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Knuckleball Pitchers In MLB The Show 23 - Are There Any In 2023?

By Ayush Khadka / 2 May 2023 04:18 AM

Knuckleball style is a rare commodity in MLB today.
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Knuckleball Pitchers MLB The Show 22 is Mickey Jannis. Knuckleball Pitchers in MLB The Show 20 was Phil Niekro.

Pitchers are of various types, and one of them is the Knuckleball one. These players utilize all of their fingertips to grasp the ball and balance it with their fingers. 

Then, they throw the balls and create an erratic trajectory where the spin gets minimized during flight time and makes for an unpredictable movement. 

There is no hard evidence regarding when and who initiated this type of pitching style, but a White Sox player in the early 1900s named Eddie Cicotte has been credited with it since he was nicknamed Knuckles. Later, Ed Summers, another White Sox pitcher, utilized this tactic. 

This style has its drawback in that it is relatively slow, and batters can hit it easily if they have trained senses. Moreover, this pitching is hard to master to create that unpredictable drive consistently.

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MLB The Show 23 Knuckleball Pitchers

Best Knuckleball pitcher ever is Charlie Hough and Phil Niekro.

pitching style is variable in the game and knuckles is a hard one to master.
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MLB The Show 23  has no MLB players who utilize this pitching style. There is a feature for your RTTS player to use, but there are NO existing MLB players who have their default pitching style and animation as "knuckleballs." 

The pitch lies in the off-speed pitch model, alongside changeup, forkball, and circle. Moreover, people seem to have positive reactions regarding the lack of such pitchers, with one user on Reddit stating in this discussion, "Nope. And thank the heavens for that".

So, why are no knuckleballers in the game? The answer lies in the fact that there are rarely few players in baseball who use this pitch and none in MLB. Baltimore Orioles had a player named Mick Jannis in the 2021 season, but he plays for Atlantic League today.

Matt Waldron is another player who employs knuckle skills in baseball. Waldron has been with the San Diego Padres organization since 2021. He plays for the Minor League team El Paso Chihuahuas and has 30 strikeouts and a 9.49 ERA. 

The top 10 best athletes in MLB history who were great knuckleballers are listed below:

  • Phil Niekro - Atlanta Braves
  • Tim Wakefield - Boston Red Sox
  • Charlie Hough - Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Joe Niekro - Houston Astros
  • Dutch Leonard - Washington Senators
  • Hoyt Wilhelm - New York Giants
  • Wilbur Wood - Chicago White Sox
  • R.A. Dickey - New York Mets
  • Tom Candiotti - Toronto Blue Jays
  • Bob Purkey - St. Louis Cardinals

Knuckleball Pitchers MLB The Show 22

Knuckleball pitchers MLB The Show 22 include Mickey Jannis. Jannis is the last knuckler to get featured in the MLB The Show. 

Jannis is the last MLB player as of 2022 who has this rare style.
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Nevada native Mickey has a 41 overall in the game, throws right-handed, and has a unique Knuckleballer trait that reads, "Throws an extremely effective knuckleball." he also has a pitch-break score for Knuckle of 47. 

Jannis played in the Venezuelan Winter League for the 2022-23 level, creating a 5.14 ERA and five strikeouts. Mickey got drafted by the Tampa Bay Rays in 2010 and then transferred to the Atlantic League. In 2015, the New York Mets purchased him. 

In 2020, Jannis signed with the Orioles and made his official Major League debut on 23 June 2021. Later, Mickey got a DFA from the Orioles. He contributed 4.37 ERA and 550 strikeouts in his MiLB career. 

Hall of Famer Phil Niekro is another legendary Knuckleballer present in the game but is only available to be used during the exhibition matches. 

Knuckleball Pitchers MLB The Show 21

Knuckleball pitchers MLB The Show 21 include Baltimore Orioles player Mickey Jannis

Like MLB The Show 22 and 23, knuckleball pitchers are very rare in the game, and Jannis is available for players to utilize their skills in this dying art. Mickey is your go-to guy to experience knuckleballs in various game modes like RTTS and Diamond Dynasty. 

MLB The Show 21 removed this attribute in the game, and players could not equip this feature in the RTTS since it tied with Diamond Dynasty. So, they could not create a desired pitcher with this attribute. 

All the MLB pitchers on the 30-team rosters have the Knuckle Curve variant.

