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Miles Mikolas Parents Stephen Mikolas And Elaine Knapp

By / 15 March 2023 04:17 AM

Miles Mikolas dad Stephan and mom Elaine interviewed after the pitcher made his MLB debut in 2014.
Source : youtube

Miles Mikolas parents Stephen Mikolas and Elaine Knapp are in the real estate business. Stephen works at NV Realty Group.

The Florida natives, Stephen and Elaine, raised their son in Jupiter, Florida, and had always been huge baseball fans. If Elaine would take her son to the Mets and Yankees games, then Stephen would take his son to Cardinals spring training. 

Little did they know that one day they would see their son live his dream by pitching in those historical stadiums. The 34-year-old has had a baseball career that has taken him to three MLB franchises and a three-year stay in Japan. 

Currently participating in World Baseball Classic with Kyle Freeland, Kyle Schwarber, and Bobby Witt Jr, representing the United States under WBC USA manager Mark DeRosa, Mikolas will be looking to retain the prestigious trophy. 

Miles Mikolas Father Stephen Mikolas And Mother Elaine Knapp

Miles Mikolas father Stephen Mikolas is a realtor associate and his mother Elaine Knapp is a sales associate. 

His mother Elaine is a graduate of Springhill College earning her degree in business communications in 1983. You can say that Miles gets his athletic genes from his mom who was a scholarship athlete earning her medals in tennis.

Currently, Elaine works at BWG Realty and has been working in the real estate sector for the past three decades. Elaine is available on Instagram, and all her posts are dedicated to her grandchildren. 

Stephen Mikolas is a real estate agent having worked for than 15 years in the sector.
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But it's not only Elaine who works in real estate development; Stephen also comes from the same background. Steve and Elaine don't seem to be together now and might have divorced a long time back. 

Miles Mikolas's dad Stephen Mikolas is a real estate associate at NV Realty Group and is available on Facebook where he shares posts related to his son's games. He graduated from Spring Hill College and lived in Japan for a few years, just like his son. 

Elaine pictured with her granddaughter and Miles's daughter Lillianne in 2019.
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Stephen has previously worked as a commercial real estate asset manager for 15 years and has lived in Florida and Manhattan.

The baseball veteran Miles Mikolas always had his parents' support in his MLB journey which has seen many highs and lows. The baseball couple, Stephen and Elaine, were interviewed the day Miles made his MLB debut.


Speaking to the MLB Network in 2014 on the day of Miles' debut against the Orioles, Stephen said he was nervous during the beginning of innings but had slowly started to settle down in the game. 

A few weeks later, Elaine was interviewed when Miles made his MLB debut at the Yankees Stadium. Elaine said as they raised Miles in Long Island, the family was regular at the Yankees and Mets Stadium. So to see her son play at the historical stadium was a pretty big deal for Elaine. 

Is Miles Mikolas Greek?

Miles Mikolas has never commented about his Greek origin. 

The starting pitcher of the Cardinals, Miles Mikolas's last name had created confusion among some baseball fans thinking he might have Greek or European origin. Born and raised in Jupiter, Florida, Miles might have roots in the European nation, but it does not look traceable. 

In none of his interviews Miles has mentioned any connection to Greece. Even on his Instagram, Miles hasn't mentioned anything about European origin. 

He has lived most of his life in Jupiter, Florida, and for three years in Japan as he signed with Yomiuri Giants in 2015. He is married to Lauren Mikolas, who like him, is a Florida native.

This year the pitcher is even representing the United States on the international stage as he is taking part in the World Baseball Classic. On December 12, 2022, it was announced that Miles was "All in" for Team USA. 

Miles Mikolas Family

Miles Mikolas was born into an athletic family. His mother Elaine Knapp was a tennis player and a coach.

Not only was Elaine well versed in the rules and technique of Tennis, but she also played basketball, and volleyball while at Jupiter High School.  She ran track and was on the swimming and diving teams.

The Cardinals pitcher, Miles Mikolas, has two siblings Karel Mikolas and a half-sister Martina Mikolas who are away from the public limelight. His aunt, Randy Mikolas, had been previously interviewed after Miles made a grand return to MLB in 2019.

Miles and Luaren arrive in the All-Star red carpet event with their four kids in 2022.
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Randy Mikolas is an elementary school teacher at Holy Trinity Catholic School. During the interview, she recalled the moment that made her realize that Miles, with his support from mum and dad, could make it big.

Randy said one day, when she talked to her brother, Miles came home disappointed after he wasn't selected for the baseball team. Stephen didn't say anything negative and told his son that he would have to work even harder on his game.

Miles Mikolas Wife Lauren Mikolas Is A Blogger

Miles Mikolas's wife, Lauren Mikolas, was a prominent television personality when she was in Japan. Lauren Mikolas had traveled to Japan with her husband as he signed with the Japanese baseball team, Yomiuri Giants.

Before becoming a blogger, Lauren Mikolas was a kindergarten teacher at Jerry Thomas Elementary School in Jupiter, Florida. Lauren and Miles dated for seven years before tying the knot on November 1, 2014.

Miles Mikolas pictured with his four kids as he gets ready for spring training.
Source : instagram

In Japan, Lauren was nicknamed "Goddess of Victory" as they believed Miles's performance would get better every time Lauren arrived at the stadium. She gained popularity in Japan as many baseball fans weren't used to seeing a wife attend her husband's games.

As her popularity in Japan picked up, Lauren launched a book called Fearless Charm, which talked about healthy food habits, skincare, and beauty tips. Lauren is also a certified wellness coach, which led her to publish the book.

Miles Mikolas pictured with his wife Lauren and their four kids during Family Day 2022 for the Cardinals.
Source : instagram

Miles and Lauren share four kids, including twins. Their first child, Lillianne Mikolas, was born on March 20, 2017, when the couple was still in Japan. After her birth, Lillianne was unveiled at the Giants stadium by her father.

The twins, Madelyn and Miles Jr, arrived in July 2018, and last year on January 6, 2022, Lauren gave birth to their fourth child, Rhett Mikolas. For Halloween last year, the Mikolas family dressed up as characters from the movie Incredibles as they celebrated the spooky festival for the first time as a family of six. 

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