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May Topps Now MLB The Show 23

By Roshan Khatiwada / 22 May 2023 06:49 AM

The second week Topps Now program of May was released on May 19
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May Topps Now MLB The Show 23 is an honor of special moments that active players have experienced. The Topps players are divided for every week of the month.

The Diamond Dynasty mode in the game constantly releases new content and programs. Topps Now program is one of the most sought-after series for fans, sponsored by Topss, the leading card collective company in the States.

The series recognizes and celebrates active players' special moments and achievements during the season. The program is released weekly and acknowledges the events that occurred in the previous week.

The latest Topps Now program to be released is the second week of the May series. Twelve athletes were in the newest release, including the 94 OVR card of the Yankees' first baseman Anthony Rizzo.

The Yankees' first baseman last week had homered twice during his bobblehead giveaway night as the Yankees beat the Bay Rays 6-5.

Topps Now Cards

MLB The Show Topps Now cards are inspired by the previous week's moments on the real-world field. Topps Now is the longest-running program series in the game.

Fans can collect all the athletes from the series. They require points to get the rewards in the program's reward path.

The series is updated every Friday, and new rewards are added. So, gamers have a week to accumulate points and collect all the rewards of that week.

Each month has two captain cards in the Topps series in MLB The Show
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The prizes are separated at intervals of two points each. Collecting two points will reward you with the first prize, whereas four points will result in the second, and so on.

Fans can earn points by completing the moments given in the rewards path. Completing a moment results in two points, and each series consist of more than 11-12 moments.

Another way of garnering points is by using the athletes you get from the series in other modes like Ranked Season and accumulating 1000 XP points. Completing all the moments and using the athletes to generate PXP will result in enough points to complete the series.

Topps Now Players

May Topps Now players of the first week include ten players. Three of the ten athletes were from the Tigers, and two were from the Cubs.

Eduardo Rodriguez, Eric Hasse, and Riley Greene were the Tigers' athletes in the program. Rodriguez registered his 1000th strikeout in the first week of May against the Mets, whereas Greene had taken a spectacular leaping catch on center field.

On the other hand, the Tigers catcher, Hasse, scored his first Homer of the year in a five-RBI game against the Mets. Matt Mervis and Miguel Amaya were the ones representing the Cubs.

The Cubs catching prospect, Amaya, had scored his first RBI at the major league in his debut game against the Nationals in May. Mervis, another debutant for the Cubs, had scored his first run on his first hit at the majors.

Ryan Mountcastle and Eduardo Rodriguez are the highest rated prize on the first week of May
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Here is a list of all the players in the first week's program with the number of points required to acquire them:

  • 8 points: 90 overall Jose Trevino & 1000 XP
  • 10 points: 90 overall Miguel Amaya
  • 12 points: 90 overall Matt Mervis
  • 14 points: 91 overall Riley Greene
  • 16 points: 92 overall Brett Sullivan
  • 18 points: 92 rating J.P France & 1000 XP
  • 22 points: 93 overall Kevin Pillar
  • 24 points: 94 overall Eric Hasse
  • 26 points: 95 overall Ryan Mountcastle
  • 28 points: 95 overall Eduardo Rodriguez & 1000 XP

May Topps Now Week 2 Players

May Topps Now week two players included Yainer Diaz, the twenty-four-year-old Astros catcher, who smashed his first home run at the majors. There were a total of twelve players in the second week's program.

Wade Miley and Tyler O'Neill are the captain cards for May. Both the cards are from Set 2 and are of 92 ratings.

Here is a list of all the players in the second week's program:

  • 34 points: May Captains pack
  • 36 points: 90 OVR Freddy Fermin
  • 38 points: 90 OVR Alex Kirilloff
  • 40 points: 90 OVR Danny Jansen
  • 42 points: 91 OVR Jake Irvin
  • 44 points: 91 OVR Yainer Diaz
  • 46 points: 92 OVR Nolan Gorman
  • 48 points: 93 OVR Josh Lowe & 1000 XP
  • 50 points: 94 OVR Willson Contreras
  • 52 points: 94 OVR Logan Gilbert
  • 54 points: 94 OVR Anthony Rizzo
  • 56 points: 95 OVR Dominic Fletcher
  • 58 points: 95 OVR Chris Bassitt & 1000 XP

April Topps Now Players

April Topps Now week 1 players included Adam Duvall, Steve Kwan, and Mitch Garver. There were a total of eight players for the first week of April. 

