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Kyle Freeland Wife Ashley Freeland Works At Chicago Bears

By / 21 February 2023 02:22 AM

Kyle Freeland pictured with his better half Ashley as they attend their friend's wedding ceremony at Lake Tahoe, California on November 10, 2021.
Source : instagram

Kyle Freeland wife Ashley Freeland is a former athlete who played soccer in high school. Kyle has been with Ashley for nine years.

Nowadays, Ashley works for the Chicago Bears, and though she might have left her soccer career before the start of her university, her love for fitness continues. Participating in marathons is not new for Ashley, who raises two kids with Kyle.

Yes, two furry kids, Benny and Kona, the latter who is a golden retriever. After meeting in 2013, Kyle and Ashley married in 2021 after dating for eight years.

The Colorado Rockies pitcher Freeland, like Lucas Giolito, is trying to find his form from 2018. The 29-year-old will also participate in the WBC, representing Team USA with Miles Mikolas and Lance Lynn.

Ashley Freeland Works For The Chicago Bears

Kyle Freeland wife Ashley Freeland is a community relations seasonal employee at the NFL franchise Chicago Bears.

Ashley was a soccer player during high school when she went by her maiden name Ashley Chrisman. A mother to two precious furry pets, Benny and Kona, Ashley is a graduate of the University of Evansville.

Kyle and Ashley pictured at the Coors Field as Kyle pens down five year deal with the NL west division team.
Source : instagram

Ashley earned her degree in Sports Management, and though she tried to replicate her soccer success at Evansville, she only played one match for the women's team. At Chelsea High School, Ashley led her side to a state semi-final in 2009 and a sectional championship in 2010.

And though she couldn't feature for the soccer team, Ashley worked closely with the men's and women's basketball and softball teams at Evansville. She was one of the interns in the Athletic Department and helped them with the social media aspects of the game.

Since graduating in 2015, Ashley has worked with the Chicago Bears for the past seven years. Her start with the Bears came as a events and entertainment intern in 2015, and with good show skills, Ashley rose through the ranks quickly as she became a community relations seasonal employee.

Ashley trains for her Chicago marathon in 2017 as proudly shows her net PR record.
Source : instagram

Fitness has been one of the biggest priorities of Ashley. She has previously taken part in marathons and previously ran in the Chicago marathon. Mrs. Freeland has shared pictures of her training days, and Kona was her partner throughout this ordeal. 

Ashley Freeland Loves Her Drinks

As the world came to halt in 2020 and people started searching for new hobbies like baking, and gardening, Ashley found her in making cocktails.

She shared a few cocktail recipes on her Instagram handle throughout May, with many friends leaving encouraging messages in the comment section to keep her cocktail segment going. 

One of her last posts came in May 2020, as she ended the segment with Don Freeland Mojito. Since then, Ashley has updated her followers regularly with loved-up pictures of her and Kyle. 

Kyle And Ashley Freeland Started Dating In 2013

Kyle Freeland and Ashley Freeland married in December 2021 at the Sunset Key hotel. They had started dating in 2013.

In one of her Instagram posts from 2022, Ashley talked about her and Kyle's journey after the baseballer penned down a five-year deal with the Rockies.

In the lengthy tribute post, Ashley shared how happy she was with her man and assured the Rockie fan that the Freelands were here to stay.

Ashley Freeland Is Pictured For The First Time In Kyle's Game

The couple might have started dating in 2013 but became Instagram official only a year later. Ashley shared a picture of her attending Kyle's game for Asheville Tourists after the Rockies drafted him in 2014.

Kyle and Ashley tie the knot at Sunset Key, Florida with the baseballer sharing the photo on his Instagram handle.
Source : instagram

The Michigan native continued attending her boyfriend's games as they tried to maintain their long-distance relationship. Kyle would pop up time and again to visit Ashley and Kona, but his stays would be cut short.

As their love stood the test of time, the most awaited day for the couple came in 2017. On April 7, 2017, Kyle made his MLB debut for the Rockies as Ashley shared a sweet post for her partner's monumental occasion. 

From cheering him in the minor league games, Ashley, with their entire family, would be rooting for her future husband at the Coors Field.

Ashley And Kyle Added Another Family Member In 2018

Though they weren't married or had any kids, Ashley and Kyle were already proving to be doting parents to Kona, and in 2017, they found a perfect partner for their fluffy golden retriever. 

Kyle and Ashley announce their engagement  in 2020 as the baseball goes down on one knee at the Los Cabos beach during their Mexico trip.
Source : instagram

The baseball couple welcomed 2018 by adopting another furry baby, Benny. The two dogs have taken over the couple's Instagram handle in past years. In recent years, Kona, their golden retriever, had beaten cancer, and Benny had a successful surgery.

Like their parents, Kona and Benny also love to travel. In 2021, the Freeland family had a photoshoot at Imperial Sand Dunes, which looked straight out of a movie.

The Couple Announce Their Engagement 

Kyle and Ashley Freeland got engaged in December 2020 at the Los Cabos's beach.

Before turning up with a ring in his hand, Kyle and Ashley celebrated their last Halloween as boyfriend and girlfriend as they turned into Velma and Shaggy from Scooby Doo.

Kyle and Ashley became a family of four as they add Benny in 2018.
Source : instagram

A month later big surprise awaited Ashley as Kyle went down on one knee during their vacation in Mexico. The pitcher proposed to his longtime partner on Los Cabos's beach, with their friends later appearing for a fun-filled photoshoot. 

Ashley And Kyle Tie The Knot In 2021

On December 11, 2021, Ashley and Kyle have their wedding at the luxury hotel Sunset Key, Florida.

But there was some pre-wedding fun that the couple took part in before they dived into the next chapter of their life.

Kyle and Ashley walk Benny and Keno alongside the Florida beach after exchanging their vows.
Source : instagram

Arriving a week earlier at their wedding venue, the couple spent a few days at the Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort. During their time at the resort, they spent time playing with a few aquatic species as they took pictures with sting rays, who were cooperative enough to take a kiss from Ashley. 

The wedding ceremony would've been incomplete if Kona and Benny hadn't been there. Ashley shared a picture of her and Kyle walking Benny and Kona alongside the beaches of Florida after their nuptials.

Ashley pictured with Kyle as she attends his minor league games in 2014.
Source : instagram

Recently to celebrate Valentine's Day, the couple returned to their wedding venue as Ashley shared a few pictures from their stay at the Bora Bora resort.

In December 2022, to mark their first anniversary, Ashley shared a video from their wedding ceremony, which showed the pitcher getting emotional after seeing Ashley in the wedding dress for the first time.

The support for the pitcher is going to be stronger than ever in 2023. With 2022 not being the best seasons for left-hander, Ashley and Kyle will hope for some magic in the coming season. 

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