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Mariners Filipino Heritage Night 2023 And More Events

By Ayush Khadka / 22 May 2023 07:52 AM

The Mariners have been celebrating their Pinoy community every year through ballpark events.
Source : twitter

Mariners Filipino Heritage Night 2023 is scheduled on 14th July at T-Mobile Park. The price is $41 Main Level or $29 View Level tickets to purchase in order.

The MLB teams conduct celebrations of various cultures and traditions for their minority community by organizing fabulous events in their home stadium. Filipino heritage night celebration is one of them, where every Filipino population in Seattle is invited for the raucous show. 

This event is held every year, and jerseys, rewards, and other merches are provided for the people present on this celebratory night.

With displays of diversity in Philipines traditions by the participants, there will be many things to see and enjoy for the spectators, especially the fireworks. Purchase the tickets and come if you are interested in this special Mariners night!

Seattle Mariners Filipino Night

Mariners Filipino Night 2023 is destined to be held in the T-Mobile Park on 14 July beginning from 7:10 pm. 

Many Philippines' immigrants are present in Seattle.
Source : twitter

The Mariners announced their decision on their website. They have called on the Filipino population in Seattle to join their celebratory night to celebrate the Pinoy culture on this date, where the Mariners will play against the Detroit Tigers. 

The tickets are priced at $29 for the view level tickets and $41 for the main level one. The Mariners have also declared that the $4 from every ticket will be dedicated to Seattle's Pinoy community. The event is public for everyone, and a person of Pinoy background is a plus point.

Where can you purchase the tickets? The tickets are available on the club's official website with single and group options. These tickets are only online and cannot be obtained through the Box office or Team store. Furthermore, no resale will be permitted, and doing so will result in the deactivation of the sold ticket.

However, all the tickets possess a deadline date, so hurry up for your seat. The deadline for the ticket's availability is slated to be 13 July 2023, sharply at 5 pm. 

What Are The Special Offers During This Night?

The Filipino Night tickets will provide additional benefits for you on this memorable night, including limited jerseys and scoreboard names. 

A Pinoy-Mariners themed jersey will be handed out at the event.
Source : facebook

Alongside being a philanthropic event, the night will feature the availability of special limited jerseys to feast your eyes upon. The limited editioned jersey in question is the Filipino-Mariners-themed uniform, which is blue, with two red lines around the shirt's placket. However, the national flag of Philipinnes will be embedded in the sleeve. 

To redeem this uniform, you should bring your tickets to Section 339 before the third inning ends. Moreover, there is the issue of limited supplies, so hurry up to get these specialized Marlins clothing. 

Moreover, there will also be the presence of fireworks and other traditional dance shows at night, so, the attendees will not be disappointed with the views and charm of this event. 

Special Benefits For The Group Tickets

The Mariners have offered exceptional benefits that are in place for the people who purchase the Groups of 20 tickets. 

The first offer includes special recognition for your group in T-Mobile Park. The Mariners will showcase your group name in the giant Scoreboard message box after the fourth inning completes. 

The secondary offer is two complimentary free tickets to attend another Mariner's regular game in the 2023 season. You can also contact Destiny Brito for more details regarding these additional benefits. 

Furthermore, to receive the giveaway items like the limited-themed uniforms, the specific Group tickets must be presented in equal amounts to get many goods. 

No resale of group tickets is allowed, and if found, there will be deactivation, and the members cannot attend the night. However, the club will refund the payments, with some service charges applied.

Mariners Filipino Heritage Night 2022

Mariners Filipino Night 2022 was held on 23 July at T-Mobile Park. The tickets were available on the team's official website via online means only. 

The Mariners have done the event annually.
Source : facebook

The deadline date for the tickets was scheduled on 22 July, Thursday, sharply at 5 pm. The event called for the Pinoy population in Seattle to rejoice in their cultural pride and come to the baseball park for a grand celebration. 

The Mariners offered a specially designed t-shirt as their limited editioned clothing as a reward, and they could only be redeemed after showing your special ticket at Section 339 before the start of the fourth inning. 

However, this year still suffering from the scares of the Covid-19 pandemic, the club announced they were selling the tickets filling the entire stadium capacity. However, if the government officials objected, there could be re-arrangement and dropping of some seats. 

The Heritage Night In 2018

The Seattle Mariners celebrated their 2018 Filipino Heritage Night on 30 July at the Safeco Field. 

Many Pinoy people have attended these events every year.
Source : facebook

The event was public for all people and had its deadline scheduled on 30 July, Monday at noon. Interested fans can also use a Promo Code "FILIPINO" at the checkout. Remember to note that this celebratory night lasted for 3 hours until 10:10 pm. 

This 2018 night featured the limited edition giveaway of a unique Baseball Cap of red, blue, and white color schemes representing the Philippines. 

The cap had a Mariners logo at the front, and the Philippines national flag was embedded. This giveaway was only available for this one night and for the special ticket holders.  

The Heritage Night In 2012

The Seattle Mariners organized their Heritage Night In 2012 on 1 August at the Safeco Field, beginning at 7 pm sharp. 

The Pinoy community in Seattle get donated the majority of ticket prices.
Source : facebook

The Mariners were playing the Toronto Blue Jays on this date and had offered their special ticket for $15 per person, and the ticketholder will be able to seat themselves at a special section for this beautiful night. The event went on for three hours till its end at 10 pm. 

There was a possibility for group tickets, and people had to purchase them in a group of 25. This function would be effectively suited for the employees of a particular organization attending together. The team also offered the provision of the group name to be presented on the scoreboard.

Moreover, these heritage nights also feature Filipino cultural cuisines for guests to enjoy. This helps the attendees to feel a semblance of the Philippines even though they are not physically present in the country itself. 

Irish Heritage Night Mariners

Mariners Irish Heritage Night is scheduled to be held on 30 May 2023. The event will be organized at the T-Mobile Park from 7 pm. 

There are many Irish-origin fans of the Seattle Mariners.
Source : facebook

The cost for an individual ticket is priced at $55 for the main level and $30 for the view level one. The club has dedicated $5 from each to Seattle's Irish Heritage Club. 

The Mariners has called for all the Irish folks to come to this Emerald Isle night that will showcase traditional shows and fireworks. The Northwest Pacific club will be against the New York Yankees on this date. 

Also, remember to purchase your tickets before 5 pm on 29 May since they are the deadline date for this celebratory night. Moreover, the tickets are only obtained online and are not for sale at the Box office or Team Store. 

Special Offers For The Irish Night

The Mariners have provided special giveaways and other features for their audience in this Irish event. 

A hoodie will be the major giveaway in this event.
Source : facebook

There is a limited edition giveaway of a lightweight hoodie for the people, which is green, featuring the Mariners logo on the front. Likewise, 'Seattle' is written in Orange text on the sleeve side. 

This hoodie can be redeemed from Section 339, which you must go before the fourth inning officially begins. Only the special ticket-holders are subject to getting this hoodie and hurry up so the supplies do not finish before their arrival. 

Other Offers For The Irish Heritage Event

Guests who purchase the group tickets can get additional benefits like their Group name featured on the Scoreboard. Employees of a firm can use this option to promote their firm and dedication to the celebration of this beautiful community.


Moreover, group tickets should be presented to receive the giveaways in bulk. Two free tickets are also provided to the group ticket-holders to attend another 2023 regular season game. 

Remember that there is an option for reselling your individual or group tickets to other parties. If any person is found to be performing this activity, then the team has the right to deactivate the ticket/s and refund the money. 

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