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NY Mets Managers By Year

By Aditya Bhattarai / 30 September 2023 01:46 PM

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Mets managers by year include Buck Showalter, Luis Rojas, Mickey Callaway, and Terry Collins. The Metsies were led by eight managers in the past 25 years.

Jerry Manuel, Willie Randolph, Art Howe, and Bobby Valentine are the other remaining managers. Showalter is the current Mets executive who has been managing the team since 18 December 2021.

New York Mets had been managed by 23 managers in total since 1962. They were founded in 1962 as one of the first Major League expansion teams in the borough of Queens after the NY Giants moved to San Francisco.

Divided between two rival teams, New York has the Yankees in the Bronx and the Mets in the borough of the Queens. Compared to the Yanks with 27 World Series titles, they have held only two World Series trophies in the last 62 seasons.

Mets General Managers Frank Cashen and Johnny Murphy were the leaders during their World Series glory. They were also inducted into the Mets Hall Of Fame.

After Steve Cohen bought the Mets on 14 September 2020, the franchise is mainly focused on winning the World Series. Cohen has changed two managers in the last four seasons in search of the best coach for the franchise.

Mets Managers Since 2000

NY Mets managers Buck Showalter, Mickey Callaway, and Willie Randolph have the best records since 2000. Showalter has a 171-162 record till 20 September 2023.

The list of Mets managers since 2000 is updated below along with their working years;

Mets ManagersWorking Years (Win Record)
1. Bobby Valentine1996 to 2002 (536-467)
2. Art Howe2003 to 2004 (137-186)
3. Willie Randolph2005 to 2008 (302-253)
4. Jerry Manuel2008 to 2010 (204-213)
5. Terry Collins2011 to 2017 (551-583)
6. Mickey Callaway2018 to 2019 (163-161)
7. Luis Rojas2020 to 2021 (109-119)
8. Buck Showalter2022 to present year (101-61)

Bobby Valentine and Terry Collins are the only two managers who have managed more than a thousand games for the club. Valentine had a better record with 536 wins and 467 losses in 1003 games over seven seasons.

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Meanwhile, Collins had more losses with a 551-583 record in 1134 games in seven seasons from 2011 to 2017. Willie Randolph is the only manager to lead more than 555 games and maintain a stable win rate of over .500 over four seasons. 

Art Howe has the lowest .424 winning percentage over his two-year tenure leading 323 games. Luis Rojas is ahead of Howe with a .464 win rate for leading the least amount of games among the eight managerial candidates since 2000.

Mets manager candidates are analyzed on their ability to finish the season with an impressive win record. They are replaced if the records are not up to the mark.

Potential Mets managers are listed by the analysts when the managers finish the season with the least number of victories. Carlos Beltran and Eric Chavez are among the options alongside Showalter for the 2024 MLB season. 

Buck Showalter

Mets manager Buck Showalter was the Manager of the year 2022. He finished the season with a 101-61 record and a .648 winning percentage.

They were tied against the Atlanta Braves as the leader of the NL East division ranks. Later, they clinched the Playoffs through the NL Wild Card.

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Showalter was appointed as Mets manager in 2022 after GM Billy Eppler and owner Steven Cohen decided to fire Luis Rojas. Buck finished the season exceptionally considering his managerial record of 1,714-1,652 over his 30-year career.

The 2023 Mets manager position continued to be led by Showalter. However, the team had the worst record of only 70 wins over 81 losses till 19 September this year.

Craig Counsell, AJ Hinch, Carlos Beltran, and Eric Chavez are possible Mets Managers for the 2024 MLB season alongside Showalter.

Luis Rojas

Luis Rojas Mets career began with a shortened season of only 60 games in 2020. He had the shortest tenure managing only 222 games with a 101-61 record.

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Mets manager Rojas had finished the 2021 season with 77 victories and 85 losses. The team had a .475 winning percentage ranking 6th in the NL Wild Card falling behind by 13 games.

