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MLB Green Ribbon Meaning Explained- Why Is Everyone Wearing On Jerseys?

By Roshan Khatiwada / 3 May 2023 06:35 AM

All MLB teams wears the green ribbon for supporting the cause for mental health awareness.
Source : instagram

Baseball Green Ribbon Meaning is to symbolize mental health awareness. Tampa Bay Rays wear a green ribbon on the upper left corner in May month.

The ribbon symbolizes various meanings, such as bipolar disorder, depression, and mitochondrial diseases. One of them is mental health and mental illness awareness.

The month of May is known as a mental health awareness month. Cognitive well-being is an important topic worldwide, including in the world of baseball, as more and more players report about their past and present struggles.

Players like Drew Robinson, Andrelton Simmons, Ryan Sherriff, and Chris Devenski have openly shared their battle with mental illness and issues. According to WHO, one in five people suffers from cognitive health problems post-conflict.

All thirty teams and MLB are working together to raise awareness about the topic and help players through this rough phase. 

What Is The Green Ribbon On MLB Jerseys

Green ribbon on MLB uniforms is an attempt by teams and MLB to raise mental health awareness. It is an international symbol of mental awareness.

Tampa Bay Rays were the first MLB team to use this symbol in their uniforms. They did so during the entire month of May 2022.

Many high-profile players have recently been open about their present or past experiences with cognitive health problems. The former Rangers and Cardinals utility player Drew Robinson survived a suicide attempt with a gun.

The incident resulted in losing his smell and taste and one eye. He has advocated for speaking about mental health issues ever since and has inspired many with his story Alive: The Drew Robinson Story, which was shared on ESPN.

Randy, after smashing the first homer of the 2022 season.
Source : instagram

Similarly, Royals pitcher Danny Duffy and D-Backs relief pitcher Ryan Butcher have discussed at length about their struggles with depression. There have been many other instances of players taking a leave due to mental health or quitting the sport.

There are many possible reasons behind these now frequent cases of players suffering from mental health problems. Some include the constant pressure to outperform others daily, to prove your quality, and more.

In addition, the anxiety and stress of thinking about whether you will be traded or released. Going to a new team is not as easy as it seems, as players have to move their entire family to a new place and adapt to new environments.

And there is the fan aspect of the game. Players must constantly deal with fans on different platforms, some of whom criticize every part of their game, from appearance to performance.

Thus, there needs to be a general awareness of these issues to both the players and the fans. The Bay Rays have started a revolution with their campaign, which will help many players.

Green Ribbon On Rays Uniform

Mental health awareness green ribbon on the Rays uniform is worn to honor their bullpen catcher Jean Ramirez. He passed away by suicide in January 2022.

Ramirez, who was 28 then, played for three seasons in the Minor League for the Rays before working as a bullpen catcher in 2019. The player, born in Puerto Rico and raised in Texas, started college at the University of Arkansas.

However, he graduated from Illinois State University and was drafted by the Rays in the 28th round. The player was suffering from cognitive health issues; however, no one knew that.

The club announced his passing through their official Twitter account. The team remembered their bullpen catcher during May 2022, mental health awareness month.

Tropicana Field lit green for the month of mental health awareness
Source : facebook

Rays held a pregame moment of silence with his number 98 painted onto the pitcher's mound. In addition, the players wore stickers of the same number on their helmets and green ribbons on their chests.

Ramrirez's father, Carlos, and mother, Toni, were present during the game. The family stood alongside the Rays during the pregame silence.

Carlos, who was wearing his son's jersey, hugged his wife and all the Rays relievers before the start of the game. Third-base coach Rodney Linares, catcher Mike Zunino, and outfielder Kevin Kiermaier were the other players the couple embraced.

Rays Baseball Foundation announced a donation of $5,000 to the charity of Ramirez's choice, Keeper of the Game. The foundation provides special baseball experiences to children and young teenagers with special needs and disabilities.

Further, the club also announced the auction of the No. 98 uniforms the Rays had worn during a Spring Training Game. All the proceeding of the auction was given to the Crisis Center of Tampa.

The team from Florida did that throughout May. The club, along with Ramirez's parents, has ever since been committed to raising awareness related to cognitive health problems.

In addition, they have been participating in various on-field and off-field efforts to raise awareness in the community. They have continued their campaign in the current MLB season.

Harold Ramirez, after executing the double steal
Source : instagram

The first game of May 2023 for the Rays saw them with the green ribbon on their chest once again. They started the month perfectly, defeating the Pirates with a score of 4-1 at Tropicana Field.

It was fitting enough that the player of the match was someone named Ramirez, right-fielder Harold Ramirez.

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