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Joba Chamberlain Son Karter Chamberlain And Their Love For Baseball

By Silu Maharjan / 5 May 2023 10:22 AM

Chamberlain with Karter when he was young (left), and Karter all grown up practicing baseball (right).
Source : twitter

Joba Chamberlain son Karter Chamberlain plays varsity basketball and baseball for Lincoln Southwest High School. Karter is graduating in 2024.

Chamberlain is raising his kid in Nebraska, where he also spent his childhood. The former baseball pitcher grew up with a loving dad and is now proving to be a phenomenal parent in his child's life.

Joba started his MLB career with the New York Yankees and spent six years with them. He then played with the Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, and Cleveland Indians. He won the 2009 World Series with the Yankees and received the World Series ring in 2009 and 2015.

Shortly after signing a minor league contract with the Milwaukee Brewers in January 2017, he was released within a few months in March. Chamberlain announced his retirement the same year in October.

Karter Chamberlain Is An Athlete

Karter is a talented athlete, just like his dad. He was born on April 25, 2006, and recently celebrated his 17th birthday.

The young lad currently plays both baseball and basketball. In baseball, he plays as a shortstop, second baseman, and pitcher; in basketball, he plays as a point guard and shooting guard.

Karter is in his junior year and will graduate from Lincoln Southwest High School, Lincoln, Nebraska, in 2024. He went to prom with Kennadi Williams in April. Both Kennadi and his dad posted photos of the prom.

Chamberlain with his prom date Kennadi Williams.
Source : twitter

Joba's love for his child is seen all over his social media. His Twitter bio states that he is very proud of his main man Karter. Chamberlain has posted about his kid's first varsity game, practices, proms, and many more.

On April 29, he posted lovely photos of his son playing baseball on Twitter, revealing that watching Karter Pitch with his glove is the greatest thing ever and that he is very proud of the young man.

Karter is active on social media and has 1.2k followers on Instagram and 267 followers on Twitter. His Twitter bio states he is 6 feet 3 inches tall and 185 lb tall. It also mentions that his GPA is 3.95/3.8.

Joba does not have a wife, as he is unmarried.

Joba Chamberlain Father And Mother

Joba Chamberlain mother is Jackie Standley and father is Harlan Chamberlain. Jackie and Harlan were never married, and they broke up when Joba was 1.5 years old.

He spent most of his childhood with Harlan, and they are still very close to this day. They speak several times a day, every single day. Their Native American heritage is very important to them, and Joba was raised knowing the culture.

Joba Chamberlain Dad

Harlan was born on the Winnebago Indian Reservation, northeast corner of Nebraska. He became very sick with polio when he was about nine months old. He left the reservation and went to a children's hospital in Lincoln, where he spent over six years.

Chamberlain wears a full leg brace on his left leg and is deaf in his left ear. He has not let it affect or limit himself and worked hard to provide for his family. Although he has been dealing with the effects of polio all his life, Harlan has never let it affect Joba and was always there for him.

A happy fan posing with Harlan (right) outside the stadium.
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He worked at the state penitentiary 40 hours a week and also did a 30-hour work per week as a bouncer at Casey's bar. Harlan soon became the bar manager and did it all while attending college to get a degree in social work.

Harlan worked in prison for 27 years. He managed various living units and worked with the officers and case workers. Chamberlain always wanted to become a police officer, but it wasn't possible, so he got into law enforcement the best way.

While talking to The New York Post in 2007, Joba spoke about how his father cooked, cleaned, and cared for him whenever he was sick. Harlan believes that there are baseball players with more athletic ability than his son, but Joba has an unequaled passion.

Even though Chamberlain was very busy with the job, he always had time to play catch with Joba. He even taught his child pitching, among various other things.

Joba is an amazing parent to his child, just like Harlan was to him.
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Joba Chamberlain Mom

Jackie was apprehended by the police in 2009 for a drug-sale charge. She pleaded no contest to the delivery of a controlled substance and was set to face up to 20 years in Nebraska prison, as per NBC News.

In 2014, it was reported by Detroit Free Press that he was having some family issues and that his mother was very sick. The former baseball star had also refused to talk about her health problems.

Joba and Jackie are not very close as he mostly only grew up with Harlan. In

Joba Chamberlain Tattoo

Chamberlain has several tattoos that honor his family and heritage. He got "Chunk Pride" inked on his right arm as he is a descendant of the Ho-Chunk tribe, the Buffalo Clan.

Chamberlain went broke and lost most of his career earnings. Some of his property was sold at auction in 2020.
Source : twitter

Joba has a tattoo of his child and dad on his chest. It also has a statement, "True pleasure takes sacrifice." The one on his left wrist is a matching one with his sister's. If they put their hands together, the inks go together very well.

He got two dates inked on his right shoulder; those are the dates he almost lost Harlan.

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