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Lucas Giolito Wife Ariana Giolito Is An Equestrian Turned Veterinarian

By / 20 February 2023 09:36 AM

Lucas and Ariana are pictured at the red carpet of the Baseball Scouts Foundation In 2020.
Source : instagram

Lucas Giolito wife Ariana Giolito was an equestrian at Southern Methodist University. Lucas married Ariana in 2018 at The Ebell.

Lucas started dating Ariana while they were high school students. On the day of their engagement, Ariana recalled the moment when Lucas promised her when they were 18, and he told her he would marry her one day. 

At the time, Ariana thought it was a joke, but it became a reality in 2018. Unlike other couples, Ariana and Lucas hardly have enough time to meet each other, but they try their best. 

The White Sox pitcher hasn't been able to capture his 2018 All-star form in the past few seasons. But he has welcomed the criticisms and said he has been working in the gym to be on the lighter side as bulking up last season backfired.

Giolito is primed to be one of the names in the opening-day roster of The White Sox, who let go of their former second baseman Josh Harrison as a free agent. 

Ariana Giolito Is A Veterinarian

Ariana Giolito is an intern veterinarian having graduated from UC Davis Veterinary Medicine in 2022.

Lucas shared a sweet tribute post for his better half on May 30, 2022, as he talked about the hard work she had poured into achieving success. He attended the graduation ceremony and was in awe after his partner was addressed as Dr. Ariana Dubelko. 

Ariana Giolito shows her degree from University of California in veterinary in 2022.
Source : instagram

Born on  January 9, 1994, Ariana Giolito is the daughter of Robert and Janine Dubelko. She also has a brother in Alex Dubelko, who is a senior product manager at the software company TradeStation.

Prior to earning her veterinary medicine degree, Ariana had already received a double degree in Applied Physiology and Health Management along with public relations and strategic communications from Southern Methodist University. 

At Southern Methodist University, Ariana was part of the equestrian team. She began her training at age seven, and during her stay at SMU, she was trained under the guidance of Susie Scroher, Dick Carvin, and Francie Steinwedell-Carvin. 

Ariana pictured with her pets Louie and Scallop as she shared the picture of her and her furry pets on Instagram in 2021.
Source : instagram

Her love for animals is quite evident on her Instagram page. Though she might have moved on to become a veterinarian, Ariana can still be seen sharing photos of her time with the horse she has named Jellybean. 

In one of the videos shared by Ariana, the doctor can be seen giving sweet kisses, which were returned by Jellybean and later placing her food. In the caption, Ariana wrote that it had become her nighttime routine. 

Ariana pictured riding her horse Jellyebean as she shares the picture of them on her Instagram handle in 2022.
Source : instagram

Currently, Ariana is going through her intern year and gives quick updates to her 3k followers on the animals she has been taking care of. Recently, she shared a picture of her treating a baby bear. 

An animal lover, Ariana has a pet rescue dog, Louie, who accompanies her and Lucas during their trip to different states. He even has a separate Instagram handle with the username @louieandjuice. 

Ariana And Her Connection To Showbiz

Ariana Giolito is a niece to the Hollywood producer and writer Michael Dubelko.

Few of his movie credits as a producer have been listed on IMDb. His wife, Dagny Hultgreen, is an American actress and entertainment reporter.

Dagny previously worked for E! News Live and was one of the first entertainment reporters on Good Day, L.A. The couple has three daughters, Paige, Skylar, and Taylor. The three sisters, especially, Skylar is frequently seen on Ariana's Instagram handle.

Ariana and Lucas pictured with her cousin Paige and her husband Bobby with their pet dogs in 2019.
Source : instagram

Even Ariana's dad, Robert, who also goes by the name Bob, has a connection to the entertainment industry. He is the COO of the independent production company Carsey Werner Distribution LLC and has been working with them since 1988.

Robert is available on Facebook and has been spotted a few times on Ariana's Instagram handle when she made a tribute post on his birthday. He graduated from Ohio University, where he was part of the football team. 

Lucas Giolito And Ariana Giolito Relationship Timeline

Lucas Giolito and Ariana Giolito started dating in 2012 after meeting as high school students at Harvard Westlake.

Ariana and Lucas married on December 25, 2018, at The Ebell of Los Angeles.

Lucas And Ariana Began Dating In 2012

The first picture on Lucas's Instagram handle is that of Ariana, and her cousin, Skylar. Most of his early pictures on the photo-sharing website are of Ariana, whether it is of her eating or riding a horse. 

Ariana seen lying peacefully in Lucas's arm as he is announced as one of the first round pick of the 2012 MLB Draft.
Source : instagram

In the same year, Lucas was drafted by the Washington Nationals, and he shared the photo of Ariana in his arm smiling as he was announced as the first-round pick. Ariana shared the first pictures of them in 2014. It was an individual shot of Lucas in his Nationals gear.

Since then, the young couple has kept sharing pictures of their date nights and tribute posts on birthdays and anniversaries. Most of the snaps would contain captions of longingness to see one another as baseball had taken hold of Lucas's career while Ariana was busy with academics. 

Ariana would find time out of her hectic schedule and attend some minor league matches. The baseballer has shared several photos of Ariana attending games to cheer him on. 

Ariana And Lucas Get Engaged And Married In 2018

Lucas Giolito and Ariana Giolito announced their engagement on February 5, 2018.

The proposal had taken place in Santa Monica, California, with Ariana's pet dog, Louie, also present at the ceremony. 

But only a few days after their engagement, Ariana had to bid goodbye to Lucas as he had to report for his spring training. 

Lucas and Ariana announce their engagement in February 2018.
Source : instagram

But after nine months, the couple began the preparation for their big day. In November 2018, Ariana shared a picture of her bachelorette party with her friends in Los Angeles, California. 

The baseball couple had a pre-wedding photoshoot and used the pictures as their countdown to the big day. On December 25, 2018, Ariana and Lucas tied the knot at The Ebell of Los Angeles.

Lucas and Ariana tie the knot at The Ebell of Los Angeles on December 25, 2018.
Source : instagram

The couple shared a gallery of images from their wedding ceremony on their Instagram handle. 2018 was a successful year for Lucas in every manner. He had one of his best baseball seasons and was now married to his high school sweetheart.

Lucas and Ariana's journey from prom night to walking in the red carpet of the All-Star game in 2019.
Source : instagram

Come 2019, Lucas and Ariana walked down the red carpet of the All-Star game. It was a complete cycle for the couple who had started dating as awkward teenagers to being part of each other's pivotal moments. 

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