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Longest Diamondbacks Game In History

By Aditya Bhattarai / 3 November 2023 02:31 AM

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Longest Diamondbacks game in history was on 24 August 2013 against the Philadelphia Phillies. The game ended after 7 hours and 6 minutes after 18 innings.

The D-Backs won the game by a 12-7 score while playing at Citizens Bank Park. Their previous record was only 5 hours 52 minutes from their 6 April 2012 game against the San Francisco Giants.

Arizona Diamondbacks is a Major League Baseball team established as an expansion team in 1998. Their game with the Phillies from 2013 is officially the lengthiest game in their 25 years of history in MLB. 

Competing in the National League West Division of MLB, they have won two league championships and one World Series title over the years. They have been to seven postseason games since 1988 and this year marks their second appearance in the World Series.

The Arizona team also played the second-longest game in 2023 for 4 hours and 17 minutes. They won it in 13 innings against the Chicago Cubs by a 7-6 score on 17 September.

Longest Game in MLB history went on for 8 hours and 6 minutes between the Milwaukee Brewers and and Chicago White Sox. The game had 25 innings on 8 May 1984.

Dbacks Longest Games Of All Time

Dbacks longest games were recorded against the Phillies, Cardinals, and Padres. It contains multiple games between 16 innings to 19 innings as recorded by MLB.

Their game against the Phillies for 7 hours and 6 minutes was an all-time record for the Diamondbacks. The 19-inning game with the Cardinals from 2019 holds the title for most innings played with a time frame of 6 hours and 53 minutes.

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An average MLB game length has been much lower in recent years after the pitch clock system was implemented. It has gone down to a standard time frame of 2 hours and 41 minutes to 3 hours and six minutes at most.

Baseball is a game with nine official innings that is split in half between both competing teams. The host team pitches first while required to make three outs to end their turn earlier.

If the home team plays next with a chance to tie the score by the end of their turn. If the socred are tied by the end of the ninth frame, they get to play extra innings until a clear winner is decided among the two.

Here are the five longest games of all time recorded by the Arizona Diamondbacks in MLB:

  • 7 Hours and 6 Minutes on 24 August 2013 - 18 innings vs Philadelphia Phillies
  • 6 Hours and 53 Minutes on 24 September 2019 - 19 innings vs St. Louis Cardinals
  • 5 Hours and 45 Minutes on 7 June 2009 - 18 innings vs San Diego Padres
  • 5 hours and 32 Minutes on 3 April 2013 - 16 innings vs St. Louis Cardinals
  • 5 Hours and 31 Minutes on 8 July 2018 - 16 innings vs San Diego Padres

1. D-Backs vs Phillies - 7 Hours and 6 Minutes

The longest game in the Dbacks history was made on 24 August 2013. They played 18 innings for 7 hours and 6 minutes before winning the game 12-7 score.

It was the lengthiest game for both teams in the history of MLB. The first of the 12 runs was a home run hit by Martin Prado in the initial inning of the game.

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While their starting pitcher recorded two outs, they had obtained three walks and three hits including the two-run homer by Prado. Following that, Will Nieves, and Gerardo Parra made RBI singles along with a double play from Cliff Pennington.

Similarly, pitcher Randal Delgado had made six strikeouts while allowing three runs on three hits and a walk. While they had the score running till the 8th inning, the tie between the two teams remained for eight other innings.

Both teams could lead their player to home for 8 pitched innings until the 18th inning when the D-Backs scored 5 runs from 2/3 innings of Casper Wells, winning the game with a 5-score lead.

2. D-Backs Vs St. Louis Cardinals - 6 Hours 53 Minutes

The Diamondbacks and Cardinals game from 24 September 2019 was the longest in innings played. It was a 19-inning game that lasted 6 hours and 53 minutes.

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This time frame is the most a D-Backs game lasted in Chase Field history as the one with the Phillies took place on the road. Moreover, they had also made multiple franchise records that year.

They had activated the most number of players and pitchers used in a single game. D-Backs manager Torey Lovullo had deployed 27 while 13 of them were pitchers.

