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Marcus Stroman Parents Earl Stroman and Adlin Auffant Were On The Same Page Regarding Discipline

By / 29 March 2023 03:15 AM

Marcus Stroman pictured with his dad Earl and mom Adlin during his time with the Toronto Blue Jays.
Source : twitter

Marcus Stroman parents Earl Stroman and Adlin Auffant come from mixed heritage. Earl separated from Adlin when Marcus was ten.

Throughout the years, the Chicago Cubs pitcher, Stroman, has proved his doubters wrong. Standing at 5ft 8, Stroman is one of the shortest pitchers in the league, but he hasn't let this become his weakness. 

Not giving up is one of the attributes, Marcus learned from his dad and mom. Earl and Adlin were demanding a pair, and at one point Marcus even felt exhausted, but now the 31-year-old realizes what his dad and mom prepared him for. 

Recently, Stroman played in the WBC for Puerto Rico and had previously won the same tournament in 2017 representing Team USA alongside Giancarlo Stanton. Stroman is part of the opening roster of the Cubs, starring alongside Drew Smyly and Nico Hoerner

Marcus Stroman Father Earl Stroman And Mother Adlin Auffant

Marcus Stroman parents Earl Stroman and Adlin Auffant separated when he was in fifth grade.

But unlike many, Marcus was lucky that his parents kept their differences aside when it came to raising him and his siblings. The oldest of the three, Marcus Stroman, was born and raised in Long Island and grew up as a Yankees fan. 

Toddler Marcus Stroman pictured with his dad Earl and mom Adlin.
Source : twitter

You might not believe it, but when it came to basketball, football, and baseball, the latter was the least favorite of the pitcher. But the love for the bat and ball game began once he realized basketball might not be the best fit for him because of his small frame.

Throughout the entire ordeal of becoming a professional athlete, Marcus always had the support of his dad and mom. In many of his interviews, Earl Stroman has refused to take any credit but has always said it was his son and the hard work that put him in the place he deserved. 

Earl Stroman Is A Detective In Suffolk

Marcus Stroman's father Earl Stroman is a graduate of Patchogue-Medford High School.

Earl Stroman wanted his son to become a football player. Many baseball fans are familiar with the pitcher's dad and it is because of his physical appearance. Eric can certainly pass off as being a wrestler looking at the size of his triceps. 

A tweet from 2017 went viral as a Twitter user wrote that Eric could probably rip a person's right off if he wanted to do.

Earl Stroman pictured with his grandson Kai as he watches Marcus play for the Cubs.
Source : instagram

A man who protects the law, we certainly wouldn't expect Eric to do so, without any justifiable reason. Earl Stroman has worked as a detective for more than 35 years in Suffolk. Previously, the father-of-three has talked about the injustices faced by people of color at the hands of police officers in an interview with Newsday in 2021.


Growing up with his dad, Marcus faced a hard time. His dad would make him run up the hill and make him push weighted sleds when he was six. Earl would organize sparring contests between him and Sabria in their living room.

But it was only later that Marcus realized everything his father did was for his benefit. In 2015 when Marcus suffered an injury that looked like it ended his season, Earl and Adlin worked together to nurse their son's injury.

After Marcus made a successful recovery, and Blue Jays headed to the off-season, Earl Stroman gave an emotional interview to CBC News as he talked about how hard his son had worked to be back on the diamond. 


Earl is available on Instagram with the username @earlstroman, where the proud father shares a post of his two high-achieving sons in baseball. He also makes sure to post tributes to his daughter Sabria as well.

Earl also makes sure to post photos with his only grandson and is seen on his grandfather's duties whenever he travels to the stadiums. In a post shared on March 20, 2022, Earl is seen with his grandson on his arm as he captioned the post, "Father watching son and son watching father."

Marcus Stroman Mother Adlin Auffant Comes From Puerto Rican Heritage

Marcus Stroman mother Adlin Auffant was hands-on when raising her son.

She focused equally on his academics as much as she did on baseball. Marcus's mum and dad wanted the best education for their son so they made him choose Duke University. 

Marcus Stroman pictured with his mom Adlin and son Kai during the WBC Tournament.
Source : instagram

In 2017, as Marcus faced the dilemma of choosing Team USA or Team Puerto Rico in the WBC, Marcus chose to side with Team USA, the land of his father. He was eligible to play for Puerto Rico because of his mother's connection. 

And you could say it was the right decision as Team USA lifted the trophy and Stroman was named the MVP of the tournament. But this year, Marcus decided to honor his mother's roots.

For 2023 WBC, Stroman decided to play for Puerto Rico and represent his mother's roots. And though he couldn't lift the title for the second time, Marcus Stroman wore the blue and white colors with great pride. 

Marcus Stroman Sister Sabria Stroman Is Married To The Love Of Her Life

Marcus Stroman sister Sabria Stroman is four years older than him. Sabria lavishly celebrated her 30th birthday in 2017.

