Little League World Series Winners By Year

By Roshan Khatiwada / 29 June 2023 03:06 AM

Hawaii are the reigning defending Little League World Series champions
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Little League World Series winners by year include Hawaii, Michigan, Louisiana, and Japan. Hawaii is the reigning defending champion of the tournament.

It is an annual baseball tournament for children aged ten to twelve, held every August in Williamsport. The tournament features twenty teams; ten from the States and the remaining ten from other countries.

The teams from the USA are kept in one bracket and compete against each other in a double-elimination format except for the final game. Similarly, the remaining teams are placed in another bracket.

The winners of each bracket face off in a one-game World Series Final to decide the winner. Howard J. Lamade and Little League Volunteer Stadium are the two venues that host the Little League World Series.

The Series was first held in 1947, known as the National Little League Tournament.

Little League World Series Winners Last 10 Years

LLWS winners list includes teams like Taylor North Little League and Maine-Endwell Little League. Both of these teams are from America.

The tournament had occurred every year except for the 2020 season when it was canceled due to the pandemic.

Here is a list of past winners of the little league world series for the last ten years:

  1. Hawaii - 2022
  2. Taylor North - 2021
  3. River Ridge - 2019
  4. Hawaii - 2018
  5. Tokyo Kitasuna - 2017
  6. Maine Endwell - 2016
  7. Tokyo Kitasuna - 2015
  8. Seoul - 2014
  9. Musashi Fuchu - 2013
  10. Tokyo Kitasuna - 2012

1. Hawaii - 2022

Hawaii from the West region won last year's World Series. They defeated Curacao 13-3 in the final game.

Before that, they beat Washington 11-1 in the opening round of the LLWS, followed by a 12-0 beatdown of New York in the second round,

Further, they defeated Texas 6-0 in round three, booking a place in the US Championship finals, where they defeated Tennessee 5-1, reaching the LLWS finals.

2. Taylor North - 2021

Taylor North from Michigan won the 2021 season, limited to US-based teams only due to the pandemic, defeating Ohio 5-2. They qualified for the tournament by winning the Great Lakes Region.

Taylor North celebrating after winning the 2021 Great Lakes  Little League Baseball Championships
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Michigan won the first two games of the tournament defeating Florida 8-0 and Texas 6-5. But in the third round, they lost 2-0 to Hawaii.

Again, they faced Texas in an elimination game and defeated them 15-6, booking another date with Hawaii. This time, Michigan beat Hawaii 2-1.

3. River Ridge - 2019

River Ridge from Louisiana, who play in the Southwest Region, won the 2019 LLWS. They started their campaign by facing Hawaii in the first round, losing 2-5.

After that, Louisiana bounced back, defeating Oregon in a close 3-2 game before handing Minnesota a 10-0 beatdown. The team beat New Jersey and Virginia in the next two-game, reaching the US Championship Finals.

In the final, they faced the team that beat them in the first round, Hawaii. However, Louisiana prevailed by 9-5, setting up an LLWS final against Curacao, winning 8-0. 

4. Hawaii - 2018

Hawaii makes its second appearance on the list. The 2018 LLWS winners finished the tournament undefeated, conceding only three runs.

They started their campaign by defeating a team from Georgia in the first round, followed by an 8-3 win over Michigan. After that, they defeated New York and Georgia again to become the US Champions.

Hawaii faced South Korea in the Little League World Championship and prevailed 3-0, winning their third LLWS title.

5. Tokyo Kitasuna - 2017

Kitasuna is the last non-US team to win the Little League World Series. They defeated Texas in the finals with a score of 12-2.

Kitasuna have won three Little League World Series in the last decade
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The team from Japan defeated Australia in the first round, followed by South Korea and Canada. They faced Mexico in the International Championship game, beating them 5-0.

They finished the tournament undefeated, conceding just three runs and scoring 39. In total, they finished with a record of 14-1.

6. Maine Endwell - 2016

MELL is a team from New York who play in the Mid-Atlantic Region. They defeated South Korea 3-2 to become only the third team from New York to win the LLWS. 

They had entered the tournament undefeated, with nineteen wins and no losses and continued that throughout the series. They defeated Rhode Island, Kentucky, and Tennessee (x2), becoming the US Champions.

The team from New York ended the tournament with an overall record of 24-0.

7. Tokyo Kitasuna - 2015

Kitasuna, in the 2015 season, also ended the tournament undefeated with five wins out of as many matches. They defeated Pennsylvania 18-11 in the final, the highest-scoring finals ever.

The title marked Japan's fourth win in six years. They entered the tournament undefeated with an 8-0 record and defeated Chinese Taipei in the first round, followed by Mexico and Venezuela in the second and third, respectively.

They again faced Mexico in the International Championship and won 1-0. Their overall record at the end was 13-0.

