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Miles Mikolas Wife Lauren Mikolas Is A Lifestyle Blogger

By / 26 January 2023 07:28 AM

Miles Mikolas walks the red carpet of the MBL All-Star game with his better half Lauren and their four kids in July 2022.
Source : instagram

Miles Mikolas wife Lauren Mikolas is a Lifestyle Blogger. Besides, Lauren Mikolas has also worked as a wellness coach, school teacher, and ring girl.

The St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Miles Mikolas, became a sensation after joining the Japanese baseball team, Yomiuri Giants, in 2015. But it was not only the baseballer who enjoyed the limelight.

Miles' better half Lauren equally enjoyed fame during their time in Japan, with Lauren even being nicknamed "Goddess of Victory". After returning to the US, the couple is raising their four kids, including a set of twins. 

The 34-year-old pitcher has enjoyed success more than ever after returning to the US after his stint in Japan. The Cardinals pitcher was even named in the 2022 MLB All-Star game and now looks forward to bettering his record for the 2023 season. 

Lauren Mikolas Blogging And Teaching Career

The multihyphenate woman, Lauren Mikolas, dipped her toes in several fields before centering her career in blogging. After tying the knot with her husband in 2014, Lauren followed Miles to Japan as he signed with the Japanese baseball team, Yomiuri Giants. 

But before she traveled to Japan, Lauren worked as a kindergarten teacher at Jerry Thomas Elementary School in her hometown, Jupiter. But quit her job as she thought it could have affected her and Miles' relationship. 

Lauren looks ethereal in her dress as she attends a wedding of their mutual friend with Miles in 2022
Source : instagram

A graduate of Florida State University and a woman who had lived all her life in Jupiter, Florida, the cultural change in Japan took Lauren by surprise. In Japan, the wives don't tend to attend their husband's games, so when the crowd saw Lauren, they thought it was like a movie. 

In an interview with the MLB website, Lauren said some fans believed that Miles's performance was getting better due to Lauren's presence. While in Japan, Lauren got involved in various sectors, including becoming a UFC ring girl. 

On September 7, 2015, it was announced that Lauren would be one of the UFC ring girls alongside Vanessa Hanson and Red Dela Cruz.

In her presentation ceremony, Lauren said she wouldn't let her relationship be affected due to her work and said she even has started practicing boxing. 

On September 2015, Laruen through her Instagram handle announced she was going to be a UFC ring girl
Source : instagram

Lauren Mikolas Becomes A Star In Japan 

It was a complete 180 change in lifestyle for Lauren when she decided to live in Japan with her husband.

She became an instant when she started attending Yomiuri Giants games to cheer for her husband, as the crowd would erupt every time they saw Lauren on the big screen. 

Lauren Mikolas announces the release of her book Fearless Charm in 2016
Source : instagram

While in Japan, Lauren also began her blog, Fearless Charm, where she talked about healthy food habits, skincare, and beauty tips.

As Lauren is a certified wellness coach, all these things came to Lauren with ease. She also has a book titled the same that was published in April 2016.

With her blogs picking up popularity and her presence in the baseball stadium making headlines, Lauren was roped in by several Japanese brands and appeared in Japanese TV shows.

Lauren with the stars of Japanese reality show PON in 2016
Source : instagram

Lauren landed advertisement deals and became a spokesperson for a Japanese health supplement brand, which was sold across Asia. Branded as "Too Beautiful Wife" by Japanese newspapers, Lauren became the face of the company, Skinvill.

Lauren becomes face of the Japanese skincare brand Skinvill in 2015
Source : instagram

In one of his interviews, Miles even said that Lauren's popularity had soared so much that fans would come to take autographs from her rather than him. All and all, the Mikolas couple certainly had the time of their lives in Japan. 

Miles Mikolas And Lauren Mikolas Relationship Timeline

Miles and Lauren dated for seven years before they tied the knot in 2014. 

The Florida natives, Miles and Lauren, have known each other since their youth. Both born and raised in Jupiter, Florida, the two have easily balanced their work life and love life. 

Miles Mikolas And Lauren Mikolas Married In 2014

Miles and Lauren dated for seven years before tying the knot on November 1, 2014. Lauren shared a few photos of her wedding day with her fans and friends on her Instagram handle and preferred to upload them in March 2015.

Miles and Lauren enjoy their first dance as a married couple in 2014 as Lauren shared a series of photos from their wedding day in 2015
Source : instagram

Before their marriage, Lauren would be seen at Globe Life Field cheering for Miles as he pitched for the Rangers. The Florida native has always been a huge baseball fan and for her to frequent baseball stadiums wasn't a big deal. 