The 95-rated card of the Bay Rays pitcher Jeffrey Springs was the highest-rated prize. The pitcher struck out twelve opposition batters and had six no-hit innings against the Tigers in the first week of April.

April first week had Jeffrey Springs as the highest rated player in the series with 95 rating
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Here is a list of all the players from the program:

  1. 90 rating Corey Julks  – Astros
  2. 91 rating Kyle Lewis – Diamondbacks
  3. 92 rating Steven Kwan – Guardians
  4. 93 rating Mitch Garver – Rangers
  5. 94 rating Adam Duvall – Red Sox
  6. 94 rating Kodai Senga – Mets
  7. 94 rating C.J. Cron – Rockies
  8. 95 rating Jeffrey Springs – Rays

April Topps Now Week 2 Players

April Topps Now week 2 players included the 95 overall cards of Andrew Heaney and Jake Cronenworth. They were the highest-rated prize during the second week.

Cronenworth had smashed his first career multi-homer game, whereas Heaney had tied the AL record with nine consecutive strikeouts against the Royals in the second week.

Nine players were selected for the second week of the Topps series in April
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Here is a list of all the players from the program:

  1. 90 overall Ji-Hwan Bae – Pirates
  2. 90 overall Vaughn Grissom – Braves
  3. 91 overall Nick Maton – Tigers
  4. 92 overall Braden Bristo – Rays
  5. 93 overall Franchy Cordero – Yankees
  6. 93 overall Alec Bohm – Phillies
  7. 94 overall Sean Murphy – Braves
  8. 95 overall Jake Cronenworth – Padres
  9. 95 overall Andrew Heaney – Rangers

April Topps Now Week 3 Players

April Topps Now week 3 players include Drew Smyly and Brandon Nimmo. Both athletes had a card with a 95 rating, the highest in the group.

Before the release of the third-week program, the captains for the April Topps Now program were released. Joe Musgrove and Anthony Rendon were the athletes selected.

Adam Frazier, Mason Miller, and Brent Headrick had 90 rated cards in the third week
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Here is a list of all the players from the program:

  1. 90 OVR Adam Frazier – Orioles
  2. 90 OVR Mason Miller – Athletics
  3. 90 OVR Brent Headrick – Twins
  4. 91 OVR Jordan Diaz – Athletics
  5. 92 OVR Emmanuel Valdez – Red Sox
  6. 93 OVR Julio Rodriguez – Mariners
  7. 94 OVR Kerry Carpenter – Tigers
  8. 95 OVR Drew Smyly – Cubs
  9. 95 OVR Brandon Nimmo – Mets

April Topps Now Week 4 Players

April Topps Now week 4 players included Brenton Doyle and Nick Senzel. Both players had 93-rated cards with good attributes and quirks.

Drew Maggi was also included in April's last Topps Now program. The infielder had finally made his MLB debut after spending thirteen seasons at the minor league and also registered his first hit and an RBI.

The last week of April had Pirates infielder Drew Maggi as a 90 rated card
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Here is a list of all the players from the program:

  1. 90-rated Drew Maggi – Pirates
  2. 91-rated T.J. Friedl – Reds
  3. 92-rated Tanner Bibee – Guardians
  4. 93-rated Brenton Doyle – Rockies
  5. 93-rated Nick Senzel – Reds
  6. 94-rated Andrew Vaughn – White Sox
  7. 94-prated Mauricio Dubon – Astros
  8. 95-rated Cal Raleigh – Mariners
  9. 95-rated Alex Cobb – Giants

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