List Of Longest Hitting Streaks In MLB

By Ayush Khadka / 1 July 2023 02:29 AM

Some Major Leaguers like Pete Rose have had great success in batting.
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List Of Longest Hitting Streaks In MLB includes Joe DiMaggio, Ty Cobb, and Pete Rose. Ty Cobb has a hitting streak of 40 games in 2011 for Detroit Tigers.

Hit is a successful base run by the batter after contact with the pitched ball. The minimum requirement for a hit is to get to the first base for a single. If they reach the second base, it is a double and a triple. Rounding all four bases at once means a home run. 

After the hit from the batter, the fielders will have the task of holding the ball and limiting the base runners from advancing. The pitchers will seek to make a no-hitter game, which means no hits are given at inning/s. A pitcher who allows no batter to get to the first base will achieve a perfect game

A batter can also reach the first base via other mechanisms like walks, balks, and other defensive penalties. Offensive interferences will count as a hitting statistic. There is also an 'infield hit', which is only achieved by fast runners.

Many MLB players have achieved 2000 hits in their career, and some have reached 4000 like Ty Cobb. 

Longest MLB Hitting Streaks List

Longest hitting streaks in MLB history is 56 games by Joe DiMaggio for the New York Yankees in the 1941 season. 

DiMaggio is one of the best hitters for the MLB.
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Many players have achieved this feat, where they have appeared in at-bats and gained at least a first base hit in those matches consecutively. 

Here is the list of the MLB players with the best hitting streaks in MLB history:

  • Joe DiMaggio (New York Yankees, 1941) - 56
  • Willie Keeler (Baltimore Orioles, 1896-97) - 45
  • Pete Rose (Cincinnati Reds, 1978) - 44
  • Bill Dahlen (Chicago Cubs, 1894) - 42
  • George Sisler (St. Louis Browns, 1922) - 41
  • Ty Cobb (Detroit Tigers, 1911) - 40
  • Paul Molitor (Milwaukee Brewers, 1987) - 39
  • Jimmy Rollins (Philadelphia Phillies, 2005-06) - 38
  • Tommy Holmes (Boston Braves, 1945) - 37
  • Gene DeMontreville (Washington Senators, 1896-97) - 36 
  • Fred Clarke (Louisville Colonels, 1895) - 35
  • George Sisler (St. Louis Browns, 1924-25) - 35
  • Luis Castillo (Florida Marlins, 2002) - 35
  • Chase Utley (Philadelphia Phillies, 2006) - 35
  • Ty Cobb (Detroit Tigers, 1917) - 35

1. Joe DiMaggio - 56

Joe DiMaggio made a 56-game hitting streak in 1941 while playing for the New York Yankees. 

Joe played for the NY Yankees.
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The former center-fielder and the Hall of Famer achieved the best record in his sixth year as a Yankee. That year, DiMaggio registered 193 hits and made 122 runs from them, with the league leader in RBI (125). He also made 30 homers and 43 doubles from those hits.

Following his brilliant performance in 1941, Joe received the All-Star recognition and was voted for AL MVP. He spent 13 years for the Pinstripers and accomplished All-Star votes each season. DiMaggio also has nine World Series with the team.

In his entire career for the Yankees, DiMaggio has contributed 2214 hits, with 361 being moon shots, 131 triples, and 389 doubles. 

2. Willie Keeler - 45

Willie Keeler is a former right fielder for the Baltimore Orioles who made a 45-game hitting streak from the 1896 to 1897 seasons. 

Maintaining the streak over the two seasons in Baltimore, Keeler was prolific in the batting department, making 210 hits in the 1896 season and being the hitting league leader in 1897 with 239. Combining these two seasons, Willie made 298 runs with 156 RBI. 

Keeler managed only 4 home runs over the two seasons but accumulated 49 doubles and 32 triples. In 1897, Willie was also the league leader in batting average (.424) and OPS (1.003).

Spending five years in Baltimore, Keeler achieved 14 home runs, 71 triples, and 107 doubles from a total of 1097 hits. For his 19-year career achievements, Willie got elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1939.

3. Pete Rose - 44

Pete Rose registered an epic 44-game hitting streak for the Cincinnati Reds in the 1978 season.