Rojas began his career as a baseball executive as a Dominican Summer League Mets coach in 2007. He was promoted as an official coach for the Major League club in 2019 followed by another bump to the managerial position after Carlos Beltran left the team.

However, his tenure was cut short after the Metsies finished the MLB season with a losing record for two consecutive years. They were leading the division till the All-Star break that year. 

Mickey Callaway

Mets manager Mickey Callaway managed the team for two seasons. Callaway was fired on 3 October 2019 after being unable to lead the team into playoffs.

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The NY Mets manager 2018 record was 77-85 even after a four-year coaching experience. He was a coach at Cleveland Indians for five seasons before joining the Mets.

Callaway replaced him after Terry Collins retired in 2017 and recorded the best season starts in the franchise's history after the first 12 games. However, the club had a disappointing finish being unable to play in the playoffs.

When the team lost their qualification to reach the playoffs for another season, Callaway was removed from the team. He had a managerial record of 163-161 with a .503 win rate.

Terry Collins

Terry Collins managed the Mets for seven seasons starting from 2011 to 2017. He had a managerial record of 551-583 over his tenure with the Mets.

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His performance in reaching the World Series finals was the best record as Mets manager in 2015. They had the best win record of 90 wins by 72 losses ranking first in the NL East Division.

While they won the playoffs and National League Championships that year, they were unable to beat the Kansas City Royals in the 2015 WS finals. In the following year, they had a record of 87-75 but lost the NL Wild Card Berth to the SF Giants. 

Before 2015, they had been unable to even reach the playoffs for the past eight seasons. The Metsies had ended the season with a similar record between 77 to 79 wins for four years before 2015.

Jerry Manuel

Jerry Manuel Mets career started as the first base and outfield coach in 2005. He was promoted as an interim manager in 2008 by Omar Minaya.

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After taking command as the manager by replacing Willie Randolph, Manuel was unable to lead the team into playoffs that season. They fell behind the Phillies in the division ranks and also lost the NL Wild Card berth to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Manuel led the team for three seasons with a managerial record of 204 victories over 213 losses. He only had a .489 winning percentage throughout his Mets career.

Willie Randolph

Mets Willie Randolph managed the team for 555 games spanned over four seasons. He had a managerial record of 302-253 over his tenure with the team.

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Willie was appointed as the Mets manager in 2005 after an 11-year coaching career with the Yankees. He finished his first season with an 83-79 record but they were unable to qualify for the postseason games.

The following year, he led the NY Mets to the playoffs by clinching the NL East Division with a .599 win rate. They lost the NLCS that year against the Cardinals, halting their advance to the World Series. 

While he had relatively good records and an overall winning percentage of .555 while working with the Metsies, he was fired on 24 July 2008. He had been unable to reach the playoffs in 2007 while having worst records till the All-Star break in 2008.

Art Howe

Mets manager Art Howe had the worst managerial record with only 137 wins over 186 losses in 323 games. He led the team for two seasons from 2003 to 2004.

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His .424 winning percentage was the fourth worst in the Met's history being better than only three others. Howe had an unsuccessful career in New York as the Mets had the lowest win rates in that time.

He had an extensive career as a baseball executive while coaching for four years and managing other teams for 11 years before coming to the Mets. However, the club's record being worst for two straight years ranking last in the playoffs made a bad impression on his career.

Bobby Valentine

Bobby Valentine had the second highest stint in the last 25 years of Mets history. He had a managerial record of 536 wins and 436 losses from 1996 to 2002.

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Valentine had a winning percentage of .534 throughout his career with the Mets. Being a former utility player for the team, his executive career began with a coaching stint with the Mets in 1985.

Later, he was appointed as a manager to fill the position left by Dallas Green in 1996. His best year with the team was in 2000 when the Metsies reached the World Series finals by winning the NLCS pennant.

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