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JP France Family Life With Wife Jessica France

By Silu Maharjan / 9 May 2023 02:34 AM

JP with Jessica and Liam in Seattle, Washington.
Source : instagram

JP France family consists of wife Jessica McCain France and son Liam Patrick France. Jessica and Liam cheered for him during the MLB debut.

The France clan spent the weekend in Seattle, Washington, for his much-awaited MLB debut. JP is a baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros.

On May 5, the Astros disclosed that JP was promoted to the major leagues. He made his MLB debut on May 6, 2023, against the Mariners. 

The pitcher previously played in the minor leagues, although he was drafted in the 2018 MLB draft by the Astros. He got assigned to the Tri-City ValleyCats and later promoted to the Single-A Quad Cities River Bandits.

Besides baseball, France is also a bowhunter associated with HHA Sports, Inc, Thorn Broadheads, and Full Count Full Draw.

JP France Parents

JP France mother is Kim France and father is Pat France. Kim and Pat cheered for him at the T-Mobile Park during his MLB debut.

Pat and Kim raised JP in Luling and New Orleans in Louisiana. Growing up, he played and threw constantly with his dad on the pitching mound in his backyard.

Is JP France related to Ty France? JP France and Ty France are unrelated. Ty isn't JP's brother.
Source : instagram

In June 2014, Jonathan Patrick posted an appreciation post for his mom and dad. He uploaded a photo from when he signed up with Tulane University and added a beautiful caption.

France wanted to let everyone out there know that Kim and Pat are the reason he is doing it. They have always told him to be who he wants, and they always inspire him. JP figured if his father and mother could inspire him so much, he could try and inspire other people to work hard. Lastly, he thanked his mom and dad.

JP France Wife 

JP wife Jessica McCain is a former reality TV star who worked in series such as The Real World and The Challenge. It was Jessica who swiped right on JP in Bumble.

An awkward Bumble conversation led to their first date at his place. Jessica and JP met in Aspen while she was working as a chef, had a mountainside condo, owned a company car, and was living her best life. She turned her whole life around for him.

Jessica talked about her journey on reality TV and has traveled a lot to The Athletic. She also added that she lived a boujee lifestyle before dating JP.  

McCain has 4.8k followers on her Instagram account, along with 727 posts. She loves posting about her husband on social media, and on their first anniversary on April 28, 2020, she wrote a sweet caption describing their relationship.

The baseball pitcher proposed to her on May 23, 2020, on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge. He called Jessica his everything and his whole world. The two finally married on February 6, 2021. Since then, the two have never missed wishing each other on birthdays and anniversaries.

Who Is Jessica McCain France?

Born on January 26, 1991, Jessica is currently 32 years old. She was born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. McCain grew up in a half-Irish, half-Hispanic family with her mom and stepdad.

When she initially joined The Real World: Portland, Jessica had not traveled much beyond her hometown of Fayetteville. She left for Portland to see life beyond the sheltered lifestyle. Coming from a conservative household, McCain considers herself the black sheep of the family.

A typical Southern Belle, she has that pageant-girl smile and the resonance, but she also loves motocross, fishing, and hunting.

France and Jessica at Sugar Land Space Cowboys in August 2022.
Source : instagram

JP isn't the first guy she was engaged to. Jessica got engaged when she was 16 to a guy who was ten years older. However, the relationship turned sour, and it ended.

McCain appeared in The Real World: Portland for 12 episodes and The Challenge in Rivals II, Free Agents, Rivals III, and the Battle of the Exes II.

JP France Children

France and Jessica have one child in the fam. Their son Liam Patrick France was born on January 25, 2023. 

Liam was 8 lb 7 oz and 21" when born. France and McCain's world has changed since Liam arrived in this world, and the two never fail to show their baby some love on social media.

Liam looking super cute with his moustache pacifier.
Source : twitter

France's friends and family members were in attendance at the T-Mobile Park for his Major League debut. His 3-month-old son stole the show with a plastic mustache pacifier. The mustache looked very similar to the one JP has.

While talking to MLB, the baseball star revealed that Liam has already been to 6-7 states in the three months of being born. The photo went viral on the Internet, and people are already calling baby Liam a trouper.

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