Best MLB Records Since All Star Break

By Ayush Khadka / 7 September 2023 04:37 AM

All-Star matches happens in July and points the mid-point of the season as well.
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Best MLB Record Since All Star Break 2023 are by Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cleveland Indians. The Athletics displayed a .773 winning percentage.

The 2023 All-Star game will be held on 11 July at the T-Mobile Park in Seattle. 34 players will play at the diamond field, entering through the voting processes. An All-Star Game MVP Award is given to the best player in the event. 

MLB All-Star is a special game held annually on the second or third Tuesday of July. This is done to symbolize the halfway point of a particular season. The first All-Star was inaugurated on 6 July 1933 and has become a tradition today, with the exceptions of 1945 (WWII) and 2020 (Covid-19 pandemic).

In this event, the best-rated players from AL and NL are invited to play, from the starters to the reserve. Fans select the fielding department, while the managers choose their pitchers and the reserve players.

MLB officials choose the stadiums for the event. The Yankee stadium and Guardians have hosted the most matches, each with 4.

Best Record At All Star Break

Best record at All Star break MLB is Boston Red Sox who established a 66-29 win-loss record in the 2018 season. 

The Red Sox have won 4 WS since 2004.
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They had managed a two-win streak, with a 5.41 run per game. Similarly, their pitchers showcased a dominant record, allowing only 3.74 runs per match. They managed to make a +163 run differential before the All-Star break too. 

The team won two games against Toronto Blue Jays in their last two outings before the break occurred. They also won all the July games against Texas Rangers, Kansas City Royals, and Washington Nationals. 

Under the leadership of Manager Alex Cora, BoSox finished first in their AL East division that year, with a final record of 108-54. They went on to win the World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers by 4-1.

Top 10 All Star Break Records Teams 

Best record in MLB since All Star break cover 2001 Oakland Athletics and 1954 Cleveland Indians. 

Here is a list of the top 10 teams with the best records before the All-Star:

  • Cleveland Indians (1954) - 55-16
  • Oakland Athletics (2001) - 58-17
  • St. Louis Cardinals (1942) - 63-19
  • Brooklyn Dodgers (1953) -  55-18
  • Montreal Expos (1994) - 20-7
  • Atlanta Braves (1993) - 54-19
  • Cleveland Indians (2017) - 55-20
  • Chicago Cubs (1935) - 60-22
  • Baltimore Orioles (1970) - 54-21
  • Oakland Athletics (2002) - 53-21

1954 Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians record since the all-star break was a 55-16 win-loss record in the 1954 season. This is the best record of all time, displaying a .775 winning percentage. 

The Cleveland franchise have a large WS drought.
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The team's players showcased 2,460 at-bats appearances in total, and contributed 352 runs, including 75 homers and 98 doubles. The Indians batter managed to average .752 OPS and a .263 batting average. 

Centerfielder Larry Doby was a star hitter for the franchise, registering 32 home runs and 18 doubles from 577 batting appearances. Similarly, the third baseman made a .300 batting average, smashing 24 moon shots and 76 runs from 140 hits. 

The team ultimately finished with a 111-43-2 record and became first in the AL. They achieved the AL pennant but lost the World Series to New York Giants by 4-0. 

2001 Oakland Athletics

Athletics record since the all-star break was 58 wins and 17 losses in the 2001 season. They showcased a .773 winning percentage. 

The franchise played 75 games and established the second-best record in ML history per season. The team made 2593 at-bats appearances, 480 runs, and 107 home runs with 451 RBI. The batting average was .279, while the slugging percentage was .477. 

First baseman Jason Giambi was the star hitter for the team that year, making 38 dingers and 47 doubles while maintaining a 1.137 OPS. Similarly, starting pitcher Barry Zito made 205 strikeouts and 17 wins from 214.1 innings pitched. 

The Athletics ultimately finished with a 102-60 record and became second in their AL West division. In the post-season, they reached the AL Divisional Series but lost to the Yankees 3-2. 

1942 St. Louis Cardinals

Cardinals record since all-star break displayed a 63-19 win-loss record in the 1942 season, with a .768 winning percentage. 

The Cardinals established an epic season in 1942.
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The Cardinals made 2935 at-bats appearances after the All-Star game and registered 429 runs from 817 hits. Their batter accumulated a total of only 28 runs and 154 doubles. The players also averaged a .278 batting average and .729 OPS. 

Outfielder Enos Slaughter made 591 at-bats for the team and crushed 13 homers and 31 doubles while accumulating 100 runs. Enos also displayed a .318 batting average and .906 OPS. Starting pitcher Mort Cooper made 10 shutouts, 22 wins, and 152 strikeouts from 278.2 innings. 