Rose is the all-time hit leader.
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Rose registered 198 hits in 1978 and made 103 runs, including 7 homers and 51 doubles the same year. Pete made his MLB debut with the Reds in 1963, playing till 1978, and returned to the club in 1984. 

Rose spent 19 years for the Reds and made 3358 hits there, with 152 homers, 115 triples, and 601 doubles. He also maintained a .307 batting average and .804 OPS as a Red. 

With 4256 hits in his 24-year career, Rose is an all-time MLB hitting leader. Moreover, he also leads all-time in at-bats appearances (14053) and plate appearances (15890). The former first baseman has won 3 World Series titles and received 17 MLB All-Star recognitions.

Longest Active Hitting Streak In Baseball

Longest active hitting streak is 25 games of consecutive hits by Marcus Semien of the Texas Rangers.

Semien will be in the 2023 All-Star match.
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Semien plays as a shortstop and second baseman and has shown dominant performances in the 2023 season. Marcus continued to make hits for 25 games until 7 June.

In 2023, Marcus played 80 matches, leading the league in at-bats (341) and plate appearances (379). He has registered 96 hits and made the AL-highest 65 runs, which includes 11 homers and 24 doubles.

The Rangers player joined the team in 2022 and previously played for the Athletics and Blue Jays. During his 1-year tenure at Blue Jays, Semien scored 45 homers and 39 doubles with a .265 batting average and received the Silver Slugger and All-Star during the 2021 season.

Other Players Who Have Made Hit Streaks This Year 

Some other MLB players, including Freddie Freeman and Mauricio Dubon, have made hit streaks in the 2023 season. 

Freddie Freeman - 20

Freddie Freeman established a 20-game hit streak for the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

The first baseman has made 100 hits this season and contributed 63 runs, which covers 14 home runs too. He is also the league leader in doubles (27). Freeman has also maintained a .317 batting average and a .938 OPS. 

In his first season as a  Dodger in 2022, Freeman played spectacularly, being the league leader in hits (199) and doubles (47), while being the NL leader in runs (117) and OBP (.407). He also made 21 home runs and 100 RBI and got to play in the All-Star match. 

Mauricio Dubon - 20

Mauricio Dubon made a 20-match hit streak in 2023 while playing for the Houston Astros. 

Mauricio plays for the Astros.
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Dubon has made 70 hits this year, with 41 runs and 4 homers, and 16 doubles. Likewise, Mauricio has a .285 batting average and a .714 OPS this season. The centerfielder joined the Astros in 2022 from SF Giants. 

In his 5-year professional career, Dubon has registered 236 hits with 22 homers, and 43 were doubles. Mauricio has maintained a .255 batting average and .669 OPS in his entire career. 

Dubon's best achievement in baseball is winning the 2022 World Series with his Astros team. Last year, Mauricio scored 3 homers and 41 hits from 197 at-bats appearances. 

Longest Rookie Hitting Streak

Longest hitting streak by a rookie is 17 games by David Dahl and Chuck Aleno. 

Chuck Aleno

Chuck Aleno made the rookie record of a 17-match hit streak in the 1941 season during his tenure at the Cincinnati Reds. 

Aleno held the record solely from 1941 until Dahl tied it.
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The former Third baseman played 54 games and made 169 at-bats appearances in his debut year. From here, he scored 41 hits and contributed 7 doubles and 1 homer. Aleno also sustained a .626 OPS and a .243 batting average. 

Aleno only played four MLB seasons, all of them with the Reds. During his 4-year career, Chuck made 67 hits and scored 34 runs that covered 2 home runs, 3 triples, and 11 doubles. He also maintained a .209 batting average and a low .281 slugging percentage.

David Dahl

David Dahl made the 17-game longest hit record in the 2016 season for the Colorado Rockies. 

Dahl played for the Rockies for four years.
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The former Outfielder debuted for the Rockies on 25 July 2016 and went on to tie the 1941 record of Aleno. That year, Dahl recorded 70 hits and contributed 42 runs, with 7 homers in the mix.

In his 4-year career for the Rockies from 2016 to 2020, Dahl has accumulated a 312-hit performance from 938 at-bats appearances. Similarly, David scored 38 home runs and 53 doubles, with a good .828 OPS.

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