Lauren became Mrs. Mikolas eleven months after her engagement. The better half of Miles Mikolas had shared the news of their engagement on her Instagram handle with a photo of a beautiful canary diamond ring as she used the hashtag speechless. 

After their wedding, the couple went to Mexico for their honeymoon, and that is when Miles received an offer to become a player in Japan. 

Lauren And Miles's Life In Japan

By this point, we all know how big of a star Lauren had become in Japan but so had Miles, as his baseball skills only became more refined with the Giants. Lauren had arrived in Japan a few days after Miles left for his baseball duties.

On the day Lauren arrived in Tokyo, Miles was waiting for his partner with roses in his hand and a limo as he tried to recreate the scene from the movie, Pretty Woman

Miles and Laruen did their best to integrate themselves into the Japanese culture during their stay from 2015-2017
Source : instagram

It was no coincidence that Miles' performance became better with Lauren present in the stadium. She was nicknamed "The Goddess of Victory" by Japanese baseball fans, with the Giants going on a winning streak. 

Lauren poses with a fan holding her signed book as she became a star in Japan
Source : instagram

The American couple was loved by Japanese fans and the media. And the couple did their best to integrate themselves into the Japanese culture. With his performance only getting better in Japan, Miles received an offer three seasons later with the Cardinals. 

After making $7 million in Japan, Miles returned to the US with St Louis Cardinals, so the couple said goodbye to their stay in Japan. 

Return To The US And Starting A Family

After staying three years in Japan, Miles and Lauren returned to Japan and had some normalcy. But before they packed their bags for the US, the couple had their first child, Lillianne, who then traveled to the US with her parents.

Miles and Lauren show the crowd their daughter Lillienne in 2017
Source : instagram

Soon after returning to the US, Lauren and Miles attended Miami Heat's game, with Lauren posting photos of them from the sidelines. Since returning to the US in 2018, the couple has become parents to four kids. 

On her social media, Lauren keeps her fans updated about their family life. The life blogger, after returning to the US has remained in the limelight.

Last year, Miles, with his better half and their four children was seen at the Red Carpet Show of the All-Star season. 

Miles And Lauren Share Four Children

Miles and Lauren are parents to four children including a set of twins. 

The MLB star and his equally famous better half have experienced parenthood four times, with the latest addition to their family coming in January 2022. 

Lillianne Mikolas 

Miles pictured with his daughter Lillianne as he keeps the toddler on his shoulder in a photo shared by Lauren in 2018
Source : instagram

Lilliane Mikolas, age 5, was born on March 20, 2017. The former primary school teacher had given hints about her pregnancy as she shared the picture of her growing baby bump on her Instagram handle. 

A few months before her delivery, Lauren had her maternity photoshoot with Miles in a picturesque location in Japan covered with snow. Lauren looked ethereal in her purple dress with a crown placed on her head made of the same colour as her dress.  

Lauren was the lucky one among her siblings as she got the chance to see her dad play in Japan and was presented in front of the crowd by her parents. 

Madelyn and Miles Jr.

Miles and Lauren pictured with Lillianne and their twins at the St Louis Cardinals Stadium in 2019
Source : instagram

In July 2018, Madelyn and Miles Jr Mikolas, the set of twins, were born to Miles and Lauren. Lillianne, who herself was only one year old, was already becoming a doting big sister and was pictured by her mother feeding her little sister. 

In 2019, the twins and Lillianne enjoyed a day out with their parents as Lauren shared the pictures of their family picnic on her Instagram handle. Madelyn and her big sister are already into baseball. 

The two girls were pictured playing with baseball gear and swinging their baseball bats. The three kids of Lauren and Miles are also not afraid when it comes to horseriding and have turned up in the Cardinals stadium several times to cheer for their father. 

Rhett Mikolas

The Mikolas family are decked up as the characters from the movie Incredibles for Halloween 2022
Source : instagram

Rhett Mikolas, age 1, was born on January 6, 2022, and is the latest addition to the Mikolas family. Little Rhett has already become the favourite of the family, enjoying his time with his grandparents. 

Recently, Lauren and Miles celebrated Rhett's first birthday with a rodeo-themed birthday, party. The baseballer and his son were decked up in cowboy gear as Lauren rocked a simple shirt with mom written over it. 

Lauren and Miles have certainly lived their life to the fullest. From being raised together in Florida to becoming a worldwide sensation in Japan, which involved both of them becoming successful and now enjoying their life in the US with their four kids, it has been one hell of a ride for the Florida natives. 

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