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JT Realmuto Parents Margaret Realmuto And David Realmuto Come From An Athletic Family Background

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Margaret and David, mom and dad of the Phillies catcher JT Realmuto pictured with their grandkids in a photo shared by Margaret in 2013.
Source : facebook

JT Realmuto parents Margaret Realmuto and David Realmuto raised three athletic kids. Margaret and David are devout Christians.

The Philadelphia Phillies catcher, JT Realmuto, grew up in a family surrounded by champions in Del City, Oklahoma. His uncle, John Smith, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist, and his sister, Ryan McMullen, is a star softball player at Oklahoma State.

The catcher shared his love for the game with his dad, David, who trained his three kids during their formative years. Known as one of the best players in his position in MLB, JT developed a strong work ethic by looking at his relatives.

Currently, the three-time All-Star player is competing in World Baseball Classic alongside Miles Mikolas, Lance Lynn, and Kyle Freeland. The team is looking to repeat the heroics of 2017 and win the title for the second time. 

JT Realmuto Mother Margaret And Father David Realmuto

JT Realmuto parents Margaret Realmuto and David Realmuto come from a religious background.

Realmuto's mother Margaret is an accountant at MTM Recognition and his father David was a college baseball player at Southwest Missouri State. He coached his two older kids, Ryan and Amanda, in the same game. 

The star catcher of the Phillies has been very public about his faith in Christ, and it is something that stems from his dad and mom. On her Facebook handle, Margaret can be sharing verses from Bible and sayings that may resonate with many athletic parents.

JT Realmuto pictured with his family, including his mom Margaret(second from left) and dad Dave on right in a church in 2013
Source : facebook

In one of her Facebook posts, Margaret shared a saying plastered on a white background: "There is a 0.0296% chance that your child will become a professional athlete. There is a 100% chance that your child will stand before Jesus. Get them to Church."

Margaret has been working at MTM Recognition for the past 16 years and comes from a family of athletes. Her brother, John Smith, is a wrestling legend and was crowned as one of the greatest American wrestlers of all time, having won two Olympic medals.

JT Realmuto mother Margaret Realmuto celebrates her birthday at Citizens Bank Park in 2021.
Source : facebook

There was certainly a point when JT had considered taking up wrestling as a full-time sport but was later swayed toward baseball. And it might be because of how passionate his dad, David Realmuto, was about the sport.

In 2014, when JT made his MLB debut for the Marlins, the baseball couple was present at the LoanDepot Park to see their son realize his dreams. 

JT Realmuto Comes From Family of Champions

JT Realmuto was born into a family of athletes. His two siblings played softball and his uncles are wrestling champions.

They know what it is like to represent your country on the highest platform.

Three of his uncles are wrestling champions, with one winning two back-to-back gold medals in the Olympics. JT Realmuto grew up idolizing his uncles, winners in every manner, which made him think nothing was impossible.

His Uncle John Smith Is A Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist

In his illustrious career as a wrestler, John Smith won five World Championships and two Olympic Gold medals. An alum of Oklahoma State University, John is the head coach of the same university where he once trained.

Ryan McMullen pictured with her husband Corky McMullen and their five boys in a picture shared on December 5, 2020.
Source : facebook

John has been heading the post since 1992, bringing five NCAA titles to his team. He was bestowed with the title of the National Wrestling Coaches Association coach of the years' title two times, with the first being in 1994 and the second in 2003.

The head coach has been married for 27 years to Toni Donaldson, and the couple shares five kids-Isabelle, Cecilia, Levi, Samuel, and Joseph. In an interview with The Athletic in 2019, John said he regrets he couldn't pursue JT in picking up wrestling and believed if he had become a wrestler, he would've seen the same success on the mat as he did on the diamond. 

JT Realmuto Sister Ryan McMullen Is A Former Softball Star

JT Realmuto's sister Ryan McMullen is a former softball player at Oklahoma State.

