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Mets Stadium Bag Policy And Other Prohibited Items

By Aditya Bhattarai / 1 June 2023 10:55 AM

Citi feild is the official home stadium of New York Mets that follows a set rules for allowed purses and handbags.
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Mets Stadium Bag Policy restricts guests from bringing bags larger than 16x16x8 inches. The Mets ballpark rules have exceptions for carrying medical kits.

New York Mets is a professional Major League Baseball team that began playing their home games at Citi Field on 3 April 2009. They built the ballpark as a replacement next to their former home ground Shea Stadium.

With an audience capacity of 41,922, the ballpark has strict rules to main the security of the guests while keeping their discipline in check. They have created restrictions and limitations regarding the belongings of the incoming fans when they come to support their favorite team.

Citi Field has a unique home run apple that increased the excitement of the audience during the games. While they promote fun for the guests, they also hold the right to eject and arrest any visitors that are guilty of creating disturbances in the game. They can confiscate any material intended for such purpose at the gate.

Likewise, there are limitations to food and water for each visitor for maintaining the business flow inside the ballpark.

Bag Policy

Citi Field Bag Policy 2023 allows guests to bring handbags, soft-sided coolers medical kits bags, and baby care bags after a thorough check.

Rules regarding handbags and bagpacks require them to be smaller than 16x16x8 inches.
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The security personnel at the ballpark can decide on allowing entry after authenticating the medical reasons, and infant status for each guest. Similarly, they allow handbags, clear backpacks with unobstructed pockets, messenger-style bags, and soft-sided coolers below the size limit. 

These bags are subject to a thorough check at the gate, and guests cannot complain about any delays due to the procedure. Citi ballpark also qualifies guests with ADA reasons for carrying backpacks and can provide entry after inspecting the belongings.

Similarly, guests can be assured that those who purchase bags, drawstrings, and backpacks with the official Mets designs from the premises will have a safety tag included in the product. They are valid for 24 hours after purchasing the product. 

Policies regarding Mets stadium Citi Field limitations on bags can be summarized through the following points;

  • Handbags and purses smaller than 16"x16"x8" are allowed.
  • Drawstring and tote bags below the size limit can be taken inside.
  • Exceptions can be made for Medical kits, ADA needs, and baby care products, including diaper bags after checking.
  • Backpacks with clear pockets and messenger bags under the required dimensions are allowed.
  • Bigger Mets Backpacks and merch sold at the premises have tags that make them valid for a day after purchase.
  • Larger backpacks, suitcases, luggage, and hard-sided coolers can be kept outside the premises.

Clear see through backpacks with no compartment hidden while being smaller than the size limit can be taken inside.
Source : facebook

People carrying larger suitcases, luggage, and backpacks are requested to leave them at a secure place before coming to the stadium. There are locker facilities within a five-minute distance from the location, mentioned by guests in Meta Filter queries.

While guests are requested to get updated with the policies of the stadiums before arrival, visitors without prior notice can get lockers. In such cases, the ballpark will provide a locker facility monitored by a third party on-site starting two hours before the game.

Meanwhile, other guests traveling with luggage can also get a hotel room or keep their belongings at a secure place outside the premises. These requirements are similar to other stadium policies, such as Target Field, Oracle Park, and other ballparks. 

Food Policy

Citi Field Food policy is guests can bring sealed foods and packaged items kept inside soft-sided containers.

Similar to policy at Globe Field and other ballparks, the following food policies apply to the guests at the Citi stadium;

Foods Inside Soft-Sided Containers 

Guests can bring properly sealed foods by keeping them inside the containers under the given size limit. 

The ballpark does not specify restrictions on sealed and packaged food items. Similar to other ballparks that allow them inside, they could be confiscated based on the assessment of the security personnel at the gate.

Stands Inside The Ballpark

The Mets ballpark has multiple shops and food concession stands all over the premises. Guests can get a wide variety of items to purchase during the game.

Mets ballpark has various stands that provide yummy delights inside the premises, similar to the nachos shown in the picture.
Source : facebook

They provide all kinds of food, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, barbeques, hotdogs, burgers, and other non-veg items.

Glass and Metallic Containers are Prohibited

The policies at Citi restrict users from bringing any glass and metal containers. Such containers will be confiscated at the gate, with the food and beverages.

Soft-sided coolers and containers are the only things allowed in the Citi field as long as they don't exceed the dimensions.

Water Bottle Policy

Citi Field Water Bottle policy limits the quantity to 20 ounces per individual. The stadium also permits one juice box for kids with soft sides below 16x16x8.

The soft-sided coolers are permitted to bring inside the ballpark as per the bag rules as long as they meet the size requirements. They can only include the specified amount of water or kids' juice box inside the cooler.

The following rules are made to monitor the water and beverage policies inside the premises.

Sealed Water Bottles of 20oz per ticket

The water quantity is limited to small 20 ounces bottles per person. They should be factory sealed until the guest enters the security gate.

In insufficient portions, guests can always visit the concession shops and stalls inside the premises to purchase more.

Ban On Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic beverages 

The guests are strictly prohibited from bringing alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages from outside. However, drinks are available on the premises inside.

Soft drinks and beverages are available at a fair price at the stands inside the citi ballpark.
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Visitors can purchase a certain amount of energy drinks and cold beverages from the stands inside the premises. Each person can only purchase alcoholic drinks twice per ticket as specified by the ballpark.

Citi Stadium will arrest or remove individuals that create nuisances after getting drunk. The drunk people are denied entry from the gate during security checkups before going inside the premises.

Umbrella Policy

Citi Field Umbrella Policy has no restrictions on guests bringing them inside the stadium. Citi Stadium authorizes its use if it does not disturb other guests.

While selfie sticks or any other metal items are restricted, umbrellas are allowed due to the chances of rain. Other weather situations that entail its usage are taken into consideration for the convenience of the audience.

SNY reporters under a single umbrella after it started raining at the Citi stadium during a Mets game.
Source : facebook

Likewise, baby strollers are permitted inside the premises, and non-foldable strollers should be stored at Hyundai Third Base Club.

Apart from these, the following items are not restricted inside the Citi ballpark:

  • Hard-Sided Coolers
  • Commercial Grade Radio
  • Cameras and other photographic equipment
  • Laser Pointers
  • Noisemakers that disturb the players and audiences
  • Fireworks
  • Musical Instruments
  • Drones

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