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Little League Pitching Distance By Ages

By Biraj Khanal / 24 April 2023 06:30 AM

Pitching distance in little league varies according to the divisons of play.
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Little League Pitching Distance for major league division and below is 46 feet. The pitcher's mound distance is 46 feet from the home plate.

Pitching mound distance by age varies in the little league from 5-11 age groups.

Coming out from all the divisions, the league hosts World Series tournaments with teams from all divisions to crown the World Champions.

Pitching distance is the distance from the front of the pitcher's plate to the back point of the home plate. The standard pitching distance is 60 feet and 6 inches.

The little league diversifies the pitching distances based on the division of play. The division of play is categorized per the age group of the players in the league.

Pitching Distance For Different Age Groups

Little league pitchers mound distance is 46 feet from the pitcher's plate. The mound distance for the Junior League is 54 feet.

Pitching distance varies according to the different age groups in the league. The age group from 5-11 mainly plays minor league. However, kids aged 10 and 11 years are eligible to play in the World Series tournament, which is hosted every summer.

Pitching mound distance is different according to different age groups.
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Several age groups in the league are:

1. 8 Year Old

Little league pitching distance 8 year old is 46 feet. This is the pitching distance for the Major Division and below set by the league.

The kids of this age must not pitch in multiple matches on the same day without any rest.

They also should not play catcher while pitching. 

2. 9 Year Old

Little league pitching distance 9 year old ranges between 46 feet to 50 feet. Their pitching distance is a little stretched as compared to the 8-year-old group.

A young pitcher throwing his pitch during the league game.
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The kids of this age are not allowed for 80 innings of pitching throughout 12 months and are made compulsory to take four months off after throwing for 12 months.

3. 10 Year Old

Little league pitching distance 10 years old is between 46 and 50 feet. It is the same as for the 9 years old.

They also can't exceed 80 innings of pitching throughout 12 months. The pitchers are not allowed to return after their pictures get removed from the mound.

4. 11 Year Old

Little League pitching distance 11 year old is also between 46 feet and 50 feet. The kids of age groups 9,10, and 11 have the same pitching distance in the league.

For the 11 years old kids, the league doesn't allow the pitchers to appear in the same game for three consecutive days though the pitch counts.

Minors League Pitching Distance

Little league Minors pitching distance is about 46 feet. The distance between the bases is about 60 feet.

Little league Majors pitching distance has the same 46 feet distance as the Minors. It generally is for children aged 9 through 12, which creates opportunities for 9 or 10-year-olds in the Majors.

Minor league is played between the players of age group below 7 years.
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Minor league division is usually for players of age group 5-11. But the tournament opportunities are provided only for the players aged 8-10 and 9-11.

The league is generally made to allow younger aged kids to try out baseball. With a coach pitch at lower levels, the local league is advised to scatter the minor league players based on age or experience.

Local league should have 5 to 8 years old players in the Minor league coach pitch division. However, on the other hand, a separate tournament is hosted for the 9-10 age players with the same diamond size and a 14m pitching distance. It is included in the Minor league player division.

World Series Pitching Distance

Little league world series pitching distance is 46 feet. The basepaths are measured about 60 feet in length.

World Series is held every august of each year.
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It is the annual baseball tournament for kids below 12 years old, held in the Eastern United States. It is the most widely known young sports tournament in the country and the world.

The Little League International tournament is expected to be hosted in August, with 337 games scheduled to be broadcasted from ESPN. The series will start on August 13.

The pitching distance is usually measured from the rare point of the home plate to the front of the pitcher's plate. Normally the pitching distance is 60 feet and 6 inches, but in the little league, the pitcher's mound is shortened to 46 feet.

There are a total of two venues that hosted the World Series tournaments, Little League Volunteer Stadium and Howard J. Lamade Stadium.

Howard J. Lamade Stadium is the stadium in South Williamsport, which has been hosting the little league world series since 1959.

Following the rules and policies of the league, the stadium is two third of a Major League Field. The pitching distance is 46 feet from the home plate, as per the rules, whereas the basepath distance is measured at 60 feet in length.

After the league expanded from eight to ten teams in 2001, Volunteer Stadium was built as the second stadium for the additional games in the tournament.

The stadium field is constructed obeying the league rules and regulations without any disturbances. The field dimensions include 46 feet pitching mound and 60 feet-long basepaths.

The pitching distance is the same as for the Major League Division and below. The distance to the outfield fence from the home plate is 225 feet.

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