Minute Maid Park Bag Rules And Policy Explained

By Ayush Khadka / 24 April 2023 04:22 AM

The Astros stadium is filled with various rules and guidelines.
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Minute Maid Park Bag Rules is that the team does not allow Backpacks with size restrictions. Guests can bring food in plastic bags.

2022 World Series winner Houston Astros play their home games in Minute Maid Park. This stadium opened to the public on 30 March 2000, and the Astros played their first game here on 7 April 2000. 

The stadium saw its construction begin on 1 November 1997. The original cost for the stadium is $250 million (about $395 million in 2023 terms). Schindewolfe and Associates and HOK Sport were given the task of its construction. 

In 2023, Minute Maid Park is owned by Harris County-Houston Sports Authority and has a seating capacity of 41,168 people. The Astros franchise had sold the naming rights to Minute Park (a Coca-Cola subsidiary) for 30 years worth a $100 million contract.

Minute Maid Park Clear Bag Policy

Astros Bag Policy 2023 states that no backpacks are allowed except for diaper bags and medical ones.

The Houston park at the opening night in 2023.
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Bag Policy At Minute Park 2022 is strict regarding their backpack policy stating that bags allowed must not exceed more than 16″ x 16″ x 8″. 

If you seek to bring any equipment inside the stadium, you have to ensure that only some bags will have exceptions to these measurements, like the single-compartment drawstring bags and even Astros Buddies.

A medical bag containing essential equipment like oxygen, insulin, or breast pumps will be considered. Moreover, the ballpark recommends the usage of an ADA-approved bag. 

Minute Maid Park Purse Rules

Minute Maid stadium allows small purses inside the stadium. Large ones will be prohibited by security. 

The Houston stadium before the game in 2023.
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Alongside the small purses, the Astros ballpark has also established a rule regarding the coolers, i.e., only soft-sided coolers that don't exceed the bag size of 16″ x 16″x 8″ are allowed. Styrofoam and any other hard-sided coolers are banned. 

The Astros ballpark does not allow any banners bigger than 3' x 2'. Furthermore, these banners must be presented in a show of support for the team or players and in a good manner. Slanderous or obscene banners are prohibited from getting displayed. 

Other normal accessories that are banned in the Minute Maid stadium are listed below:

  • Folding chairs
  • Luggage
  • Drones
  • Whistles and Horns
  • Cameras with lenses bigger than 8 inches
  • Tripods, bipods, or monopods
  • Laser pointers
  • Balloons
  • Skateboards and Hoverboards
  • Fireworks
  • Flagpoles
  • Animals (except for disabled people)

The Ballpark Security Has The Right To Confisticate Prohibited Items

The Astros stadium security reserves the right to take prohibited items from visitors and refrain from their entry if deemed problematic. 

The ballpark visitors need to know that Astros does not provide a separate facility outside the stadium to contain banned things (the better storage place is your car). Security has the right to check and secure any other goods that can seem malicious or offensive to the general public. 

Getting found inside the ballpark with cigarettes and illegal drugs is a big no-no. Moreover, the stadium utterly frowns upon fighting, taunting, and using derogatory language.

Obstructing other visitors' views and placing cups on the walls are deemed behavioral violations. Fans are requested not to throw any objects into the field. The ballpark spectators must also understand that no person with costumes will be allowed entry.

Food Rules

Minute Maid Park food rules state that visitors can bring their own meals if contained within a clear plastic bag that is not more than one gallon. 

Killen's BBQ has started to serve their burgers in the stadium.
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Bottled water is also allowed, and it should be no more than one liter. The packaging of the bottle should be factory sealed and clear plastic.

However, these food regulations are put in order for the Astros game events and not other special functions like concerts or corporate occasions. 

The ballpark also offers VIP access to interested fans who can hook up with premium food and beverages by getting a membership in clubs like the famous Gallagher Club. 

Food Choices Inside The Minute Maid Stadium

The Minute Maid Park has various restaurants and bars inside their stadium in multiple sections that provide food for the visitors. 

The Pluckers Wing Bar serves in the ball-park.
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Extreme Dog is present in Section 131, which provides a hot dog (a foot long!) for hungry visitors. Similarly, Papa John's also serves up pizzas filled with yummy cheese, sausage, and vegetables. 

Torchy's Taco is available at the concession stand outside in the right part of the stadium. This place serves great tacos for Mexican food lovers and also contains a picnic table. Likewise, Texas Legend Grill, in section 230, serves a special dish called Nolan Ryan 100% beef burgers.

For the children, there is Dippin Dots in section 156 and others where they serve delicious small-sized ice creams of various flavors. 

The food chains and the sections where they are available in the ballpark are listed below:

  • Dippin Dots - Sections 424, 405, 134, 105, 156
  • Love Street Bar - Section 119 
  • Papa John's - Sections 429, 125, 153, 411
  • Texas Legend Grill - Section 134 
  • H-Town Grill - Sections 308, 125, 109
  • Pluckers Wing Bar - Section 156 
  • Extreme Dog - Section 131
  • Torchy's Tacos - Concession Stand
  • Home & Away - Sections 427, 113, 156, 129
  • Elote and Pupusas - Section 124

However, baseball fans need to know that the Astros ballpark does not accept cash, and four reverse ATMs are present in the stadium.  

Food Destinations Near Minute Maid Stadium

Baseball fans can eat meals in many bars and hotels in the vicinity of the Minute Maid ballpark.

Little Woodrow's Eado is located near the stadium for recreational purposes.
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Biggio's sports bar is present at 0.3 miles away from the stadium. They serve their famous dish, Chicken & Waffle alongside Nachos and Crispy Wings. They also provide the facility of 30 entertaining screens for sports lovers to view games and their highlights. 

A four-star hotel named The Westin Houston is present just streets away from the ballpark if you want to rest your body and have delicious on-site dining options at the same time. The price range for one night stay here generally ranges from $190 to $220. 

Some popular bars present in the surrounding area of Minute Maid stadium are presented below:

  • MKT Bar
  • Biggio's
  • Neil's Bahr
  • Little Woodrow's Eado
  • Twenty24 Bar
  • Eighteen Twenty Lounge
  • Pitch 25

Some popular hotels present in the vicinity of Minute Maid ballpark are listed below:

  • Cambria Hotel Houston
  • Hampton Inn Houston
  • Magnolia Hotel Houston
  • The Westin Houston Downtown
  • Marriott Marquis Houston
  • Hampton Inn Houston Downtown

Minute Maid Park Roof Status Today

Minute Maid Park roof report is closed for the past five games since 15 April 2023. The roof was open on 14 April when Astros played against Texas Rangers. 

The retractable roof can only be closed or open once per match.
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The Houston Astros has a roof policy that determines the nature of its closure and opening during the games. The Astros shares the authority behind the roof's nature in a particular game alongside the Umpire crew chief. The Astros can only open or close the roof once during the game. 

When the roof is open at the match initiation, harsh weather conditions can force the club to close the roof. However, during normal times, the visiting team can protest against this move, saying it can create an unfair advantage for them mid-game. The umpire chief will then listen and decide on the matter. 

Likewise, when the game begins with a close roof, Astros can decide to open the roof once. It is optimal during the summer climate when the heat becomes unbearable for the thousands of fans sitting together. Again, the visiting side can protest, so the umpire chief will step in to listen to both arguments. 

The retractable roof of Minute Maid will take about 15 minutes for getting open or close. Furthermore, it took $65 million to build the roof. 

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