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Justin Turner Parents John Turner And Betsy Turner Raised A Baseball Family

By / 3 February 2023 05:15 AM

Justin Turner holds the West Division Trophy as he celebrates the occasion with John and Betsy and his wife Kourtney in 2017.
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Justin Turner parents John and Betsy Turner are natives of California. John worked as a machinist while Betsy was an engineer at Boeing.

But that wasn't the only job John Turner had. The father-of-two coached the baseball team of Mayfair High and was the one who raised his son as a baseball fanatic. 

The working duo Betsy and John have seen their son become an icon among Dodger fans. A man never considered the best of the franchise, Turner's impact on the Dodgers and the fans will be remembered for years.

As the third baseman announced his move to Boston Red Sox last month, it was disheartening to see the hometown hero not end his career where he is most loved. But Dodgers hesitated with a two-year contract, and Red Sox came in with a contract that was hard to turn down.

Justin Turner Father John And Mother Betsy Turner

Justin Turner parents John and Betsy Turner raised him and his sister Jillian Turner in California.

His mother Betsy was an engineer at Boeing Airlines while his father John coached baseball.

The 38-year-old grew up in a household that didn't search for alternatives to hard work. The baseballer had seen his dad work two jobs, one which he did to run the family and the other to fulfill his passion.

Betsy and John pose with their son and daughter-in-law at the wedding ceremony in 2017.
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Justin's father John Turner began his job at NC Dynamics as a machinist in 1980. Now he heads the manufacturing facility as its vice president. He would leave work in the afternoon and then join his baseball team, Mayfair High and coach them until 6.

A pragmatic and no-nonsense man, John Turner would not let the dad's role trump his coach's role. At first, many would be put off by John's belligerence on the pitch side, but in the end, the father-of-two would win everyone with his talented skill set.

It was John who began the trend of playing baseball in the Turner family. A collegiate baseball player, John's potential didn't translate into higher leagues. Nevertheless, the old man's impact on his son's career goes without saying was huge.

John clicked with his mother Betsy as the baseballer gives a sweet tribute to his mom on the occasion of Mother's Day.
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Betsy Turner worked at Boeing Airlines, and it hasn't been long since she decided to retire. She began as a human resources manager, but her ambition took her up to become an engineer for the company. 

That ambition certainly transferred to her son and not only the ambition but also the red hair that he is famous for and gets his nickname "Red". In 2017, the first baseman shared a tribute to his mom on Mother's Day as he thanked her for always keeping the family first, a trait that is universal amongst mothers. 

Justin Turner Family

The former Dodgers player Justin Turner comes from a family of baseball players.

John's training to become a baseball player began early at age 3 when he would play with his grandfather. The two baseball fanatics would catch 50 balls before heading for dinner every night. Justin was rigid in making his name as a baseballer.

John called it a tough task for someone who at first didn't look like possessed the skillset in his arsenal for it, and it was only dedication and love for the game that pushed Justin into the sports world. 

Justin with all the ladies of the Turner family right after their wedding in 2017 as he shares the post on Mother's Day.
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Justin Turner Married Life With Kourtney Pogue

Justin Turner wife Kourtney Pogue is an actress with three credits to her name.

The baseball couple met for the first time in 2012 while Turner was still trying to make a name for himself in the sport. A few days later, the budding baseball player made a bold move calling Kourtney to hang out at his parents' home.

A decade later, it is safe to say the bold move paid off, as they are one of the most recognizable baseball couples in the MLB. The couple tied the knot in 2017 in San Jos del Cabo, Mexico. 

Kourtney Pogue reads her vows as the couple tie the knot in Mexico in 2017.
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The 36-year-old Kourtney Pogue, before meeting the love of her life, starred in three roles, one for which she remains uncredited, a ring girl in the movie, From Mexico with Love. The other two were short roles in Untold Stories of the ER and Not Another High School Show.

Currently, the baseball wife runs a podcast, Holding Kourt, where she talks about her married life with Justin, and the show hit its 100th episode in the New Year. In 2016, Kourtney and Justin established the Justin Turner foundation to battle homelessness among war veterans. 

Justin and Kourtney pose with their pet dogs, Moonshine and Rigby Turner for a Christmas family portrait.
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The couple hasn't experienced parenthood with human babies but is a doting parent to a couple of Miniature Pinschers. Their pets, Moonshine and Rigby Turner are celebrities in their own right and have gained 9.8 followers on Instagram

Justin and Kourtney have created a special place in the hearts of Dodgers fans and those of the LA residents, whether by helping the veterans or providing lunches for kids. They have promised to continue to serve the city of Angels even after Justin's transfer to Boston Red Sox.  

Justin Turner Sister Jillian Michelle Is A Baker

Justin Turner sister Jillian Michelle worked at Legacy Group before changing her career route.

The younger sister of Justin Turner would sit alongside her brother as they watched baseball games. With the way Justin would predict the games, Jillian, at times, would think her brother was some sort of psychic.

Jillian pictured with her grandmother as she posts the selfie on the occasion of her grandmother's birthday in August 2022.
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Jillian might have kept her Instagram handle private but has given the link to the page where she shows her baking skills in her bio. On the Instagram page, Jillys Sweets and Treats, Jillian has shared photos of her baking skills.

In a throwback post from August 2022, Jillian shared she learned cake decoration from her grandmother 25 years ago, and today she makes cakes for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. And one of the most famous ones is baseball and football teams. 


Jillian also has a TikTok handle, sharing videos of her work. One of the first few videos of Jillian on her page is that of her brother's first career grand slam in 2021, which she recorded from the stands.

Though she has always preferred to remain away from the public limelight, there is no doubt that Jillian loves supporting her older brother and is proud of his achievements. But his recent move to Red Sox certainly has Jillian rescheduling her dates. 

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