The pitching staff had a combined record of 24 strikeouts where the starting pitcher only landed two and the rest were made by the bullpen. Combined with the Cardinal's record of similar strikeouts, the total of 48 SO was the highest in an MLB game since 1906.

3. D-Backs vs San Diego Padres - 5 Hours and 45 Minutes

The Diamondbacks vs Padres game from 7 June 2009 went on for 18 innings. It ended after 5 hours and 45 minutes with the Dbacks winning the game by a 9-6 score.

Mark Reynolds had finished the game with a three-run home run against the pitch from Josh Wilson in the 18th frame. It held the title for the longest game before their Phillies game in 2013 broke all records.

They had kept the Padres hitless in the extra innings while only allowing three walks until the end after they forced extra innings in the 9th inning. They had used all their relievers before Josh Wilson took the mound in the 18th.

4. D-Backs vs Cardinals - 5 hours and 32 Minutes

The Diamondbacks vs Cardinals game from 3 April 2013 was the third game of that season. It went on for 16 innings and lasted for 5 hours and 32 minutes.

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D-backs had won against the Cards after Cliff Pennington scored a single in the last pitching frame. They went into extra innings after Aaron Nola tied the score at 8 in the 9th inning.

It started off with Paul Goldschmidt and Martin Prado each hitting two-run home runs. Gerardo Parra followed with another homer along with a triple and a single for the D-Backs.

5. D-Backs vs Padres - 5 Hours and 31 Minutes

Diamondbacks and Padres game from 8 July 2018 ended with a loss in the 16th inning. It was the fifth-longest game of D-Backs lasting 5 hours and 31 minutes.

The Dbacks were playing the last game of a three-game home series against the Padres after winning the former two. Their previous game had even broken the scoring record for the franchise finishing with a 20-5 score.

 Zack Greinke was the initial starting pitcher while Zack Godley was used for beginning the extra innings that day. Despite being the ace pitcher, Greinke only left the mound after 4 1/3 innings with five strikeouts and three walks while allowing 2 runs in six hits.

Diamondbacks Longest Game 2023

Arizona Diamondbacks longest game in 2023 was against the Chicago Cubs on 17 September. The game went on for 4 hours and 24 minutes with four extra innings.

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The Dbacks won the game by 7-6 securing their position for the National League Wild Card berth this season. They were both fighting for the third spot which resulted in Arizona tying the position with the Reds after the game.

Gabriel Moreno ended the game with a Walk-off in the 13th inning. Corbin Carroll, Christian Walker, Lourdes Gurriel Jr., and Moreno also managed multiple hits in the previous frames. 

Dbacks Shortest Games In History

Shortest Diamondbacks game was against the Pittsburgh Pirates on 25 August 2004. The game went on for 1 hour and 47 minutes ending with their loss.

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Here are five Dbacks Shortest games in history since their foundation in 1998;

  • 1 Hour and 47 Minutes (9 innings) - Diamondbacks vs Pittsburgh Pirates on 25 August 2004
  • 1 Hour and 51 Minutes (9 innings) - Diamondbacks vs San Diego Padres on 30 April 2005
  • 1 Hour and 52 Minutes (9 innings) - Diamondbacks vs Washington Nationals on 31 May 2008
  • 1 Hour and 54 minutes (9 innings) - Diamondbacks vs St. Louis Cardinals on 9 September 2006
  • 1 hour and 54 minutes (9 innings) - Diamondbacks vs San Diego Padres on 23 July 1998
  • 1 hour and 55 minutes (9 innings) - Diamondbacks vs Washington Nationals on 28 September 2016

Diamondbacks Shortest Game 2023

Arizona Diamondbacks shortest game in 2023 was against San Francisco Giants on 3 August. It ended in 2 hours and 5 minutes with the Giants victory.

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LaMonte Wade Jr. landed the only home run of the game in the fourth inning from the pitch thrown by Brandon Pfaadt. While D-Backs also landed two hits off Tristen Beck, they failed to score a single run throughout the game.

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