Knuckleball Pitchers MLB The Show 20

Knuckleball pitchers MLB The Show 20 include the likes of Ryan Feierabend and Steven Wright.

 Feierabend pitching for the Crushers in the 2021 season.
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Former Seattle Mariners pitcher Ryan Feierabend is best in the Diamond Dynasty in the MLB The Show 20. Ryan is one of the rare knuckleball players in the game and has an overall rating of 60. 

Feierabend played his last MLB season in 2019 for the Toronto Blue Jays. There, Ryan played two games, pitching 5.2 innings, and contributed 4 strikeouts. In his entire career since 2006, Ryan has established a 7.34 ERA and 72 strikeouts. 

In the 2020 season, Feierabend made a trade to the Chinese Baseball League for the Uni-President Lions, but the Covid-19 pandemic made his departure early. In 2021, he joined the Frontier League and has pitched 93.1 innings and recorded a 2.80 ERA. 

Likewise, Red Sox's Steve Wright is 60 overall in the video game. Phil Niekro is also available for use and is considered the best knuckler pitcher in MLB history. 

Best Relief Pitchers MLB the Show 23

Relief pitchers MLB The Show include Nick Anderson, Aroldis Chapman, and Emmanuel Clase.

Anderson played for the Minnesota Twins in 2018.
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Atlanta Braves Nick Anderson has 90 overalls and is one of the best relief pitchers in the game. Nick has performed for four years in the MLB, the majority being with the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2023, Anderson went to the Braves and scored 3.86 ERA and 16 SOs from 11.2 innings. 

Emmanuel Clase has an overall rating of 93 and plays for the Cleveland Guardians. The 2022 All-Star player contributed to the league's highest number of games played, 77, and had 42 saves. He also made 77 strikeouts and a 1.36 ERA. 

Aroldis Chapman plays for the Kansas City Royals and has an overall rating of 87. Chapman has participated in 14 MLB seasons and has had 45 wins and a 2.46 ERA in his career. Last year, Aroldis contributed 43 strikeouts and allowed only 18 runs.

The top 10 relief pitchers for MLB the Show 23 are listed below:

  • Emmanuel Clase - Cleveland Guardians
  • Evan Phillips - Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Ryan Helsley - St. Louis Cardinals
  • Nick Anderson - Atlanta Braves
  • Andres Munoz - Seattle Mariners
  • Giovanny Gallegos -St. Louis Cardinals
  • Edwin Diaz - New York Mets
  • Craig Kimbrel - Philadelphia Phillies
  • Felix Bautista - Baltimore Orioles
  • Aroldis Chapman - Kansas City Royals

Some Boston Red Sox Knuckleball Pitcher 

Red Sox knuckleball pitcher consists of Steven Wright and Tim Wakefield. 

Wakefield played for the Red Sox since 1995.
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Steven Wright pitched for the Boston Red Sox for his entire 7-year career. As a specialist, Wright contributed 24 wins, a 3.86 ERA, and 271 strikeouts in his MLB seasons. In the 2016 season, he received the All-Star after conducting 127 strikeouts, 13 wins, and four complete games

Tim Wakefield is a two-time World Series winner who played for the Red Sox for 17 years. Wakefield contributed 4.43 ERA, 186 wins, and 2046 strikeouts in his Boston career. Furthermore, he pitched 3006 innings with his knuckle style and allowed 1682 runs. 

Charlie Zink played in the Red Sox during the 2008 season but has spent much of his career for the Minor League affiliate teams. Zink only showcased his knuckleballs in the MLB once during his match against Texas Rangers, making 16.62 ERA and one strikeout.  

Some New York Mets Knuckleball Pitcher

Mets knuckleball pitcher includes Robert Allen Dickey and Dennis Springer.

Dickey making the knuckle-ball for his Mets game.
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Robert Allen, a.k.a RA Dickey, played for the NY Mets from 2010 to 2012. Dickey achieved the All-Star label during his final season for the Mets, where he made three shutouts and five complete games. 

Cy Young Award winner Dickey pitched 616.2 innings with his knuckleball style and contributed 2.95 ERA, 39 wins, and 468 strikeouts. He has also played for the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays. 

Similarly, Dennis Springer is also a former knuckleballer for the New York Mets in the 2000 season. However, Springer did not make much charm during his short stint there, as he only got to pitch 11.1 innings and displayed an 8.74 ERA, 0 wins, and 5 SOs.

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