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10 MLB Home Run Leaders 2023 Listed

By Roshan Khatiwada / 17 May 2023 01:23 AM

Polar Pete is the current joint leader in the major league for the most home runs
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MLB home run leaders 2023 are Shohei Ohtani, Pete Alonso, and Jorge Soler as of 20th June 2023. Aaron Judge has 19 homers to his name to date.

The home run leader has come from the American League for the last eleven out of the thirteen seasons. Last season's leader Judge was also from AL.

The Yankees outfielder smashed a record-breaking 62 homers last year. Kyle Schwarber of the Phillies, the leader in the NL and second overall, was sixteen dingers behind.

A-Rod is the player who has won the American League Home Run Award five times, out of which three times he led the league. Ryan Howard is the only other player to lead the league in home runs twice.

However, in the 2023 season, the current leader is the Angels pitcher Ohtani from American League. Pete Alonso tops the NL leaderboard with 22 homers till date.

10 Home Run Leaders In 2023

MLB HR leaders 2023 are Shohei Ohtani from American league and Pete Alonso in National League. 

Ohtani is followed by Alonso on the MLB leaderboard with two homers behind. Five of the ten home run leaders have more than 20 homers this running season. 

Here is the list of MLB home run leaders in the 2023 season as of June 20, 2023:

  1. Shohei Ohtani, LAA - 24
  2. Pete Alonso, NYM – 22
  3. Jorge Soler, MIA – 21
  4. Matt Olson, ATL – 21
  5. Kyle Schwarber, PHI – 20
  6. Aaron Judge, NYY – 19
  7. Max Muncy, LAD – 18
  8. Louis Robert Jr., CWS – 18
  9. Ozzie Albies, ATL – 17
  10. Yordan Alvarez, HOU – 17

Other players including Mookie Betts and Rafael Devers have scored 17 homers this season alongside Yordan Alvarez who stays in the tenth spot in the leaderboard.

10. Yordan Alvarez, HOU – 17

Yordan Alvarez is in tenth position with 17 homers this 2023 season. He currently is placed in fourth position in the American League behind Ohtani, Judge, and Robert Jr.

Kyle smashed 46 home runs in 2022.
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The Astros left fielder has a batting average of .277 to date with 55 RBIs and .977 OPS. In his last seven games, he has blasted 3 homers with a .652 slugging percentage.

He has struck a total of 115 home runs in his MLB career since 2019.

9. Ozzie Albies, ATL – 17

Ozzie Albies is a second baseman for the Atlanta Braves. He sits in ninth position with 17 homers followed by Alvarez.

In his 2023 Regular season, he averages at .268 with 53 RBIs with an OPS of .824 while scoring 17 home runs.

In his last 7 games, he has three homers with 29 at-bats followed by slugging rate of .793.

8. Luis Robert Jr. - 18

Robert Jr. has been on fire recently as he has smashed three home runs in his last seven games with a .692 slugging percentage.

The center fielders' 38 RBIs and .855 OPS both are among the top 25 in the league.

Shohei Ohtani is the most valuable player in the 2023 season.
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His regular season career records 54 homers to date with .819 OPS and 1128 at-bats.

7. Max Muncy – 18

The Dodger's third baseman has been in superb form this season. He has already smashed 18 home runs through the 60 games he has played.

Yordan Alvarez with World Series 2022 title.
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He has accumulated 40 hits, 45 RBIs, 39 walks, and 5 doubles at 209 at-bats with an OPS of .797. 

6. Aaron Judge - 19

Last year's record-breaking leader has been struggling this season with some minor injuries.

But since his return, the player has crossed the fence 5 times in the last seven games.

The center fielder is averaging .291/.404/.674, all below his career average. However, his OPS of 1.078 is the eighth-highest in the league, indicating that he has been slugging pretty well.

Further, he has accumulated 40 RBIs and six doubles at 175 at-bats.

5. Kyle Schwarber, PHI - 20

Kyle Schwarber plays as a left fielder for the Phillies. He has smashed 20 homers this regular season with an OPS of .787.

Muncy has already smashed fourteen dingers for the Dodgers in the 2023 MLB season
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His 2023 season batting averages at .191 with 41 RBIs and 262 at-bats. Though having an lower batting average, he has been able to increase the homers quantity sitting on the fifth position in the leaderboard.

His career home runs numbers are 219.

4. Jorge Soler, MIA – 21

Jorge Soler is a designated hitter for the Miami Marlins. He has smashed 21 dingers with a .909 OPS batting at an average of .256.

