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Jocelyn Alo Mom Andrea Alo and Dad Levi Alo Were College Athletes

By Silu Maharjan / 8 May 2023 07:23 AM

Alo with her mother (middle) and grandmother (right) during Mother's Day.
Source : instagram

Jocelyn Alo mom Andrea Alo played softball at Lancy College. Alo was born to Andrea on 23 September 1998 in Hauula Hawaii.

Alo plays softball for the Oklahoma City Spark of the Women's Professional Fastpitch (WPF). She previously played softball for the University of Oklahoma from 2018 to 2022. While in college, she won several awards, including USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year in 2021 and 2022.

Jocelyn got drafted first overall in the WPF draft by the Smash It Sports Vipers. She signed with them on June 13, 2022. However, she was traded to the Oklahoma City Spark in November of that year. She later signed a three-year contract with them.

Jocelyn, an athlete of Samoan and Hawaiian descent, is very proud to represent Hawaii on the bigger stage.

Jocelyn Alo Parents

Levi Alo and Andrea Alo raised four daughters in Hawaii. They introduced the girls to sports such as baseball and wrestling at a very early age.

Andrea and Levi now live in Honolulu, so it is easier to get to the airport so that they can watch Jocelyn's games on the mainland.

Jocelyn Alo Dad

Levi Alo is a former offensive lineman at Laney College, Oakland, California. He also wrestled in high school, just like his brother, sister, and father.

Levi always knew of Jocelyn's potential, ability, and determination to accomplish more incredible things in life. He was willing to sacrifice so that his daughter would get the best chance of making it happen.

Alo spent a lot of money getting Jocelyn into the mainland and moving her onto a competitive level. Their commitment was huge, and it finally paid off.

Jocelyn with her family celebrating her win in March 2022.
Source : instagram

While playing for the Oklahoma Sooners, Jocelyn wore a No. 78 jersey to honor Levi. It was her father who encouraged her to wrestle and told her she could not give it up until she won a state title.

Jocelyn Alo Mom

Andrea Alo is a former softball player. She coached her oldest, Sabrina, when she played on a T-ball team. Andrea has a business degree from Hawai'i Pacific University.

As her husband, Levi, went everywhere with Jocelyn to watch every tournament, Andrea stayed home on Ohau to stay with her younger kids. She worked on a steady job and helped raise the family.

Andrea went to Encinal High School in Alameda, California. Her fam still lives in California. Her Facebook profile states that she is self-employed.

Jocelyn Alo Siblings

Alo has three sisters Sophia, Sabrina, and Lorraine. The softball player is very close to her family and never fails to mention them on social media posts.

Sabrina Alo

Sabrina is a softball player, and she wrestled as well. Jocelyn was only 4 years old when Sabrina started playing on a T-ball team.

Her Instagram username is @sabrinaaalo, and she has 720 followers. Sabrina is yet to post anything, and her account is private.

From left: Sophia, Jocelyn, Libby, Sabrina, Sophia.
Source : instagram

Lorraine Alo

Lorraine is a three-year letter-winning softball player at James Campbell High School, Ewa Beach, Hawaii. She is graduating in 2023 and is committed to Portland State University. She has also lettered in wrestling.

Jocelyn's little sister will join the Vikings softball program in 2023 fall. Lorraine signed the letter of intent in November 2022. She is one of the products of the Orange County Batbusters, a travel ball club that has produced amazing college softball players.

Meadow McWhorter, Portland State softball head coach, is very excited for Alo to join the lineup. Her power, confidence, and knowledge about IQ will be an asset to the college's program.

Although active on Instagram with over 1.2k followers, Lorraine's account is private. Her IG bio does mention Portland State Softball and Oahu, Hawaii.

Sophia Alo

Sophia is the youngest in the Alo household. She is currently 16 years old and is still in high school.

Just like her older siblings, Alo is also a great softball player. She also has plans to play college softball as she is in line to break a few windows. While talking with The Oklahoman, Sophia said that Jocelyn makes her feel proud as more people can look up to the baseball star other than her.

In an older IG post from 2018, Jocelyn posted a series of photos wishing Sophia, aka the baby of the family, on her birthday. She added a caption telling that she wished she was there but also hoped the younger Alo was enjoying Cheesecake Factory.

The Alo girls with their dad Levi on the occasion of Father's Day.
Source : instagram

Jocelyn Alo Childhood

Alo started learning how to play softball when she was four years old. Her father, Levi, began taking her to the park and familiarizing her with the game.

She hit the balls and would take a thousand swings a day, even as a kid. Jocelyn went to a softball camp at BYU when she was in the seventh grade. The coaches there loved her so much that they offered her a scholarship.

Alo with her loving grandma Nita.
Source : instagram

Where Is Jocelyn Alo From?

Alo was born in Hau'ula, Hawaii. She spent her childhood with her family in Aloha State. Five generations of the Alos have lived in the same place on Ohau's northeastern shore. Jocelyn's ethnicity is Hawaiian and Samoan.

Their home is along the green mountains on a 2-acre lot with 6 houses on Hau'ula's Kukuna Road. Two beautiful coconut trees there look like a gateway to the beach. Levi actually proposed to Andrea beneath them, as per ESPN.

Jocelyn attended Kahuku, where she captured the state wrestling championship in her weight class. She later joined Campbell and led the school to back-to-back state softball titles.

She is among the few people from Hawaii to win a National Championship, which she is very proud of. Every time Alo goes on the field, she remembers where she is from and the things she represents. She always carries a piece of Hawaii wherever playing.

Jocelyn's Insta has a lot of photos from Hawaii. Her social media is all about her love for the game and family. Alo hasn't posted pictures of her boyfriend yet.

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