MLB Average Age By Team 2023 Recorded

By Roshan Khatiwada / 29 September 2023 04:36 AM

Pirates is the youngest team in MLB in 2023 right now.
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MLB average age by team 2023 has Dodgers with the oldest and Pirates with the youngest squad. The Pirates squad has an average player age of 26.1.

The average age of the team changes frequently as some players leave the club after the end of the season, and some join. The age differs throughout the season, and the process of players getting promoted to the major league or demoted to the minor league is never-ending.

Players being placed on the injured list, bereavement list, or out for other reasons also affect the average age of the team's active roster. A major league team rarely finishes the season with the same squad they had during the opening day.

Average age by team is a metric used to calculate a particular team's average age based on their active roster. It helps to assess whether the unit is filled with veteran players with experience or with young talents who are full of energy.

MLB Team Average Age 2023

Average age of MLB player was 29.33 years during the opening day of the 2023 season. Los Angeles Dodgers, with an average age of 30.2 are the oldest squad.

Similarly, the Pittsburgh Pirates are the youngest team in the National League, whereas the Miami Marlins are the oldest team in the NL. 

Seven of the ten teams with the highest average age in the major league are from the National League. Marlins, Padres, Cardinals, Braves, Giants, Brewers, and Dodgers are the NL teams on the top ten list.

Toronto Blue Jays join the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros as the only three teams from AL to feature in the top ten. 

Reds are the youngest team in the National League for the 2023 MLB season
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Here is a list of all the thirty MLB teams with their average age:

Detroit Tigers27.5
San Francisco Giants29.3
Pittsburgh Pirates26.1
Seattle Mariners27.6
Tampa Bay Rays28.2
Chicago White Sox28.1
New York Mets28.7
TeamsAverage Age
Baltimore Orioles28.2
Philadelphia Phillies27.8
Minnesota Twins28.6
Boston Red Sox28.6
Milwaukee Brewers29.5
Texas Rangers29.7
St Louis Cardinals29.5
Toronto Blue Jays29.6
Arizona Diamondbacks28.6
New York Yankees28.3
Chicago Cubs28.4
Washington Nationals27.1
Los Angeles Dodgers30.2
Houston Astros29.6
Kansas City Royals26.9
Los Angeles Angels27.4
Cleveland Guardians26.8
Atlanta Braves29.3
Miami Marlins30.1
San Diego Padres29.5
Colorado Rockies28.2
Oakland Athletics26.9
Cincinnati Reds28

Youngest Team In MLB By Players

Youngest MLB team is Pittsburgh Pirates. The team from the central division of the National League has an average age of 26.1.

The Pirates have a young and talented roster that failed to book a spot in the postseason. They are currently fourth in the NL Central division with a record of 74-84.

Houston Astros is among the oldest teams in MLB.
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They have several players who are twenty-five years old or younger, including pitchers Kyle Nicolas (24), Carmen Mlodzinski (24), Quinn Priester (23), Endy Rodriguez (23), and Liover Peguero (23). Pirates have twelve players who are twenty-five or younger.

These young players have been vital in guiding the Pirates to an improved record than the previous season when they finished 62-100. Connor Joe (31), the team's outfielder, is the only player over thirty years of age.

The Pirates have a promising future ahead of them with their young and talented roster that keeps growing and improving. The NL Central team also has a strong farm system that ranks among the  MLB's top farm systems.

Youngest MLB Player In 2023

Youngest MLB player 2023 is Eury Perez of the Miami Marlins as of June 14, 2023. Perez was born on April 15, 2003, and is twenty years old.

Perez made his MLB debut on May 13, 2023, against the Reds. The pitcher pitched 4.2 innings and struck out seven batters but also conceded two home runs and gave away two walks.

He has a record of 3-1 with 30 strikeouts and an ERA of 2.17 as of June 14, 2023. In his last game, he pitched five innings against the White Sox and struck out six batters.

Euly Perez is the youngest player in the league this season
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The Marlins starting pitcher recorded his first major league win on May 18 against the Nationals. Eury struck out six opposition batters while pitching five innings at an ERA of 2.79.

Jordan Walker of the St. Louis Cardinals was the youngest player on the 2023 major league season opening-day roster. The Cardinal's right fielder was also twenty years old when he was named to the opening-day roster and when he made his major league debut.

Oldest Team In MLB By Players

Oldest MLB team in 2023 season is the Los Angeles Dodgers. The team from the West division of the National League has an average age of 30.2.

The Dodgers have won twenty-one division titles, twenty-four NL pennants, and seven World Series titles throughout their hundred and forty years of history. They have a squad filled with veterans as they have fourteen players who are thirty years or more of age.

Emmet Sheehan (24) is the youngest player on the team, whereas Lance Lynn (36) is the oldest. Some of their veteran players include pitchers Clayton Kershaw (35) and Ryan Brasier (36), outfielder David Peralta (36), and designated hitter J.D. Martinez (36).

Only three players in the team are twenty-five years of age or below. The team has an abundance of experience which has helped them qualify for the 2023 Major League Baseball playoffs.

They are currently top in the division with a record of 98-60 and are guaranteed to win their division. They are seeded second in the league, directly qualifying for the National League Division Series.

Dodgers is the oldest team right now in 2023.
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Oldest MLB Player In 2023

Oldest MLB player in 2023 season is forty-three-year-old Rich Hill of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The pitcher made his major league debut for the Chicago Cubs on June 15, 2005.

Hill has played for a total of twelve major league teams throughout his fourteen-year career, including three stints with the Red Sox. The player has been unlucky a few times during his career, as he is the only pitcher in Major League history to have a perfect game broken by a fielding error in the ninth inning.

Further, he is also the only player to have a no-hitter broken up in extra-innings by a walk-off homer. As of June 14, Rich has a career record of 88-64, accumulating 1361 strikeouts at an ERA of 3.87.

His record for the 2023 season is 6-5 with an ERA of 4.23. The Pirates pitcher has struck out sixty-seven batters in the ongoing Major League season.

Hill has appeared in two World Series with the Dodgers in 2017 and 2018 but has not been able to capture one. He was given the Tony Conigliaro Award in 2019.

The forty-two-year-old designated hitter of the San Diego Padres, Nelson Cruz is the second oldest player in the major league this season.

MLB Average Age By Team 2022

Average age by team 2022 was also topped by the 2023 leaders, New York Mets. They had an average age of 30.68.

Miami Marlins, who are second in 2023 with an average team age of 30.5, were not even in the top fifteen last season. They ranked eighteenth with an average of 28.54.

Similarly, the Yankees, who are seventh this season, were the second-oldest team the previous year. The Nationals were the third-oldest team last season with 29.96, but surprisingly ranked third youngest squad in 2023 with 27.8.

Yankees were the second oldest team in the previous edition of MLB
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Atlanta, the sixth-oldest team last season, has maintained consistency, unlike other teams, and remains the fifth-oldest team in the major league for the 2023 season.

Like with the Mets, the youngest team of last season was the Cleveland Guardians. They had the same average age as of this season, 26.4.

The Reds are the second-youngest squad in the MLB this season, but they were in mid-table in this category last year.

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