Out of 21, he has scored 11 in his last 30 games with 107 at-bats with a slugging rate of .617. 

3. Matt Olson - 21

The Brave's first baseman has smashed six dingers in the last thirty days. Batting at an average of .233, the player has 52 RBIs, 47 walks, 12 doubles, and a triple to his name.

The player had scored thirty-four homers last season. If he keeps up the form, he is well on pace to cross that mark.

2. Pete Alonso - 22

Mets star player Alonso is second with 22 dingers besides Ohtani. The first baseman had a slow start to his campaign, as he managed only one dinger in the first month.

However, he caught fire the following month, smashing nine homers in April. Halfway through May, Alonso has added another four dingers to his account. He has just 2 homers in his last seven games.

1. Shohei Ohtani, LAA – 24

Shohei Ohtani is in his prime form as he leads the home run leaderboard as of June 21. He has smashed 24 dingers till date.

Luis hits three home runs in last 7 games in June.
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The Japanese-born player plays as a designated hitter and a pitcher for the LAA side in the American League.

In his 2023 season, he has an ERA of 3.29 with 105 strikeouts to his name. Batting at an average of .281, he has a .623 slugging rate with 58 RBIs and 1.002 OPS.

Here is the list of other players with more than 15 homers as of June 21:

•    Mookie Betts, LAD – 17
•    Rafael Devers, BOS – 17
•    Jake Burger, CWS – 16
•    Cobin Caroll, AZ – 16
•    Adolis Garcia, TEX – 16
•    J.D Martinez, LAD – 16

Aaron Judge Home Runs In 2023

Aaron Judge home runs 2023 are 19. The 16th Yankees captain scored his first on the first innings of the opening day game against the Giants.

Aaron, the first Yankees captain since Derek Jeter, started the season where he left off last year. He smashed six homers with an OPS of .978 in his first eighteen games.

At the end of April, he had a slight dip in his form, and it was then when he missed ten days due to a right hip strain injury. However, after returning, he has picked up his form smashing 13 homers till date.

Judge scored a record-breaking sixty-two dingers in the 2022 MLB season
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Aaron Judge Home Run Pace 2023

Aaron Judge home run pace 2023 has been slow compared to his previous season. Last season he was hitting homers at a rate of one in 2.53 games, whereas this season, it has decreased to 3.10.

According to ESPN, he is projected to hit 41 homers this season, considering his performance till now. However, this projection is based on the assumption that he will play 125 matches.

Last season, the center fielder missed only five regular season games, but he has already missed ten full days due to a hip injury. So, it is hard to tell how many games he will play.

Even if Judge can maintain his 2022 pace from now on to the end of the season, he might finish with 45 dingers. If the player can remain injury free till the end of the season, he will probably finish somewhere between 40 to 50 dingers.

American League Home Run Leaders

American League home run leader 2023 is Shohei Ohtani. The Angels pitcher has scored 24 home runs in the season.

He is followed by previous season leader Aaron Judge with 19 homers. Seven has blasted more than 15 dingers this season and with the season running they might be finishing with more than 35 this season.

Ohtani’s team partner Mike Trout has 15 dingers to his name till date.

Robert Jr. lead the American League in dingers for the 2023 season
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Here is a list of the players with the most home runs in the American League:

1.    Shohei Ohtani, 24
2.    Aaron Judge, 19
3.    Luis Robert Jr, 18
4.    Yordan Alvarez, 17
5.    Rafael Devers, 17
6.    Jake Burger, 16
7.    Adolis Garcia, 16
8.    Josh Jung, 15
9.    Mike Trout, 15
10.    Bo Bichette, 14

National League Home Run Leaders 

National League home run leaders 2023 includes Pete Alonso and Matt Olson as the top 2 players.

Alonso is one ahead of Olson with 22 whereas Olson has 21 to his name. He is tied with Jorge Soler who has 21.

Max Muncy stays fifth in the National League Leaderboard as of June 21.

Here is the list of home run leaders 2023 in National League:

1.    Pete Alonso, 22
2.    Matt Olson, 21
3.    Jorge Soler, 21
4.    Kevin Schwarber, 20
5.    Max Muncy, 18
6.    Ozzie Albies, 17
7.    Mookie Betts, 17
8.    Cobin Caroll, 16
9.    J.D Martinez, 16
10.    Ronald Acuna Jr., 15

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