during those time.

Torre (Right) with the Hall of Famer Dale Murphy during the World Series
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In 1996, he left the Cardinals and joined the Yankees, which turned out to be the turning point of his career.

Joe led the Yankees to the playoffs in his twelve seasons as a manager. The team reached six World Series, winning four times, including a three-peat under his management.

From zero playoff wins with his former three teams, he went on to win 76 games with the Yankees. In addition, he won six pennants and ten division titles with the team.

Torre left the Yankees and joined the Dodgers in 2008, where he added two division titles taking his total to thirteen. Further, he added eight more playoff wins to his tally.

Here is a list of the Top 5 managers with the most postseason wins:

ManagerNumber of Post-season Wins
Bobby Cox67
Jim Leyland44
Joe Torre84
Tony La Russa70
Bruce Bochy42

MLB Managers To Win Pennants

MLB Managers to win pennants in both leagues are listed below:

  1. Joe McCarthy - Cubs and Yankees
  2. Al Dark - Giants and A's
  3. Yogi Berra - Yankees and Mets
  4. Dick Williams - Red Sox and Padres
  5. Sparky Anderson - Reds and Tigers
  6. Tony LaRussa - A's and Cardinals
  7. Jim Leyland - Marlins and Tigers
  8. Dusty Baker - Astros and Giants

Dusty Baker is the latest addition to the list after his 2022 World Series victory with the Astros.

McCarthy was the charter member of his club. He won his only NL pennant with the Cubs in 1929, and three years later won his first American League title with the Yankees.

It took 21 years for the second member Berra to join McCarthy. Berra won the AL pennant with the Yankees during the 1964 season.

However, the Yankees catcher had to wait nine years before capturing the National League pennant with the Mets.

How many MLB managers Have 2000 wins?

There are 12 managers in MLB with more than 2000 career wins till now.

Bruce Bochy and Dusty Baker are the currently active managers on the list. Only one manager, Connie Mack has surpassed the 3000 win mark. 

Five have more than 2300 wins as a manager. 


Here is the list of those twelve managers:

Walter Alston2,040
Tony La Russa2,902
Connie Mack3,731
Leo Durocher2,008
Bruce Bochy (Currently Active)2,012 (As of 17 April 2023)
Bobby Cox2,504
Dusty Baker (Currently Active)2,100 (As of 17 April 2023)
Sparky Anderson2,194
Joe McCarthy2,125
Bucky Harris2,158
ManagerNumber of wins
Joe Torre2,326
John McGraw2,763

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