When he was a little boy, JT would accompany his dad to watch Ryan play softball. During her time at Oklahoma State, Ryan was part of the All-Big 12 teams four times and was a two-time All-Star player. 

After graduating, Ryan continued to work in baseball, coaching catchers at Hofstra and Rutgers. In an interview with Sun Sentinel in 2017, JT revealed that his sister would call him after the games if she had something to complain about his performance.

Amanda Realmuto Smith pictured with her husband Al Smith in a Facebook post shared on August 28, 2020.
Source : facebook
Ryan is married to the director of the basketball operations of Rutgers University, Corky McMullen. Corky graduated with a degree in physical education from Houghton College and was a three-year letter winner and team captain.

The athletic couple shares five kids, all boys, who can be seen on Ryan's Facebook handle. Whenever Ryan has her schedule freed, she tries to visit her brother in baseball stadiums.

JT Has Another Sibling In Amanda Realmuto-Smith

The MLB star has another sister, Amanda Realmuto-Smith, a former collegiate athlete. Amanda also played the same position as her brother, JT, as a catcher and currently resides in Celina, Texas.

A young John Smith pictured on left and the current day John Smith pictured with an up and coming wrestler.
Source : twitter
 Amanda tied the knot with Al Smith in 2015, and the couple shares four children. Amanda is available on Facebook, where she frequently shares pictures of her children.

JT Realmuto Wife Lexi Realmuto Welcomed A Baby Boy

JT Realmuto wife Lexi Realmuto recently welcomed baby Zane Realmuto with the Phillies catcher. It is their fourth child.

Lexi and JT married on February 5, 2017, in Tybee Island, Georgia. Since their wedding, the couple has welcomed four kids into their marriage, with their latest addition being in March 2023.

Like her husband, Lexi follows Christianity and has previously talked in depth about their religious practice in an interview with Christ Church South Philly. In the video, Lexi can be seen talking about their relationship with Christ.


The interview was taken during the quarantine phase in 2020, and Lexi said she and the baseballer at the time had started practicing the sabbath, a day dedicated to Christ. In the video, the couple also narrated their favorite Bible verses. 

JT Realmuto holds his newborn baby Zane and his other son Cash as he and his partner welcome their fourth baby.
Source : instagram

Lexi and JT welcomed their first child, daughter Gracie Laine Realmuto, in September 2018. In 2019, little Gracie was seen in the car parade waving to the crowd as her father was named to the All-Star team for the second consecutive time.

JT Realmuto wife Lexi Realmuto and their daughter Gracie pictured waving to the crowd during the All-Star parade in 2019.
Source : instagram

In July 2019, the couple welcomed their second daughter, Willa Mae Realmuto. That was also the year JT made the switch from Marlins to Phillies, and Lexi shared a picture of all four of them rocking their Phillies jersey.

JT Realmuto and wife Lexi pictured on their wedding day as they have a romantic dance.
Source : instagram

On June 27, 2021, Lexi from her Instagram handle announced she was pregnant with a baby boy. The couple's third child, Cash Taylor Realmuto, was born on November 15, 2021. 

JT and Lexi pictured with their two daughters, Gracie(left) and Willa in 2019.
Source : instagram

Cash was a frequent visitor to Citizens Bank Park with his mother and two elder sisters last year. On April 9, 2022, Lexi, on her Instagram handle, shared several pictures of her and the children visiting Citizens Bank Park as they rooted for JT from the stands.

Lexi with her son Cash Realmuto at the Citizens Bank Park as they cheer for JT from the stands.
Source : instagram

On October 12, 2022, Lexi displayed her growing baby bump as she announced baby no.4 was on the way. Just two weeks back, on March 6, 2023, Lexi shared a photograph of JT holding their fourth child, Zane Tyler Realmuto. 

Lexi also included pictures of her two daughters looking at their baby brother, and soon we might see Zane visit Citizens Bank Park with his mom and three elder siblings. 

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