The older sibling of the MLB pitcher, Sabria Stroman, had a huge surprise waiting for her at the Rogers Stadium in 2017. She was called onto the field by her big brother to throw the ceremonial first pitch on her 30th birthday.


Gearing up in a pitcher's stance, Sabria's pitching wasn't that bad, and with a little bit of help from her brother, Sabria can certainly improve it. The siblings share a tight-knit bond with Marcus previously sharing a birthday tribute for his sister from his Twitter handle.

The pitcher shared a series of throwback pictures as he wrote lovely words for her. Sabria is available on Twitter with the username @SabriaDanielle and is used to sharing tweets about current happenings and baseball. 

Sofia Tied The Knot With Adam Adbat In 2015

The older sister of Marcus Stroman married Adam Abdat in 2015. Adam is a St. John's University graduate with a degree in sport management and has a J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law. 

Adam is a director of operations at HDHM Apparel and has previously worked as a SportVU operator for the NBA team Brooklyn Nets. Adam's journey at the Nets began in 2014 as an intern for basketball operations, and he left the NBA side in 2017.

Sabria pictured with her husband Adam Abdate in a picture shared by her on Twitter.
Source : twitter

Prior to working for the Nets, Adam worked for New York Knicks as well as an intern before joining Video Coordinator for the University of North Florida Men's Basketball. 

Adam is available on Twitter with the username @ABAdaGOAT and is constantly sharing tweets related to his former employers.

Marcus Stroman Brother Is A Phenomenal Baseballer

Marcus Stroman brother Jayden Stroman is an infielder and is committed to Duke University. Jayden has followed in his footsteps. 

Born in 2007, Jayden Stroman is sixteen years younger than Marcus. If there is one category in which Jayden beats out his brother, then that is in height. At 15, Jayden already measures 6ft and will graduate in 2025. 

Jayden Stroman pictured training earlier this year in February 2023.
Source : instagram

In August 2022, from his Instagram handle, Jayden confirmed the news that he had committed to Duke University. In his celebratory post, Jayden thanked his family and coaches who helped him reach the position he found himself.

There might be a significant age gap between the brothers, but this hasn't let it affect their bond. The veteran pitcher is trying his best to guide his little brother, and in 2018, Jayden did write something special for Marcus.

On Twitter, Marcus shared that Jayden had written about him for a school assignment requiring the student to talk about the person they considered their hero. Marcus shared the clipping with his followers and said the kind gesture of his little brother had brought him to tears.

Jayden has already represented Team USA internationally, having played for U-12 and U-14. Marcus has previously shared several videos of Jayden on Twitter, giving us an idea that the Stroman legacy is in safe hands. 

Marcus Stroman Family

Marcus Stroman comes from a family that gave equal importance to sports and academics.

Earl and Adlin were quite demanding parents and wanted Marcus to give his 100% on everything he did. It was a tough upbringing for Marcus but one that taught him valuable life lessons. 

Now as Marcus nears his ninth season in the MLB, he already has his predecessor set to take over. His little brother, Jayden, has already become the talk of the town in the MLB circuit and is ready to carry on the Stroman name in the league. 

Marcus Stroman Parents A Baby Boy With Partner Shannon Nadj

Marcus Stroman and his partner Shannon Nadj are proud parents to a baby boy. Marcus and Shannon are yet to be married.

Some of you might have heard Shannon's name before, as she is famous among Hollywood A-listers.

Shannon Nadj is the founder of HOT Pilates, a pilates studio in Hollywood, California, where stars like Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Selena Gomez have been put through their paces. 

Marcus Stroman pictured with his baby mama Shannon and their son Kai at Wrigley Field in 2022.
Source : instagram

In an interview, Shannon said she had always felt connected with sports as she came from a family that cherished it and was involved in figure skating from a young age. She established Hot Pilates in 2014 and, since then, has found major success in the business. 

The pilates instructor has a huge following on Instagram, with 58.4k followers engaging on her profile. Marcus and Shannon have preferred to keep their relationship away from the public limelight and have shared only a few pictures. 

Marcus Stroman pictured with Shannon and their son Kai in a picture shared in February 2022.
Source : instagram

Shannon gave birth to the couple's first and only child, Kai Zen Stroman, on August 11, 2021. Since the birth of her son, Shannon's Instagram page has been filled with pictures of the toddler traveling to games or enjoying vacation with his parents. 

Last year, Shannon shared a picture of her holding Kai, who was wearing jersey no. 0 of his dad as they geared up for the opening day. A few months later, on June 20, 2022, the family of three was all smiles as they enjoyed a day out at Wrigley Field. 

Young Kai was pictured with his grandmom as his dad represented Puerto Rico in the WBC. And now the little one is probably ready to cheer for the Cubs on the opening day against Milwaukee Brewers.

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