8. Seoul - 2014

Seoul defeated Jackie Robinson West from Chicago in the 2014 LLWS, the first time the tournament featured entire rosters of players born in the 21st century. They won the game 8-4.

The team from South Korea remained undefeated throughout the tournament defeating the Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, and Japan (x2) on their way to the Little League World Championship game.

This was the third instance a team from South Korea won the LLWS. The previous two occurred in 1984 and 1985.

9. Musashi Fuchu - 2013

Musashi Fuchu from Tokyo defeated the Eastlake team from California 6-4 in the 2013 championship game. The team from Japan reached the LLWS by winning all eight games at the Tokyo and National tournament games.

Musashi Fuchu player sliding to reach the base in a game against Tokyo Kitsuana
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They began their LLWS campaign by defeating the Czech Republic 7-2. They followed it up with victories over Chinese Taipei and Mexico.

Fuchu again faced Mexico in the International finals, defeating them 3-2 and reaching the LLWC game. They ended the tournament with an overall record of 13-0.

10. Tokyo Kitasuna - 2012

Kitasuna appear for the third time on this list as they won the 2012 LLWC, the last series to feature players born in the 1900s. They defeated Goodlettsville Baseball of Tennessee 12-2 in the final game.

This was Japan's eighth title and second in three years. Like the previous two instances, the team from Japan won the tournament undefeated with an overall record of 13-0.

They defeated Curacao, Chinese Taipei, and Panama (x2) in their bracket, becoming the International Champions.

Little League World Series Winners By Country

LLWS winners by country consist of the United States, Japan, Venezuela, and Mexico. Teams from seven countries have won the tournament, with the US winning 38.

Similarly, Curacao has the least LLWS titles among the seven, with one in 2004. Chinese Taipei and South Korea are the remaining two countries to have won the Little League World Series.

Mexico won its first title in 1957, the first instance a team from outside the USA won. They went back-to-back winning the next event also.

Teams from the States have won more titles than team from rest of the world combined
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The States then again won the tournament for eight consecutive years. Japan was the team to stop the US streak this time, winning in 1967 and 1968.

Chinese Taipei won the tournament in 1969, their first of seventeen titles. The time from 1967 to 1981 was the golden time for International teams, as they won thirteen out of fifteen titles, with Taipei alone winning nine.

Japan also had a golden time from 2010 to 2017, winning five LLWS titles, whereas Venezuela won the tournament in 1994 and 2000. On the other hand, South Korea won its first title in 1984 and backed it up with another in 1985, followed by one more in 2014.

Here is the list of the countries with the number of LLWS they have won:

CountryNumber of LLWS Title
United States38
Chinese Taipei17
South Korea3

US Little League World Series Winners

The United States has won the most LLWS titles than any other country. In fact, they have more titles than all the other countries combined.

One of the main reasons behind this is that until the 1970 edition of the series, only US-based teams were allowed to participate in the tournament except for the 1952 season when a team from Montreal played.

Teams from California have won the most titles, with seven. They are followed by four each from Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Here is a list of US cities with the number of titles: 

  1. California - 7
  2. Connecticut - 4
  3. Hawaii - 4
  4. New Jersey - 4
  5. Pennsylvania - 4
  6. Georgia - 3
  7. New York - 3
  8. Michigan - 2
  9. Texas - 2
  10. Alabama - 1
  11. Kentucky - 1
  12. Louisiana - 1
  13. New Mexico - 1
  14. Washington - 1

Softball LLWS Winners List

Little League Softball World Series winners include Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Ohio. Texas has won the most titles with fourteen.

Midway Little League team from Texas won the title last season. Florida ranks second with eight titles, followed by five for California. Further, four cities and New Mexico have two titles each, and ten cities and Puerto Rico have one LLSWS title.

Before the 2022 season, ten teams participated in the tournament, but since then, two additional teams have been added. The tournament was first held in 1974 and is held every year in August at Stallings Stadium in Greenville.

Walnut Creek after winning the California Junior League Softball District 4 Tournament
Source : facebook

Alpenrose Stadium, located outside of Portland, used to host the tournament before Greenville. The tournament features champions of each of the eight United States regional tournaments.

Four international regional tournament winners fill the remaining spots of the Little League Softball World Series. 

Here is the list of the winners for the last ten seasons:

  1. Midway (Texas) - 2022
  2. Green Country (Oklahoma) - 2021
  3. Rowan (North Carolina) - 2019
  4. Wheelersburg (Ohio) - 2018
  5. Lake Air (Texas) - 2017
  6. Greater Helotes (Texas) - 2016
  7. Rowan (North Carolina) - 2015
  8. Robbinsville (New Jersey) - 2014
  9. Sunnyside (Arizona) - 2013
  10. Eastdale (New Mexico) - 2012

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