The franchise eventually finished first in the NL with a 106-28-2 record. Moreover, they also won the WS title with a 4-1 win over the NY Yankees. 

Cubs Record Since All Star Break

Cubs record since All Star Break is 39 wins and 31 losses in the 2022 season. 

With a .557 winning percentage, the Cubs had a pretty good ride in the latter half of the 2022 season. The team's batting side managed to make 2301 at-bats appearances and contributed 271 runs in total. From 532 hits, the Cubs batters made 71 homers and 110 doubles. 

The Cubs finished in the third position in their NL Central division, with a 74-88 record in the final. Willson Contreras was the star hitter with 22 homers and a .815 OPS. Meanwhile, Justin Steele pitched 119 innings and registered 26 wins and 126 strikeouts.

Yankees Record Since All Star Break 2022

New York Yankees developed a 35-35 win-loss record since All Star Break in 2022. 

Judge is one of the dominant players in the MLB as of 2023.
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The Pinstripers displayed a .500 winning percentage, and their batters made 2343 at-bats appearances, alongside 310 runs and 552 hits. They scored 97 moon shots and 94 doubles while maintaining a .402 slugging percentage.

At the end of the season, the Bronx Bombers finished with a 99-63 win-loss record, becoming first in the AL East division. They went on to lose the ALCS to Houston Astros 4-0. 

Captain Aaron Judge made an incredible 62 homers, with 131 RBI and a .686 slugging percentage. Meanwhile, Gerrit Cole pitched 204 innings and recorded 257 strikeouts.

Best Record Before All Star Game

Best MLB record before the All Star break covers 1998 New York Yankees and 2001 Seattle Mariners. 

The Bronx Bombers have the best feat after the AS game.
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Here is the list of the top 10 teams with the best performance before the All-Star break:

  • New York Yankees (1998) - 61-20
  • Seattle Mariners (2001) - 63-24
  • Brooklyn Dodgers (1942)  - 52-21
  • St. Louis Cardinals (1944) - 51-21
  • Brooklyn Dodgers (1952) - 51-21
  • New York Yankees (1939) - 53-22
  • Cincinnati Reds (1970) - 62-26
  • New York Mets (1996) - 59-25
  • Boston Red Sox (1946) - 54-23
  • New York Yankees (2022) - 64-28

1998 New York Yankees

New York Yankees recorded a 61-20 win-loss in their 1998 season after the all-star game. The Yankees maintained a .753 winning percentage. 

The 1998 Pinstripers are regarded as one of the best teams to ever play the sport.
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With the team members accumulating 2,794 at-bats appearances, they struck 90 dingers, 142 doubles, and 451 RBI. The hitters also showcased a .285 batting average alongside .817 OPS. 

The team ultimately finished the season with 114 wins and 48 losses and became first in their AL East division. Likewise, they won the WS title with a 4-0 win over San Diego Padres. 

Centerfielder Bernie Willaims scored 26 homers and maintained a .339 batting average and .575 slugging percentage. First baseman Tino Martinez also displayed 28 dingers from 149 hits. Similarly, starting pitcher David Cone made 209 strikeouts and 20 wins from pitching 207.2 innings. 

2001 Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners made 63 wins and 24 losses before the All-Star break in the 2001 season. 

With a .724 winning percentage during that period, the Mariners' players displayed 3046 at-bats appearances and registered 102 moon shots, 19 triples, and 171 doubles. The batters also showcased a .283 batting average and a .812 OPS. 

The team created a 116-46 win-loss record in the regular season and became first in the AL West division. However, they lost the ALCS to the Yankees by 4-1. 

Second baseman Bret Boone was the star hitter that year, playing 158 games and scoring 37 dingers, a .331 batting average, and .950 OPS. Meanwhile, starting pitcher Freddy Garcia pitched 238.2 innings and 163 strikeouts with a 3.05 ERA. 

1942 Brooklyn Dodgers

Brooklyn Dodgers established 51 wins and 21 losses after the 1942 all-star game. They have the third-best record in MLB history. 

The Dodgers played in Brooklyn before relocating to LA.
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The Dodgers created a .712 winning percentage, with their hitters getting 2,490 at-bats opportunities. They made 32 homers and 138 doubles after the AS, with a .722 OPS and a .377 slugging average.

At the regular season's end, the Brooklyn franchise made 104 wins and 50 losses and became second in the NL. Outfielder Pete Reiser scored 10 homers and contributed 89 runs. Likewise, Whit Wyatt showed a 2.73 ERA and 104 strikeouts from pitching 217.1 innings. 

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