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New York Mets Minority Owners And Ownership Group

By Aditya Bhattarai / 26 August 2023 05:06 PM

Mets mascot taking a memorable picture with Minority owner Bill Maher in 2018 season.
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Mets Minority owners are Anthony Scaramucci, Bill Maher, and Ken Lerer. Steve Cohen is the principal owner with 95% Majority shares for the MLB franchise.

Cohen bought the largest amount of Mets majority shares in 2020 for $2.4 billion from the Wilpon family. Sterling Equities was the former owner of the team for 18 years from 2002 to 2020.

New York Mets is a Major League Baseball team established in 1962 as one of the first expansion teams. They replaced the spot after Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants left to settle in other states.

Joan Whitney Payson was the first principal shareholder and owner of the Mets from 1962 to 1975. After partnering up with Michael Donald Grant, she founded a replacement New York team under the National League in MLB.

The Mets have been competing in the National League East Division ever since their founding year. They have won two World Series titles, 5 National League Pennants, and 6 NL East Division titles over the past 61 years of history.

After Cohen bought the team in 2020, the New York Mets are ranked as the sixth valuable team in MLB, as reported by Forbes. They have $374 million in revenue while the club is worth a total of $2.9 Billion.

Mets Minority Owners List

Mets Minority owners include Anthony Scaramucci, Bill Maher, and Kenneth Lerer. The Mets ranked as the 6th most valuable MLB team worth $2.9 billion by Forbes.

Steven Cohen bought the franchise for $2.4 billion in 2020 to acquire a whopping 95% of Majority shares. It was the highest price ever paid for a North American Sports team.

Mr. and Mrs. Cohen are the owners of Mets franchise since 2021.
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New York Yankees is another Major League club from the same state that has the highest value among all other franchises. They have a total worth of $7.1 Billion as of 2023.

The principal owner Cohen has the highest authority in making decisions for the team. He is a hedge fund billionaire who intends to spare no effort in spending further in leading the team to glorious days soon.

Minority shareholders such as Maher and Lerer have largely benefited from the recent acquisition of Mets by Cohen. Since they own a 4% ownership of the club's total share, their equity has risen by multiple times after the change in ownership.

Although the minor stakeholders cannot voice their opinion among the Board of Directors, they provide support to decisions made by owner Cohen. Likewise, they have no control over any of the administrative activities in the franchise.

Here is the list of New York Mets Minority owners;

  • Bill Maher
  • Kenneth Lerer
  • Anthony Scaramucci

Bill Maher

Bill Maher is an American comedian that has 4% minor equity in New York Mets franchises. Maher bought the minority ownership interest in 2012.

Maher is famous for his satirical and sociopolitical critiques aimed at the guests invited to his show. Being a social influencer and supporter of animal rights, he targets discussions regarding various topics on religion, politics, and media.

His debates contain matters on political correctness and critical reviews on the basis of his 2008 documentary Religulous.

Kenneth Lerer

Kenneth Lerer is an American media executive as the chairman and founder of The Huffington Post. Lerer is the owner of 4% minority share of the New York Mets in 2012.

Former Buzzfeed chairman Ken Lerer is also the owner of 4% minority share for Mets.
Source : vanityfair

The former Buzzfeed chairman is also the managing director of Lerer Hippeau Ventures and chairman of Betaworks. Lerer is a Businessman and Venture Capitalist that has invested in Mets after the Walpon family issued 12 minority shares for $20 million.

He is also the former Executive Vice President of AOL Time Warner and a founding partner of Robinson, Lerer, and Montgomery (RLM). The RLM is a corporate communications firm based in New York.

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci is a former White House Director of Communications that has invested in Mets. Scaramucci is a 4% minority shareholder since 2012.

He had bought $20 million worth of shares that year to help the Wilpon family recover the MLB debt that year. After the franchise got bought by Cohen at four times its previous worth, their investments have tripled over the years.

Sacramucci is the founder of Skybridge Capital that started his career as Financier from Goldman Sachs in 1989. 

Bill Maher Mets Ownership Percentage

New York Mets owners Bill Maher owns a 4% minority share since 2012. Maher has purchased the shares at $20 million to support the team during a huge MLB debt.

Being a comedian and TV personality host with more than 44 years of experience, his total net worth of $140 million is mostly from his shares from Mets. It is worth roughly $80 million in 2023.

Maher ownership percentage in Mets has made him a millionaire worth $140 in 2023.
Source : twitter

Maher is renowned for his sociopolitical skills in hosting Real Time With Bill Maher. His satirical commentary is famous among the masses targeting topics about religion, political correctness, and mass media.

He received a Hollywood Walk of Fame star in 2010. The comedian also earned 41 nominations for Primetime Emmy Awards while winning one for his role as an Executive producer of Vice in 2014. Likewise, he obtained nominations for two Grammy awards and one Tony Award.

New York Mets Ownership Group

Mets new ownership is under Steven A. Cohen and Alexandra M. Cohen. Steven is Chairman and CEO while Alexandra is the President of the MLB club.

Steve is an American hedge fund manager at Point72 Asset Management and a billionaire businessman. On the other hand, his wife Alexandra is the president of the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation and Amazin Net's Foundation.

Mets ownership sale from 2020 was a turning point for the club since Cohen bought it at a high price of $2.4 Billion. It boosted the team's value by four times.

Since the change in ownership, the hedge fund billionaire has given his word to improving the franchise standing by spending on team improvements. His contributions have led the Mets to become a club with the highest payroll in MLB as of 2023.

New Mets owner Cohen made a commitment to make a team that performs good every year.
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New York Mets General Manager Billy Eppler is a baseball executive experienced in management since 2012. Eppler was GM of the Yankees before joining the Mets.

Eppler along with manager Buck Showalter has also been contributing to improve team performance since 2021. They lead the players by making proper decisions when selecting new recruits and managing them.

Below is the list of New York Mets front office members from the ownership group of the franchise;

  • Steven A. Cohen - Owner, Chairman, and CEO
  • Alexandra M. Cohen - Co-Owner and President (also owns Amazin' Mets Foundation)
  • Andrew B. Cohen - Vice Chairman
  • Fred Wilpon -¬†Chairman Emeritus
  • Jeanne Melino - Board of Directors
  • Chris Christie - Board of Directors

Mets Ownership History

Mets ownership history includes Fred Wilpon, Nelson Doubleday, Charles Shipman Payson, and Joan Whitney Payson. Steven Cohen is the current owner since 2021.

Here is the list of former owners and their tenure of the Mets ownership since its foundation in 1962;

  • Joan Whitney Payson - From 1962 to 1975
  • Charles Shipman Payson - Form 1975 to 1980
  • Doubleday & Co. - From 1980 to 1986
  • Nelson Doubleday Jr. & Fred Wilpon - From 1986 to 2002
  • Sterling Equities (owned by Fred Wilpon) - from 2002 to 2020
  • Steven A. Cohen - From 2020 to present

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